21st Dec 2007, 01:43

I would like to import my 2003 Toyota Harrier to the USA. Can anyone give me an idea of how much it will cost to convert the emissions system from Japan to USA regulations?


PS: to all those that are asking how to convert the Japanese language dash displays to English, FORGET it!!! I bought my Harrier brand new & at that time the dealer told me that the language could not be changed.

10th Mar 2008, 20:31

Hi all! I want to import a Harrier 4WD 3.0, but have some questions. Is that true that Harrier (Lexus 300) has transmission problems? Likes to break? Any ideas? Thanks

13th Dec 2008, 02:18

I have a 1998 3.0 Harrier, but no owners manual. If anyone has a soft copy of the manual could they please email it to me?

The main points I'd like to find out from it are:

What does the O/D button on the gear stick do?

What does the red button above the gear stick do?

A lot of the markings on the buttons are in Japanese and I don't like to press them without knowing what effect they will have.

Any assistance appreciated


2nd Jan 2009, 18:05

The red button above the gear shift is to allow you to take the gearbox out of PARK if you have a flat battery, in case you have to move the car to get booster cables on to your battery. The O/D button is to switch in and out of Overdrive, (4th gear) say when passing, or climbing hills.

12th May 2009, 02:21

Well for starters, Japanese cars are RH drive unlike the USA.

Not a good idea.

20th May 2009, 23:15

Just got hold on an RX300 MCU10 2wd Harrier yr 98/01 3.0. price tag was at rm67000 with finance interest rate of 4.1...

I would say it's an awesome piece of machine... driving is smooth and gear change should had been 5 speed instead of 4. Am located in KL Malaysia... I got the black coloured, with sunroof, black dash, black side door panels, black rear carpet and harrier engraved door sills... may I know how to change the time on the display and what other tricks are there to make the display works better... can those be changed to TV or perhaps watching DVD's.

Please advise me at lanun1313@yahoo.com

Any Malaysian brothers out there...??

19th Jun 2009, 06:44

Hi, I've just bought a 98 Toyota Harrier with no manual. Like everyone else am trying to work out what everything does... in the dash, in the bottom right hand corner, a orange light comes on (looks like a truck with its back lights on?) Can anyone tell me what this is? It comes on now and again. Anyhelp will be appreciated.

1st Sep 2009, 21:12

I have a Harrier since 2003, and all I can say that it is not the best car that I have. One way I judge a car is by how much body rattle/scuttle increases over time, as this proves that the chassis is not as rigid as the good old continental beasts. The chassis weakens with time displaying that this is a one uses and throws it away... buy a new one every now and then instead of the "Patek Phillipe" concept where you pass it on to the next generation.

29th Oct 2009, 10:41

Could anybody help me on how to convert the Japanese GPS System into English UK. I have just registered my car, to find out the clock is digital and cannot be changed as it does not have a clock button on it. In the CD box is a Toyota GPS CD, all I want is to convert it. If anybody knows how to?

30th Oct 2009, 21:00

Can anyone explain how the ECT switch in the Harrier works. Also the little amber car symbol that's in the dash with what looks like the back lights illuminated, what is that indicating?

12th Nov 2009, 11:25

ECT means Electronic Control Transmission. It switches between Snow, and Power modes. That is the gear shifts in both modes are different depending on the environment (normal, snow or power ie rally type)

The little amber light indicates that one of the rear bulbs is not working (or blown for that matter) and needs replacing.

20th Nov 2009, 14:22

SURELY there MUST be a company, shop, dealer or even car DIY person that can convert the Harrier's Japanese equipment and writing into ENGLISH. any takers, anyone know I'd be grateful for info'

Thanks in advance


18th Dec 2009, 07:41

Could anybody help me on how to convert the Japanese GPS System into English? In the CD box is a Toyota GPS CD, all I want to do is convert it to English. If anybody knows how?

19th Feb 2010, 06:36

Can someone advise what fuel to use for a Harrier 3.0L 1st Generation MCU15, whether RON 95 or 97? What sort of mileage is expected for general normal driving?

14th Apr 2010, 23:26

I purchased a 1999 Toyota Harrier, but the car did not come with a manual in English. The clock does not have a switch, therefore I can't set it. The mirror on the hood (front of the car) can't be adjusted. I need help.

24th Apr 2010, 13:57

I do not understand the use of the up/down buttons on the steering wheel, what is its purpose? What does the manual option 'M' assist in? Please answer to me -Ian my e-mail> mashaian@yahoo.com

30th Apr 2010, 09:08

I have an Harrier 3.0 four, and I do not know which oil you can use for the differential?

Further, the gearbox makes a shock when it changes down from 4 to 3.

Can somebody help me?

9th Aug 2010, 14:24

The M setting on the gears is manual, and the buttons on steering wheel are to go up and down the gears.

23rd Oct 2010, 14:39

Toyota/Lexus Harrier 3.0 fwd automatic.

It is 23/10/2010 and I have just acquired a brand new 2003 Harrier!

It was "forgotten" in storage and has 3000 km on the odometer.

Has any one been able to get the Japanese to English translation right?

Set the clock?

Can the TV and radio be set for South Africa?

Does this sub have a built in navigator?

Where can I get an owner's manual?



6th Jan 2011, 07:58

I bought a Harrier 3.0, but would like to know:

1. If the snow button works in rough off roads?

2. How does the M on gear and the red button work?

3. What type of oil to use.

You may send answers to paulmangochi@yahoo.com

11th Jan 2011, 05:53

Dear Harrier owners.

I just got a Harrier 3.0 for Christmas present and I'm very happy with the car.

Like many of you, I would like to know what do with the display buttons in Japanese; say how to adjust the TV channels as I managed to do with the radio, and how to convert the GPS into English?

11th Jan 2011, 10:18

Hi, I recently bought a Toyota Harrier 1999 model.

However, I wanted to know how to change the TV monitor to English, and also what the bars shown on the screen after I have pressed a lot of buttons means?


Anyone with answers please reply to:


1st Feb 2011, 01:31

I'm planning to buy a used Harier 2.2L after this CNY'11.

I would appreciate if you all could advise me regarding this model, in terms of fuel consumption, spare parts and maintenance. Some expert mentioned its an underpower car. Is it worth its purchase price of MY$62K @ 170k KM?

Thank-you in advance.