8th Feb 2006, 20:04

The Lite Ace water reservoir is located at the battery compartment.

24th Mar 2006, 01:45

Change your 2 rows radiator into a 3 row radiator, it's a big help in over heating.

3rd Apr 2006, 20:33

What is the average fuel consumption per km of a '91 Lite ace with a 5k engine?

10th Apr 2006, 23:49

Our Lite ace is a late 1992 model. Had no problems with overheating. During heavy traffic, with air con on, the temp meter is only a one third high. My biggest problem is the weak engine. I'd love to increase its torque.

12th Apr 2006, 21:00

I am an owner of liteace gxl 93. Is it possible to convert manual steering to power steering? cost? Does it have a negative feedback with regards to conversion?

1st Jun 2006, 23:28

Lite Ace Geeks...

Where is the best car shop to convert my lite ace into power steering? And how much? I read the other guy spent P10K...

Didn't experience problem with overheat... my concern is the dual aircon... not that cold at the back.

Please comment guys...

18th Oct 2006, 02:19

Thanks for the information sharing on Lite ace. It really helps a lot. I am planning to install Khaos device to add more mileage. I would also advice that you guys regularly clean your air filter element. It helps a lot in the performance of engine. When I acquired my Lite ace, it was like having an ASTHMATIC engine, hard starting and GASPING for air, and I thought that something was wrong with the engine and it wasn't that smooth during idling although I had it tuned up twice, but never solved the problem. Until last month when I had the air filter cleaned using a high air pressure cleaner. When I replaced back the air filter element, I immediately noticed the smooth running engine even during idling and the extra mileage/liter. I am now satisfied with my Liteace...

6th Nov 2006, 17:13

Guys... how do you lowered your Liteace? Just get my juice from 4k to 5k... no problem with overheating.. my advice.. add a bigger fan to fit the radiator or run on 2 fan redundant ;)...

I can be reach at fathul@hotmai.com.. wanna get pics of my beauty it just coated with pearl grey. PIMPAGE!!!

1st Dec 2006, 05:57

Hello guys! I am planning to purchase a Lite Ace GXL. I have read all comments here and most of the problems is all about overheating. There are several factors why an engine overheats. I really don't know the displacement of a 4K and a 5K engine. But first of all, we should not overburden our engine. An alternator with higher amperage (e.g. nearly 100 amps) will definitely add load to the engine (aside from the air con compressor, plus the weight of the vehicle and its passengers). A not well-tuned up engine is another factor (not in proper timing, intake / exhaust valves not adjusted according to engine specs, spark plug gap, contact point gap, old thermostat, and specially dirty radiator and contaminated water). So, for any questions about 4K or 5K engine specifications, please send me an email at "macgyver1432000@yahoo.com" and I will be more than happy to share about this topic.

19th Dec 2006, 04:59

I just bought a lite ace 2 weeks ago. It's a model 92, not the GXL version. Me driving solo, the first thing I noticed was it can't climb (approx 500m stretch of 15 degrees slope) any faster than 30kph with the air-con on.

What could be possibly wrong with my ride, or is it normal for this baby to crawl?

Is your liteace the same as mine, or am I missing something?

19th Dec 2006, 19:04

Many lite ace owners said that their van is under-powered. I can't imagine a 5K engine can't climb a lite ace. Is the engine adjusted according to manufacturer's specs? I suggest make some "real" adjustments to optimize the 5K engine's performance.

20th Jan 2007, 13:41

Let's drive... My answer to one LiteAce owner asking if there's a reservoir for the radiator water: Yes. It's located in the battery compartment.

And about the hassle of filling water into the radiator... it should be done in the radiator itself. Pouring water for the radiator THROUGH the plastic reservoir DOES NOT guarantee the exact level of the remaining water inside the radiator. You may be filling the reservoir to the full, but it doesn't mean that you have done the same to the radiator. A bit tricky.. but that's the truth. The best thing you can do is to go through all the hassles if you will.. (unclipping the seat metal clips, taking all your stuff in the center console, and finally strapping your seat in the hanger provided in the car, located just left of the driver's seat). I know this routine check takes a lot of your time, but don't take this heed for granted. This will save you a lot of money by preventing overheating by proper inspection and refill of radiator water to the rim. Even if I don't use radiator coolants anymore... (for five years in a row!)...

My van performs well! Let's go...

25th Feb 2007, 04:06

Hey guys, I need help... I've got one Toyota Lite-Ace Van 96 model who's been sold to me. A manual transmission with still have original paint on it at 175k. But the problem is, I don't have much idea about this '96 model... Does this one had a good advantage than those later lite-ace models?

All your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated...

3rd Mar 2007, 06:31

My name is kyle. I lived in antipolo city, anyone who knows selling a lite ace GXL? My budget is around 100thou. I expect it runs in GOOD CONDITION. Thanx.

3rd Mar 2007, 06:36

I'm looking for a LiteAce GXL. My name is Kyle and I lived along Antipolo city. Budget is around 100 thousand. I expect a GOOD CONDITIONED running van.

Just e-mail me at stealth_nyobi @ yahoo.com.

3rd Mar 2007, 20:00

Kyle, 100thou for GXL... running condition..you must be kidding. Mine is '91...but I won't sell it even for 150...I'm sure, you can't find GXL for that price...

6th Mar 2007, 08:22

Hi, my name is Gerry and I've got a '93 GXL I bought in 2000. It ran good a couple of years or so until overheating problems came up. After repairs (draining radiator regularly, tune-ups, top overhaul, etc..) the problem persists and I'm not even using the aircon when I travel (which is a lot). Now, my mechanic is suspecting water pump and cylinder head defects. Is that costly? Thanks for any replies.

14th Mar 2007, 15:34

Hello guy I have a lite ace 91 model, I just wanna ask why every time I start my van in the morning there is always a ticking sound in my engine, when the oil indicator turns off the ticking sound is gone. is it normal. pls someone enlighten me.. I love my lite ace a lot..

28th Mar 2007, 05:38

Thanks a lot. I learned a lot from your comments.

I am Lea. I am currently looking for a Lite Ace GXL 1997 or 1998 model. My budget is only 200. Is that possible? What other van will you advise me to purchase?

18th Apr 2007, 06:18

Sir, I think 5k engine is oil drive valve lifter. that's why I can't adjust my engine valve.

18th Apr 2007, 06:32


I've problem with my 5k engine. oil is coming from exhaust manifold. but I tried to open my spark plug, but its, OK. no traces of oil on the spark plug,i suspected that my cylinder has crack, leading to flow into the exhaust manifold.