4th Mar 2011, 19:02

I'm an owner of a 95 GXL.. To add to most of the comments for overheating or slightly going past the 1/2 mark of the temp gauge.. I changed the distributor cap due to a worn out tip.. I noticed that the temp was just slightly below the 1/2 mark.. Also have your engine decarbonized. You would notice that your idle would be constant and stable, quicker response, water drips in your tailpipes. Decarbonization would clean your fuel lines, carb, intake manifold, and the best of all is your combustion chamber.

28th Mar 2011, 11:06

I already changed my radiator with a 3 rows, and I put a fan in front of the radiator so that every time I will use the air con, the fan will turn on.

1st May 2011, 21:42

I have a LiteAce 92 model.

My tip is overhaul your radiator, put an auxiliary fan in front of it, put coolant, use distilled water such as Wilkins or absolute, change your muffler into freeflow, and change your aircleaner with thin one.

Enjoy riding! :-)

4th May 2012, 18:39

Sir, just want to ask if you have idea what diesel engine can replace the 5k engine, that fits in the LiteAce engine bay?

6th Sep 2012, 22:27

You can contact this number. I can help you to sort things out, from manual to power steering. 09217226740

12th Mar 2013, 12:50

If you add power steering in your LiteAce, it will add additional load to your engine, causing it to deteriorate earlier. It will also cause the engine to overheat, especially in heavy traffic.

26th Mar 2013, 04:01

Hi, I am in Zambia, Central Africa. My LiteAce requires a complete suspension, steering rack replacement and gear box, or anyone to supply me secondhand the above items from your abandoned LiteAce. Mine is a 5k manual, with the battery behind the driver's seat.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, M.DAVIES (my email is mwenyadavies@yahoo.com)

11th Apr 2013, 20:44

We have the same problem... Did you solve the problem already? What did you do with it?

3rd May 2013, 02:59

The normal consumption of a 5k engine is 10 to 12 km per liter.

7th Nov 2013, 07:47

I'm buying a LiteAce GXL '93 with power windows, but not the power steering. I'm so happy to have come across this forum, as I already have some tools to fix this overheating problem in case it appears on my ride, after reading all the comments... Thanks very much for the info.

25th May 2014, 23:01

35 Km/Lt, LiteAce 91 model.

1st Jul 2014, 03:33

35km/l as the gas mileage of your LiteAce? Is that in gasoline or diesel? Tell us what you've done to your car. AMAZING. I only get 7-8km on highways, and 5km running with the A/C on city roads for every liter.

10th Feb 2015, 10:05

I still own a 1998 Toyota LiteAce, and for 17 years there has been no problem in overheating after I followed the advice of my air con mechanic. His solution is to install an auxiliary fan in front of the condenser to push air through it. This cooling effect is in addition to the existing fan that sucks the air from the radiator. Expect to have a cooler engine, around one-third of the full temp indicator on the dashboard.

After installing an auxiliary fan, you will no longer experience overheating. However, your engine might be cool, yet coolant in radiator might be running low.

Therefore, inspect regularly the radiator (under the seat) and ensure it is full with coolant. Also add coolant (if below the indicator) to the plastic refill container, beside the battery. In case coolant loss is too fast, replace the radiator cap and just add water. If water loss persists, check radiator hoses and replace if necessary. Then replace the thermostat, plus gasket. When water in the radiator is no longer a problem, drain and buy ready-mix coolant from Toyota to replace water in the radiator.

4th May 2015, 03:37

Just fix or check the cylinder head gasket. That's the solution :)

12th May 2015, 05:05

Sir, can you help me to solve my problem in our LiteAce van?

It is always overheating every 20 minutes and up when I turn on the air con. What should I do to fix my problem?

We already did:

- Radiator overhaul.

- Already checked the radiator cap, radiator hose and water pump; no leak and no problem found.

Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you and God Bless. ^_^

This is my email: arons.enterprises10@gmail.com

28th Oct 2015, 03:43

Overheating problem solution:

Radiator overhaul.

Refill silicon oil on clutch fan.

Replace water pump.

Replace radiator cap with 1.3 bar.

28th Oct 2015, 03:54

The best solution... replace the radiator cap with a 1.3 bar.

11th Apr 2016, 19:40

I just want to ask if you can refer me to a expert mechanic for our Toyota LiteAce if possible, Quezon City area please. It will be a big help. We need to overhaul our van. Thanks so much.

17th Aug 2017, 05:08

Behind the driver's seat if it's right hand drive. It's under the carpet in a compartment of its own.

29th Apr 2018, 15:10

Just got a 91 1.5 petrol LiteAce. Are there any problems I should look out for?

10th Oct 2018, 05:47

I just got a LiteAce also, in August. I too am working through some of the same issues that have been posted about here. An observation about my van, which may apply to other vans here: They are getting old, and recent owners like me really do not know the history.

After buying our LiteAce, I came to realize that it must have arrived in PH as a chop-chop car. Parts have gone missing over the years, or were maybe just never re-installed when it was imported in '95. Reading on here about the radiator overflow made me laugh... not only is my battery tray missing, but I didn't even know there should be an overflow bottle there. The radiator looks to have come from a Tawaraw, and there is no shroud around it directing air. There is no filler cap on the water pump like I have seen on other vans. After getting the A/C system rebuilt, and the dual A/C removed, we opted to use the second condenser as our main condenser, since it has the electric fan. Not sure if that was a wise choice.

Right now the temperature runs below half with the A/C off, and above half with the A/C on. I am grateful to know about the silicon gel trick, and have already started pricing 3-row radiators. Ultimately I want to return the condenser to its proper location, and use dual electric fans combined with the 3-row and an overflow bottle.