19th Apr 2007, 02:30

I bought my LiteAce GXL twelve years ago, and as of this day, it is still in A-one condition.

Mileage is at 99,940.

Fortunately, the engine does not overheat.

Its air con is cool, even in traffic, but I have noticed that there are already squeaking sounds underneath... probably worn out bushings.

I usually use Motor Up as an engine additive. It made the engine run flawless. I use it once a year.

13th May 2007, 23:42

I'm owner of 92 lite ace and planning to change my 2 row radiator to 3 to solve overheating, how much it will cost. please help thanks! Alvin alvinramos@yahoo.com

25th May 2007, 05:55

I am currently SELLING my Toyota LITE ACE 1992 version. The condition is fair. Things that need to be repaired are the overheating problems. I am the first owner and it has been with me for 15 years now. Once repaired it will be back to great condition. My asking price is 130K, but since some parts need to be repaired I would be willing to sell it for 110K not less. Any interested buyers please let me know. My email address is spreemac@yahoo.com. Location of the car is Paranaque.

24th Jul 2007, 06:04

Sir, I've a question about 5k engine leaking exhaust oil at exhaust manifold, but I've noticed some of these days when adding whiz additives to motor oil, I've found out that the oil is not coming out anymore. Even the exhaust pipe has less smoke coming out to the pipe. And I'm proud to say that it passed the smoke testing for registration. It maybe the valve seal responsible for that leakage.

15th Oct 2007, 19:34

Hi, I just bought a 1991 liteace. I want to rev it up a bit. I'm canvassing for accessories and would like to ask you guys if you have ideas how much the ff cost: bullbar, conversion to power window, spoiler?

18th Oct 2007, 22:56

I own a 95 GXL with 5K gas engine. for about 6 months I endured overheating, water gushing out from the radiator cap and when the radiator cap is good, at the water reservoir.

I had the radiator overhauled, but the problem persisted despite having no leaks at the cooling system except for the radiator cap or water reservoir gushing out water when engine is hot and revved up.

The solution was to replace the cylinder head gasket as it was too thin already that when the piston goes into the compression stroke, it also pushes air into the water cooling system passing through the water hole-jacket gasket between cylinder and water. the cylinder head was also machined flat to enable balance tightening.

After which I already forgot I had to add water to the radiator. cost me about P 6K as the mechanic did a semi-overhaul.

11th Nov 2007, 06:03

I own a 91, my right headlight's glass broke. Apparently someones has bumped into it while parked outside. Please give me some hints where to buy surplus parts for it. Please email me at xmal_ph@yahoo.com of any information. Lastly, how can I tell if thermostat is broken? temperature rises, but I suspect something is not right, it is constantly at one third. Is it broken?

27th Nov 2007, 01:39

Hello guys!!!

As usual I have a problem with over heating with my 89' lite ace van just recently, I noticed that waters are coming out from the radiator cap even closed. So I decided to replace it with new one coz I think it the only way to remedy the situation. The old one was obviously worn out specially the rubber gasket, but I observed that when I left my rad open, with full water on it, it squirted water out from the opening specially when I rev up. Is this a normal thing for a radiator to squirt water when you rev up or something is wrong with my radiator??? What can you suggest??? I need a reply from you guys!!! thanks!!!

18th Dec 2007, 08:43

I bought a 1995 model Toyota LiteAce GXL recently and found out it’s not equipped with power steering. Are these 95 GXL model liteaces were really not equipped with power steering? I hope somebody can enlighten me on this. Also, how much it will cost me to convert it to power steering? I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks!

28th Dec 2007, 00:36

Don't buy from model 95 below bcoz you will have a problem in over heating, poor air-condition.

31st Dec 2007, 02:54

About the 5K engine of Lite Ace, guys please check it out..

On overheating problem - remove thermostat (which is used in cold regions only), have the radiator cleaned or overhauled (if needed), fill radiator with coolant (not water), install 2 fans on the bigger condenser near radiator and 1 fan on the other condenser, have the cylinder head gasket replaced (if worn out), use rotary type compressors to minimize engine load, check/add silicon gel to clutch fan (If engine still overheats - have it overhauled).

On engine maintenance - correct valve adjustment, regular engine tune up (change oil, replace/correct adjust contact point, air cleaner and fuel filter).

On Low Torque - I don't believe that Lite Ace 5K engine can't climb up high slopes. My lite ace travels 2-3 times a year from Cavite to Cagayan Valley normally passing along Bitukang Manok in Sta Fe, Vizcaya and Diadi Ranges (similar to Baguio slopes) with 8 adults aboard (to include me as driver) and my 3 kids plus our luggage. Honestly I only reach the max of 3rd gear and 2nd gear if tailing a slow vehicle. Other Korean made vans are no match against my Lite Ace up the slopes and plain highways at top speed of 140 kmh (believe its true).

Fact: You must be familiar with you engine's power, and MUST be aware when to shift gears ON TIME. Do not let the engine vibrate to death before reving up to the next gear, however, never commit engine OVERDRIVE to end up crawling up the slopes overtaken even by a tricycle.

4th Jan 2008, 09:38

Hi, I wish to know what's the purpose to add silicon gel to clutch fan? Add on which area?

9th Jul 2008, 09:45

The engine is the heart of the car. Open the valve cover and check for sludge. Bring down the oil pan and clean the filter and the oil pan. Radiator should be cleaned at least once a year. Change alternator bearing and pulley bearing if you hear squeaking sound. Replace carbon brush of the alternator every 2 years. Replace alternator belt, steering belt, aircon belt if worn out and check the appropriate tightness of the belts to prevent damage of bearing. Replace water pump every 3 years. Clean the carburetor and air filter. These are some maintenance tips you can do to prolong engine life.

20th Aug 2008, 11:42

Hello guys! I bought a Toyota Liteace DX from 1992 a few months ago but my cylinder head has broken. Can you tell me a reliable website where I can buy one? I am from Romania so it is not easy to buy it from shops. Thank you!

11th Oct 2008, 03:20

Hello Lite ace peeps.

As for the power steering upgrade (my unit is a '96 GXL all-power except the steering), I will appreciate it if anyone can suggest a specific place in Manila to shop for surplus parts, and to post on the costs involved.