8th Apr 2011, 08:40

I really don't know what are you talking about!!! I live in Texas, and I had a Toyota Matrix for 2 years, and I really like that car! It was a 2007 Base with manual transmission. I used to drive it at 120MPH sometimes, and often at 90MPH, so I really don't know what you are saying here. Sure, the performance wasn't the best, but come on, what do you expect from a 1.8L engine??? But the mpg was PERFECT... ALMOST FREE!

I used to make turns at very high speed, used to push it hard and never had any complaint...

8th Apr 2011, 13:22

A few years ago I test drove several Pontiac Vibes (same car as the Matrix). I kept a bright red GT and drove it all day. I found even the GT to be less powerful and slower than most small cars. I did like the styling and roomy interior. I found the handling so-so and the ride OK, but not great. Due to Toyota's bad reputation, I opted to buy something else.

8th Apr 2011, 19:33

Rental person. You had a fleet rental car. Don't you know what happens to those units when they leave the rental office? Most people don't. I do.

It could have been driven over curbs, wrecked and repaired before returning, overloaded... etc etc.

I have seen them all come back after these fun adventures. This is why you don't buy a used rental car. Try a non rental Toyota, they drive great before accidents or curbs. The one you got was most likely on the way out, and ready to hit the used car market.

TIP, check the vehicle history on any used car purchase, if you see RENTAL anywhere... RUN!

8th Apr 2011, 22:12

The title of the review does not reflect the text in the review. The car he/she rented was not unsafe according to the data. Many economy cars do not have cruise control, and owners do just fine without it. It's going to have modest power because it's not a V8, full size car, truck, or SUV. It's also fairly common for small cars to react to wind, so it's up to the driver to pay attention and keep it on track.

There was no mention of unintended acceleration, so the recent Toyota recall fiasco is not applicable. There is nothing unsafe about the car rented in this review. The reviewer should have rented a Hemi Dodge Charger instead.

9th Apr 2011, 08:24

Ahhhh, if only you could rent a Hemi powered Charger!

12th Apr 2011, 22:30

The Matrix is really like you got what you asked for. Big roomy car with decent gas mileage and minimum maintenance. The ride is perfect for the everyday drive and so the 1.8L doing.

So, you can't compare it to another car unless in the same KIND. Mine had cruise control, power everything (except the seats) and automatic light with CD Changer... Nothing to complain about.

Comparing it to Lexus, well the Matrix is noisy and sure comparing it to Ferrari, the Matrix is kind of slow on the pick-up. It is just a Toyota Matrix that has the Matrix specifications with the use of a Matrix.

13th May 2012, 13:43

Unsafe? I think not. My mother was recently t-boned by a semi in an 09 Vibe (Matrix), and walked away without a scratch. The car is totaled and only left her a little sore the next morning. Thank you Toyota; I'm sure she will buy another one.