1991 Toyota Pickup Short Bed from North America


One of the most reliable vehicles ever made


The muffler had to be replaced after 16 years.

The tires had dry rot (!), and replaced those at year 17.

Other than that, I've had no problems with it.

General Comments:

Yes, it is 21 years old and just 32,000 miles on it.

It was the 2nd car for a few years, then became the landscape hauler (mulch, bushes, etc) when we re-did our yard.

Now, it's the 3rd vehicle in case one of the other two are out of commission, and takes runs to the dump every week in the summer for yard waste. No rust, starts every time, even in cold New England winters. Just wish the seats were more comfortable.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2013

16th May 2015, 13:58

Driving less than 2000 miles one would hope it's very reliable. This is the only Toyota model I would consider owning.

1991 Toyota Pickup SR5 V6 2WD 3VZE from North America


One of the best vehicles on the market


88 miles -- presumed to be test drive miles at the time of purchase: Very rough idle, unbalanced tires. Six multiple-day visits to the dealer to fix the idle problem. Suspect that the service people operated the truck at idle for extended periods while at the dealer for repair. Claimed low fuel rail pressure was the cause of the rough idle. After five visits, the dealer attempted to dismiss the complaint as "not a new vehicle problem", then repaired it after my threat to escalate the problem to Toyota Regional Support.

1,000 miles: Cruise control cable rubbed underhood insulation and chaffed rubber off the cable. The dealer secured the cable and wrapped with cable with electrical tape!

10,000 miles: turn signal module shorts intermittently. Dealer couldn't resolve. Problem still exists.

103,000: Blown head gasket. Fixed free through "silent recall".

150,000: Clutch replaced.

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable and fun vehicle I have ever owned, and I intend to keep it.

I was at first skeptical of the engine, because it was hailed as the worst ever for Toyota, but it still does what I asks it to do.

Up to and after 250,000 miles, I traveled everywhere at 80 plus mph with no complaint from the engine. It still doesn't use oil, and responds well when I push it, which is a frequent event.

Since it reached 50,000 miles, it has had over 300 pounds of extra equipment on/in it including the stock bed liner, a cab high camper shell, and wood from a piano, which was used to construct a sound isolated stereo system in the bed. Added Monroe "MaxAir" shocks (part number MA792, last mated to the 1983 Toyota truck) to raise and level the truck.

After 180,000 miles, gave up on dealer support due to screw ups and their allowing junior techs to service the truck.

Using the original manuals purchased with the new truck, I have maintained this truck somewhat adequately to this point.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2012

16th May 2015, 03:06

Recognized this as my original note. This truck is now at 335,000 miles, and it's still a daily driver. The engine block is still performing admirably. The oil still doesn't turn black before time for a change. The upper head assembly (valves) has been problematic because I am not a mechanic and I adjusted the valves twice. Except for a problem with tail, marker, and dash lights not working (I believe it's the integration relay), this truck is still bulletproof.

26th Aug 2015, 21:21

After paying for premium gas for 250K miles due to rattling under stress on hills at high speeds, I tried a tank of regular. The truck has run perfectly and I can't tell a difference in mileage or power between regular and premium gas.

The tail and marker light problems are presumed to be associated with my 22 year-old Ungo alarm system.

337,000+ miles, and I'm loving it.