23rd Nov 2009, 13:29

Your American trucks are either "one of a kinds" or you have been putting miles on them by just been towing them both behind your motorhome!

8th Jan 2010, 10:27

Have a 1986 Toyota SR22 long bed with 160,000 miles. Everyone tells me I have just broken it in. Only repairs have been a radiator and tune-ups occasionally. Doesn’t use oil, no leaks, and no damage that can’t be fixed easily. I get 27 miles per gallon in town and 34 on the freeway. It is the only vehicle that has never failed me.

17th Jun 2010, 16:23

I agree. I have had my 1986 Toyota 1 ton since 86, and it hauled a 84 Vanguard overhead camper all the time. I will be giving the box a little more body filler and rustoleum paint. New 8 ply tires can still be found.

13th Jun 2016, 12:18

I wonder if the motorhome was built by Toyota doing all the towing. Probably would be a domestic big block V8. I had a high top GM G20 3/4 ton framed conversion van with a 350 that had over 200,000 on it, and it ran great.

13th Jun 2016, 20:48

Not to mention the V6 Toyota used in these regularly makes the worst engines of all times lists.

15th Jun 2016, 01:13

Personally when I walk out and get in my truck, I am thinking truck. Not a car. Not an empty commuter vehicle. No compromises. I have moved a spinet piano, appliances and towed boats. My motorcycle enclosed trailer with 800 lb bikes. Point being, I can go out and have an open bed capability of doing tough jobs. The heaviest load were E.P. Concrete Pavers on pallets. My trucks are also immaculate.

Small trucks may work for some. I ran into over 50% of my applications needing a full size. There are trucks larger than mine. I fall somewhere in the middle. The biggest plus is opportunities at yard and estate sales. And places like Craig's List etc that enables one to buy right on the spot. I figure that these benefits alone has paid the difference from small to full size.

16th Jun 2016, 11:41

The Tundra is a full size and often compared to other full sizes. The comment was on complete utility vs the teeny truck. If utility is a worn out comment, why discuss being practical? You pay annual insurance on a truck. Why buy a small one with very limited capability? Where it is built doesn't mean anything to me and I didn't bring it up. Personally I was tired of having a small truck and borrowing a bigger one. Didn't make any sense. I don't see any truck being a commuter vehicle as well. Cars are much more comfortable overall. If thrift is the issue, a small car with a full size such as a Ford F-150 even is a nice pair. I do a lot of shopping including auctions. Never know what I may find. Plus I use the bed and tow. Where a truck is made doesn't answer the complete utility question. And taking my car doesn't get it home as well.