1986 Toyota Pickup from North America


Freaking amazing and I'll never find another like it!


New head gasket set, brakes, water pump, fuel pump.

General Comments:

Toyotally awesome! I got this truck on my 16th birthday and have been driving it ever since! It's now as old as I am and still runs! My dad bought it at a University of Texas auction and paid $2,100 total (would've been cheaper, but he was bidding against someone who really wanted it -- too bad!). My friends from high school think I'm a mechanic, seeing it still run after 16 years of driving, but I have absolutely no mechanical skills other than basic... that's how good this truck really is!

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Review Date: 24th March, 2018

1986 Toyota Pickup 22r from North America


This truck is AMAZING and FUN to drive...


I am original owner. Nothing went wrong for the first 10 years. Then the calipers were replaced and have been replaced twice after that. The truck cost $3000 in repairs; mostly the past 5 years. About 50% of the front end parts replaced. Rebuilt transmission, new carb, new fuel pump, new shocks, and that is it.

General Comments:

I am original owner. I purchased it in October 1986. It has been my only vehicle since 1986.

I still use it now. It lays wheels all thru first and second, and chirps going into third. Runs like a 1955 MG Midget. Really fast.

Does not burn oil. No oil burn or leak. Does not smoke. No smoke at anytime, ever. Does not need topping off of oil between oil changes. This is a Japanese Toyota, manufactured and assembled in Japan by Japanese hands. It has tailgate clips on either side, not handles in the middle. About 3 times a year people offer me $2,000 for it. I paid $5850 for it in 1986. It came without a catalytic converter. Toyota claims it was sent to Boliva in 1986, and their records (from the VIN) showed it shipped to California and then they have no record and don't know why it ended up in Pennsylvania instead of Bolivia. But it has been inspected every year no problem. It really MOVES with no converter. Probably pollutes no more as I don't burn as much fuel, I only push the pedal down a little bit. A friend has one with converter and has to push the pedal WAY more and burn more gas to achieve the same speed and cruise at that speed.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2017

6th Oct 2017, 22:08

The MG Midget did not appear until the 1961 model year, and the term "really fast" is not usually associated with it. :)

8th Oct 2017, 03:30

I remember a Consumer Reports review of this and 3 other pickups in its class, and the acceleration was described as "Zippy". 75 MPH 1/4 mile terminal speed was way ahead of the pack - back then ;)

Enjoy :)

9th Oct 2017, 09:58

The MGs certainly gave the illusion of it however. Small car and cockpit, extremely low to the ground produces this effect. Combined with the engine revs. Even though low HP it carries this off. Now back to trucks. They are what they are. Utility. Benefits are the bed and the hitch.

1986 Toyota Pickup Long Bed 22R from North America


The best truck ever made


I had to put a reverse gear in at 140k miles.

I had to redo the bench seat.

Front engine seal about every 75k miles. Until the last one, which was a retrofit kit from Toyota that has lasted 110k miles.

Timing chain cut from engine to coolant. Had repaired with upgraded parts and has been fine since.

The little guy drinks about a quart of oil per 700-900 miles. No leaks, or smoke, it just uses it.

The rest is nothing more than tires, batteries, brakes, 3 clutches, 1 set of shocks. I expect this truck to make it another 10 years.

General Comments:

I own a landscaping business on the side, so this truck hauls 200-500 lbs regularly and it always starts and gets me home.

I can afford new, but would rather see how long this one will last.

I will see you all in 5-10 more years.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2009

7th Sep 2015, 03:16

So is your 86 still breathing? I believe my beloved standard, no frills 86 p/u may've breathed its last, and true to its nature, it did it without endangering me - not far from home or in traffic, but within walking distance from home while parked. Several break ins, stolen twice, two accidents including one near total, and the additional injury of derogatory comments about it being old, dented, scratched, unglamorous, "you still have that?" (although lately there were curious, admiring comments).

I divided its purchase price by lifespan - $206 a year. This is what 'green' means - a tiny eco footprint as well as less painful impact in other ways, compared to replacing a car to get new technology or looks. How can I let it go to a junk pile - it needs a funeral and I'll be bawling.