1986 Toyota Pickup Short Bed 2.2 from North America


This is one Super pickup truck


At 55,000 the clutch went around the same time the Front Caliper went and the calipers went again, at about 82,000. Now it sounds like the thorow out bearing needs replacement, as it cannot be greased. And the regulator on the driver window went bad. But never left me stranded and always starts.

General Comments:

If the clutch is popped it lays wheels all throughout First Gear and 'chirps' if popped into second. Except for hoses and belt, and above meantione items, all else is new, on the p/u when I drove it off the lot in '86 I am the original owner. It cost me $5800 in October 1986.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

18th Mar 2010, 14:32

I'm gonna spend 5500.00 for one tomorrow!

7th Oct 2013, 16:23

1986 Toyota 2wd 22R, long bed Red... It's a simple, clean, and mechanically sound running machine without all that computer crap. Original miles at 245,000 miles and running strong. I bought this used in 1989, had 60,000 on it. Getting ready to change my timing chain for the second time since owning my beloved Toyota Truck. I paid cash, 4,5000.00 back then, and have never ever had a car payment in my life... Whoa...

9th Oct 2013, 07:21

Considering that a new Toyota pickup started at around $6K back in 1986, paying $5500 for a 24 year old one doesn't sound like such a great deal.

9th Oct 2013, 12:40

These trucks hold their value because they are amazingly well-built. I have a 17 year old Tacoma myself, and even with over 250,000 miles, it's still valued at around $5,000.

14th Oct 2013, 14:01

Wonder if my 57 Corvette has held its value since it was new?

1986 Toyota Pickup deluxe longbed 22r from North America


Why can't GM be this good?


When I got it, the truck had been in an accident, so I had to replace a radiator, fender and hood. The power steering pulley was bent, but it hasn't been fixed or let me down yet. I had to rebuild the starter. Regular things like brake pads and belts and tune up stuff, wires, plugs, rotor and cap, fuel filter...

General Comments:

A reliable truck, at 18 years old. rust is its only downfall. I've had to patch and mend and paint the rust away mostly from the back bed. The 22r is supernaturally reliable, and it gets good gas mileage as well. The 5 speed transmission is very good too. Not a very fast ride, but will always get you home.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004

1986 Toyota Pickup EFI, 1/2 ton extra cab, 2wd 2.4 liter from North America


If you take care of it, it will take care of you


The crankcase seal is currently leaking a slight bit.

The front pump seal on the transmission has been replaced.

The three u-joints were recently replaced.

The console cover was worn, and I had it reupholstered.

I wish the turning radius was tighter.

General Comments:

I have been very pleased with this vehicle.

I maintain it religiously; Castrol 20/50 GTX oil every 3000 miles/4 months, 4 ounces of Marvel mystery oil mixed with the gasoline every other tank, and also put in Marvel mystery oil in place of some of the oil when it's changed occasionally.

Everything has held up very well I believe, and I'm looking forward to driving this vehicle to the 400,000 or 500,000 mile mark.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

16th Jan 2005, 23:28

I too have a 1986 unit. I bought it in 2000 with 233,000 miles on it and all I do is start it and go. It now has 300,000 and it runs fine. I had to replace the head gasket at 286,000 in 2003. I refuse to sell, tade or part with it. The long bed comes in handy every year when I buy a Christmas tree and the extended cab is great for putting my jacket away.

16th Jul 2007, 21:44

I agree I will not part with mine ether not for love or money!

22nd Jan 2012, 05:14

Getting one tomorrow for five hundred! A blue 2wd with hardly any rust on it. Head gasket's been replace, all I need is a windshield and a passenger window and I'm rolling!!! The seats are worn, but I don't care at all!

It's my buddy's, and I've wanted it since he got it! 4 speed though? I see a lot of reviews have five in it, hopefully it won't hurt with the gas mileage! Ha, I could really care less though, I've fallen in love with Toyota trucks built in the 80's. If the new ones hold up, I'll probably get one in a few years, we'll see. I'm sure this one will last me ten years solid.