22nd Sep 2010, 11:18

I presently own a 1989 basic Toyota 22R pickup. I bought the truck new in Charleston, SC. and have driven the truck every day for 22 years now.

I was a submarine sailor in the Navy so my mileage is low for its age, 175,000 miles. The A/C stopped working 10 years ago, I have replaced the radiator, starter, and clutch. Other than that, it has had basic 4000 mile maintenance since new.

My mechanic says the engine is very strong and should last another 100,000 miles easy. The truck has normal rust, bangs and dents for 22 years on the road, but has never been in a wreck.

I am thinking of doing a restoration to the truck. I know it's not a collectible truck, but it has become part of the family. Has anyone ever done this and any idea what it would cost?

The best truck I ever owned.

21st Sep 2015, 02:52

I just bought an 89 pickup myself for $700; it runs great. It only has 113,000 miles on it. It is 2WD automatic transmission. It runs great even after sitting for 2 years; all it needed was a new battery and it started up.

I have had a few problems with a gas line blowing, but that was because of a bad replacement. Other than that, I love the truck and look forward to driving it for a long time.

21st Sep 2015, 19:25

I have a 2WD 4 cylinder automatic also. Mine has ~160k on the clock, but still runs well. I do notice that compared to newer vehicles, this one really wants to go coming off a cold start... By that I mean you really gotta keep your foot pretty firm on the brake pedal when shifting from P to D or it'll surge (go forward with some force). Not sure if that's a bad thing or if that's just how older vehicles are.