31st Jan 2015, 09:28

I am very keen to buy a freshly imported 2006 Ractis with 45000km on the clock. I drive at on average 500km per week and am ideally seeking a car which will offer my aging arthritic dog easy access and a comfortable flat bed. Having read primarily bad reviews about the transmission, I am seeking some positive feedback and reassurance that my potential purchase isn't quite the lemon that Google searches proclaim. Please, please, please Ractis drivers, reply with the good features and share your thoughts... is it a car that you would recommend?

16th Jun 2015, 21:16

I want to buy a car. I am getting confused between the Toyota ist and the Toyota Ractis. Which one is the best? Please help me?

4th Aug 2015, 18:08

Metal chain CVT transmissions have been around for 25 years - hardly immature technology.

25th Jul 2016, 19:07

IST has a very small boot space as compared to the RACTIS.

25th Oct 2016, 11:12

Just purchased a Toyota Ractis 2009 with only 25000km on the clock. The automatic transmission is a pleasure to drive, select B for engine braking on a hill for extra "oomph!" Otherwise pull away in D. Tried the S option, but that just increases the revs and defeats the objective of good fuel consumption.

My only complaint is that when parked on a 45 degree incline, the car rolls backwards. Have to use my left foot on the brake and pull away using my right foot on the accelerator to avoid rolling into the car behind. Normally I would use a hand brake, but with a pedal handbrake, this is impossible.

Space wise, LOTS of leg room in the back, a fantastic seat drop system that turns your car into a van. Comfortable driver's and front passenger chairs, but no arm rest for the driver! All round, it ticks more boxes for than against so I am happy.