28th Nov 2011, 19:20

I'm also a mechanic and I have worked on late model Toyotas recently. I can assure you the build quality is far below that of the new Ford and GM cars.

28th Nov 2011, 19:32

I too work on cars, and the problems mentioned - like supposed oil slugging and head gasket issues - were issues Toyota had in the 90's. This was particularly true on some V6 models. But these were not exactly common. Bottom line - these are not new problems, and others such as faulty floor mats and so on, do little to dismiss the brand's overall high quality.

I will say that most Japanese cars are a whole heck of a lot easier to work on than any other vehicle. The wire looms on a lot of Toyota and Honda products are much neater and easier to deal with than some of the looms I've seen on domestic products. Everyone has their own preference, but I like the fact that on just about anything on a Toyota or Honda, I can generally repair without a lift, there is enough space to get at stuff easily with ordinary tools, and of the different nut and bolt sizes, there are typically only a few sizes to deal with - typically 10, 12, and 14MM, and that's usually all there is in there.

I also like that Japanese automakers use good quality anti corrosion coatings on their nuts and bolts too. I've had many a Toyota where something had never been removed before - like a water pump or a starter motor - and it came right off without any prying or tons of torque simply because the bolts were not rusted. That seems to be lacking in an awful lot of domestic brands, where they used a thin zinc coating instead, and the bolts rust solid to the block or whatever.

29th Nov 2011, 06:51

Ummm, I think it would have to go both ways - everybody should just accept the fact that there are good and bad of both - this isn't a one-way street.

Why can't we all just let our neighbors drive what they want? It's not going to ruin my day if my neighbor comes home with a new Toyota or a new Chevy, or whatever they choose to drive.

Now please excuse me while I get into my American-made Jeep, shift its Japanese-made transmission into 1st gear, and get on with my day. ;)

29th Nov 2011, 09:11

The supposed oil sludging problem also affected Toyota's 4 cyl engines, let alone the V6s. The problem was due to a PCV system that was faulty, and oil passages that were too narrow. This was a problem that started in the mid to late 90's, and lasted through about 2003. I can vouch for that because a family member of mine had a 2003 model with a 4 cyl, and the oil turned into tar at 48,000 miles after being changed every 3,000 miles (and they recommend oil changes every 7,000 miles?)

I will hand it to Toyota that their 4 cyl engines are very easy to R&R; I've done quite a few of them.

29th Nov 2011, 09:16

Hey man,

I totally agree with you, but unfortunately a majority of the comments on this site are stated that way; everyone thinks a good domestic is bogus, and the same thing goes for a bad import.

29th Nov 2011, 18:51

I think it upsets people when someone with one broad sweeping brush condemns an entire model lineup. Saying all Toyotas are junk or all Fords are junk upsets people. It's highly unlikely someone has had every single manufacturer's models, every engine, every drivetrain, even in a given year. If you have that much money, why worry about durability at all? Plus a lot of people buy used cars and do reviews. It's hard to say how many were red lined or neutral to drive thrashed on the way in for a trade in! Or were kept 2 years and never had an oil change. These cars may look new, but many have been through the mill.

2nd Dec 2011, 16:09

Sales figures for November 2011 are out. Industry leaders Ford and GM continue to outpace all other car makers in U.S. sales (as usual). Toyota managed a minuscule increase in sales due to highest-ever sales incentives, while Honda continues its downward spiral. Due to rave reviews, top ratings from consumer agencies and exciting new technology, Chrysler sales continue their double-digit percentage sales increases yet another month.

18th Jan 2012, 15:42

I always laugh when people quote the past 2-3 cars that they have owned without any problems... blah blah blah... only to get to their current car, which is a different brand than the later vehicles, & this one is a piece of junk... etc... JUST STICK WITH THE CAR BRAND YOU HAVEN'T HAD PROBLEMS WITH. CASE CLOSED.