14th Nov 2017, 04:50

If there were 2 items I would completely eliminate in all cars, they would be both cup holders and ashtrays. You can stop somewhere for that. Sleeker clean interior. No sloshing drinks or eating. I like an overhead or visor sunglass holders. And a plug in mirror power outlet for the radar detector. I have 3 lighter outlets in my crossover; nice for phone charging.

14th Nov 2017, 22:49

"You can stop somewhere for that". Yeah, it sure would be more convenient for somebody trying to make good time on a long trip to stop somewhere and guzzle a piping hot cup of coffee and chain smoke a few cigarettes instead of at your leisure inside the car.

15th Nov 2017, 11:52

I drive to Florida to visit family fairly often, well over 900 miles one way. That’s a long trip. Simply eat well before leaving. Pull over at rest stops after a few hours, fast food, get gas, stretch my legs even for just 10 minutes. If you want to smoke in your car, eat sandwiches or barbecue while hitting bumps and drop food between the seats etc, that’s your pleasure. I can see a bottle of water. If I am in that big of hurry to go anywhere, I take a flight from the nearby airport. Usually better anyway and you have a longer visit.

1st Feb 2018, 05:50

I wrote the original thread. The RAV4 has 51,145 miles on it, which means I've driven it 5026 miles since I bought it on 10/28/17.

On 1/3/18, the radio died. This was the week that it didn't get above single digits in Pittsburgh. The radio had frozen a few times randomly before. Just out of nowhere, the sound goes dead. I waited to take it to the dealer and they told me that the entire unit needed to be replaced. Thank goodness for the warranty because I didn't need to shell out a cent for parts or for the repair, which I understand would have set me back over $1,000. I had the new radio installed on Monday afternoon (it's Thursday morning as I write this) and it's still finicky in single-digit weather, but seems fine once it warms up. I'm curious to see how the radio will continue to hold up over the RAV4's life.

Otherwise, the only thing I've had to replace was the driver-side tail light bulb because it burned out.

The more I drive the RAV4, the more I like it. It's utilitarian, it's predictable, and the design just makes sense.

1st Feb 2018, 20:40

We rented a Rav4 a few years ago, and while it's probably not something I'll buy, it is surprisingly decent in terms of acceleration and fuel economy.

29th Apr 2018, 18:41

I am the original author of the RAV4 thread. I left my job as a social worker to go back to the cubicle life, so my time in and using the Toyota has dropped substantially. Needless to say, living six miles from the office has its perks, rather than driving 120+ miles on some days! I get 23 MPG city and about 28 MPG highway at 75 MPH.

The RAV4 is up to 53,898 miles now, which translates to me having put 7,779 miles on it since I bought it, and 2,753 miles in the last quarter. The passenger headlamp burned out and had to be replaced, and the driver-side hinge on the tailgate makes a very, very loud squeal. Otherwise, no issues! Very happy Toyota owner here.

27th Jul 2018, 21:34

I posted the original thread on the 2014 RAV4. I am up to 56,740 miles total, and have driven the RAV4 2,842 miles since the last update, and 10,621 miles in the nine months I've had it.

I average 25 MPG city in the warmer weather (admittedly have not tested highway MPG) and everything seems as tight as it did when I brought it home. The cargo area holds a 26" bike quite well, and it's been nice to take the bike out and just put the seats up for passengers. No complaints ever from any passengers about comfort, front or back.

28th Oct 2018, 19:39

I posted the original thread of the 2014 RAV4 one year ago. The odometer now reads 60,402 miles, which is an increase of 3,662 miles in the last quarter and 14,283 miles since I purchased the RAV4.

I had my 60K service done at 59,495 miles. I had the Toyota dealer rotate the tires, change the engine oil, flush the brake fluid, and have the fuel induction service done. All of these items, together, ran me about $320. I also replaced the batteries in both key fobs a few weeks ago (a simple watch battery from Wal-Mart and under ten minutes for both keys).

I went on my first long-distance run in the RAV4, just last week actually. I drove 320 miles one way, all highway, and achieved 27 MPG running between 75 and 80 MPH nearly the entire way. The RAV4 didn't miss a beat. The seat was comfy the whole time, and the RAV4 feels solid and handles well. I personally think it feels more solid with more fuel in the tank, but that's my personal preference and really doesn't affect the way the car drives. Definitely my favorite road trip car so far. Glad I bought it, and I'm looking forward to many, many more miles in the Toyota.

29th Jan 2019, 05:55

I'm the original poster and I've owned the RAV4 for 15 months now, and I've brought the mileage up to 63,238. The miles rose a little more slowly this quarter. I'm averaging 22.5 MPG in the dead of winter, straight city. My last highway run (dead of winter, 70-75 MPH) was about 26.5 MPG. Very, very happy with the RAV4. Looking forward to many more years and many more miles. See you in three months!

29th Apr 2019, 03:06

I'm the original poster and I've brought the mileage of the RAV4 to 67,000 miles - right on the nose. In this last quarter, I had new rear brake pads installed and both differentials serviced. These three items together ran me $605, which is really the only major expense I've had on the car. I am going on a long trip in June and have begun to do some of the more longer-term maintenance on the RAV4. The gas mileage at 70 MPH is about 26 MPG, but it will happily 85-90 all day if I don't pay attention. City MPG is high 23, low 24 MPG.

One thing I would change is that the hooks in the back seat do not support a plastic clothes hanger. I know I could fold the grab handle down, but in my cars of yore, once you put that handle down, it never fits properly again. Every turn will drop a plastic hanger onto the seat or floor. No problem for a wire hanger. Very minute change and doesn't affect my overall opinion of the car.

Still happy as a clam!

27th Jul 2019, 16:48

It's the original owner, up to 70,913 miles now. I still LOVE this car. It is routinely seeing 26-27 MPG in a mix of mostly city driving. A couple of little niggles:

1. There is a leak from SOMEWHERE that is letting water into the cabin. I noticed this on May 17. Not sure if it is the air conditioning or a drain somewhere. I run the air conditioning only when it is very humid out or raining. I took the RAV4 to Toyota to look for the leak (I told them to start with the air conditioning system) and they couldn't find it. They told me the front windshield isn't an original Toyota windshield, so I'm thinking rain gets in somehow at the seal... they want me to leave it with them another day, which I haven't scheduled yet.

2. Immediately after I got the brake service done (see my last comment), they began this HORRIBLE squeal that lasts the first few cold stops. I leave my house at 9 a.m. for work, they squeal. When I leave the office at 6, they squeal. When I leave the grocery store at 7, they're okay. They work fine; they're tight. They look brand new. Toyota said it would need a kit to stop the squealing, which isn't covered under the TSB and would cost me $70 (but no charge on labor). I'm going to live with the squeal for now. Like I said, everything is working well and it's more annoying than anything.