27th Oct 2019, 19:34

I'm the original poster and it's been two years exactly since I've bought the RAV4, which means the hard inquiries on my credit will come off any day now. Yay! Just kidding... the RAV4 is up to 74,391 miles, or a 3,478/28,272 mileage increase since the last update and buying the car, respectively.

This quarter was a little pricier than others, but for good reason. I went to the O'Reilly's and purchased a set of two Bosch wipers for about $40. I also had the battery replaced at 73277 miles - the original battery that came with the RAV4. NTB had the best price for me at $150 after a $20 mail-in rebate.

No new squeaks or rattles that I can tell. I think PA just switched to winter blend because fuel economy has dropped about 1 MPG. The RAV will still cruise at 90 MPH all day if you let it.

28th Oct 2019, 20:49

Or you can just rent a car and not worry about making a mess of your own. Saves mileage as well. Enterprise has some good weekend specials. Good luck.

27th Jan 2020, 04:48

ORIGINAL POSTER. I still have the RAV4 and it now sits at 78,105 miles, which equates to 3,714 miles driven this quarter and 31,986 miles driven since I purchased it. The only update is that I will be due for tires soon (at the 75,000 oil change, the tech estimated I had 5,000-6,000 miles left on them) but nothing notable otherwise. I love this car. I really do.

One question, though... the 2014 RAV4 has "regular" lights all the way around on the outside. The 2015+ has LED. Am I able to just screw in an LED bulb on my '14 and have everything work? No one (not even the dealer) seems to know how to answer this question.

29th Apr 2020, 09:56

I wrote the original thread, and the RAV4 has now accumulated 80,651 miles, up 2,546 miles in the last quarter, 13,651 miles this past year, and 34,532 since I purchased it.

A few days after my last update, I went to NTB and had all four tires replaced. One of the old ones had a leak and left me stranded; number two had a slow leak and I had to add air every few days. It was time. I purchased a 60,000 mile tire with road hazard warranty, and the bill came out to about $900.

The weather stripping on the roof has also begun to lift. It began a while ago, but is more noticeable now. The Toyota dealer quoted me $300 to replace or $60 to glue. I think I'm going to try again myself to reapply it and to procure a cheap little step ladder. I simply can't reach it to see it. The dealer said that the weather stripping coking out is likely due to me running the car through the car wash (and I do go once or twice a week on an unlimited pass).

The RAV4 is decent in terms of moving gear. It swallowed a fold-up desk, office chair, and some other miscellaneous garb for me in the last few weeks with the onset of COVID-19 necessitating me having to build a home office. The chair took up most of the available cargo bay with the "60% side" of the 60/40 seat back folded. So, it's not as big as I thought when I purchased it in 2017.

City MPG is a pretty consistent 22.xx MPG. But admittedly, I'll idle a lot of times so one of my devices will charge. I suspect it could easily get 25 (I drive like a grandma) MPG in the city. My commute has been 100% city lately, so I have no highway numbers to report.

I think that's about it... fingers crossed that this RAV4 is around a really long time! It's still running like new!