20th Aug 2005, 03:26

I have had 2002 Rav4 check engine light repeatedly reset along with rare intermittent power train hesitation or slippage since purchase. Eventually at 87,000 miles transmission malfunctioned badly with gears slipping and engine over-revving, power-loss and hard gear engagement etc.

Dealer tested, reset check light, replaced catalyzer and 02 sensors for free as 'these alarms may been masked out by the spurious check engine light'. Dealer however condemned transmission unit and advised replacement at quote $4500. I accepted reputable transmission specialists' offer of s rebuilt unit installed with lifetime warranty for $3500, on credit.

The same malfunctions continue to recur despite 3 rebuilds under warranty and multiple test by dealer and specialist, specialist advises replacement control computer, dealer advises replacement transmission.

I will try for compensation from Toyota, meantime I have no car for a month and about $4000 down.

After a lifetime of many Toyota successes I must consider changing to a better deal as this costly little runaround is dying before even 100,000 miles.

23rd Dec 2006, 11:45

Regarding the Toyota RAV4 engine light malfunctions. Mine has now happened 3x - each time it will not pass the emissions test for this state (ID.) All at my expense naturally.

Has anyone contacted Toyota Motor Corp? Since this is obviously a factory malfunction in the computer systems of all RAV4s it would seem they would be able to offer some help?

Or a statement we could take to dealerships to repair?

2nd Jan 2007, 11:40

I had a problem in my Toyota Rav4 2 Door. The speedo meter started jumping in a horrible way then the 'check engine' light started coming on.

They said it is a gear sensor problem. I am waiting.

2nd May 2007, 05:56

2002-2003 Toyota Rav4 Transmission problems. The transmission keeps slipping on these when they reach about 60,000 miles. Toyota needs to recall these. I have a 2002 with 59K and had the tranny fluid and filter changed at a Toyota dealer... shortly the tranny started slipping and at times would not move in any forward gear. The same happened to a friend at 61K. She had slipping problems, had the tranny and filter changed and then it starter slipping too. She had it repaired by Toyota "under warranty" and it was a faulty SHIFT SOLENOID. I am waiting for mine to be looked at. This sounds like a common problem with these trannys.

4th Sep 2007, 16:13

Seems to be noisy inside. When we purchased the vehicle they had just recently had larger tires installed. Sat in back seat for the first time and it is really noisy, a roaring sound. We wonder if it could be the tires and road noise since the back seat is basically nearly right over the wheels. Otherwise, we really like the car. Good gas mileage and great for a trip for two people.

22nd Sep 2007, 11:55

I've had the same issue with my Toyota RAV4 2002 (at only 65,000 miles). Faulty solenoid according to the check engine light. There should be a recall on the transmission systems on these RAV4s since it seems too many people are having the same issues. I still have not fixed mine.

2nd Nov 2007, 22:44

My 2002 RAV4 check engine light came on today. 71K miles. Took it to Autozone for computer code readout. The guy said SHIFT SOLENOID problem. I haven't done the recall yet, will call tomorrow to schedule an appointment. Let's hope the reprogramming fixes it.

28th Nov 2007, 20:36

The recall does not fix the problem.

7th Dec 2007, 19:08

I have a 2002 Rav 4 with 31,000 miles on it. I had the computer reset per the recall at the end of Oct this year. Then 2 weeks later my check engine light came on. They replaced the computer, but that did nothing. Now I am told that I need a new transmission at $4500! Toyota's rep has agreed that they will pay $3000 for the parts, but I am responsible for the labor at $1200. I was told that this should not have happened to my car being that it just hit 31k miles and I have excellent service records with it, repeatedly by the guys that work in the service department. I feel that Toyota should pay for the entire thing.

Unfortunately this has happened 6 months after my warranty expired! So I am out of luck apparently. I am trying to get them to come down on the labor price. So far I got them to $912 plus tax. I would prefer $0 but can afford $600 at the most. It's Christmas time and I was told that I need to have it done by the end of them month or they will not pay for anything at all!!! This is not fair. Obviously there is something wrong with the transmissions in these vehicles. I doubt I will ever purchase another Toyota again!!!

10th Dec 2007, 23:27

My 2002 RAV4 was working just fine until a week ago when my wife noticed that the transmission was slipping in and out of gears. We took it to the garage, and their first response was the changing of the transmission. Reading the other entries, it sounds more of an issue with Toyota overall. I, like everyone else, have no warranty left and will have to suck this one up. Will trade it in as soon as I can. Seems that this is a problem you just can't get rid of by looking at others comments.

2nd Jan 2008, 08:55

On 12/21/07 at about 66k miles, I just replaced the trans on my 2002 RAV4 costing me $2500. I repeatedly took this car in for 'check engine' light service.

In 2006, I took it to a local mechanic, and told me this was a recall job and take it to Toyota. I paid about $40 for diagnosis. I later took it to Toyota (dealer 1) and they denied the problem was a recall. I spent approx $125 for repairs and the check engine light went away.

About a month ago, the check engine light came on again. I tried to schedule an appointment online with Toyota (dealer 2), however they did not reply to my request for service. I wanted the car to be ready for a 5 hour road trip for the holiday weekend.

On 12/11/07, I went to Sears to do a battery diagnosis and needed a new battery. After new battery, the check engine light disappeared. About a week later, my wife mentions that the car is not shifting properly. I make calls to Toyota (dealer 2) and they could not fit us in their schedule prior to the holiday weekend. I call another Toyota (dealer 3) and they were unavailable as well. Then my wife takes the car to a transmission specialist, in which their diagnosis was a faulty transmission due to the ECU.

I am currently looking to recoup the $2500 from Toyota based on my research on the internet. If there is anyone else that had a similar situation, please let me know what's the best approach to reimbursement from Toyota!

12th Jan 2008, 14:49

I have the same problem with the check engine light since 4 months ago... they reset the computer for free, but after 1 day the light came on again.. but this time they (Toyota dealership) told me I need the sensor replaced for 400$ but I didn't come back... but the car still runs great!

I don't know if there will be problems in the future... my mileage right now is 59,000. And it still runs good, but the light still on in the check engine.