12th Apr 2009, 20:52


This appears to be a serious and common problem.

In Australia dealers acknowledge it is a common problem - but head office are making no comments.

Can I confirm - has Toyota ever issued a vehicle recall or safety notice on this issue?

Thank you.

Simon H


22nd Apr 2009, 03:41

Hello. Same squawk, 2002 RAV 4. 65k miles and tranny sluggish 1st to 2nd. Dealer reprogrammed ECU, no help. Need new tranny for 5k. Engine light on; need lemon law?

20th May 2009, 06:33

I also have the same problem like all of you... at 59K, Rav 4 it's in shop now... My mechanic says that it's the solenoid. Hope that solves my problem, will keep you up to date.

25th Jun 2009, 14:41

June 24, 2009.

Hi all,

I own a 2002 RAV4 and I had the same problem (shifting/slipping) in November of last year. Took it to a Toyota Dealer, changed the ECM... then it worked fine until now. About a week ago I've noticed that the shifting problem has come back, but not as bad as before. I don't believe it's a transmission problem as I've read someone on the other site who had a transmission changed and the problem still exists.

Ty from Toronto Canada.

25th Jun 2009, 16:49

Welcome to the wonderful world of Toyota. A dear friend of ours was lured into one of these things by ad hype and biased magazine articles. Not only is she experiencing the transmission issues, but other problems as well. On a recent trip we took together she got a whopping 19mpg on the highway. Aren't they supposed to get 25-26?

1st Jul 2009, 22:11

My 2003 Toyota RAV4 required a new transmission and ECU due to the ECU failing and causing the transmission to tear itself up. Cost $3400 for the tranny and $900 for the computer part. I do have a 1 year warranty from a local shop.

22nd Jul 2009, 16:48

I have 2002 RAV4 transmission slips. Have had rebuilt twice, same problem. Any recall on this problem?

20th Aug 2009, 21:56

I have a 2002 Toyota RAV4 and I have the same problem with the Shift Solenoid Malfunction Code P0755. It just happened 2 days ago. Today I had my car checked by a specialist and that is the problem he came up with. I thought it was just a minor problem but after searching the web, now I am really worry about this. I will contact the toyota tomorrow and possibly I will contact my congressman or senators to see if they can put their hands on this. It seems like many people having the same problem.

R Adafr.

4th Sep 2009, 09:14

09/04/2009 - I have a 2002 Toyota RAV4 (130,000 miles) that 2 weeks ago experienced what I thought was a transmission problem. All of a sudden it was like I had no first gear - extremely slow acceleration and motor reving high. Also "clunking noises" from under hood - clunks were so hard they shook the whole body of car (and driver). Took car to Mr. Transmission and they told me it had the shift solenoid problem, and that they would need to take the transmission out of the car to tell more. They removed the tranny and took it completely apart and informed me that it was "cooked" and needed a rebuild. They rebuilt the tranny - cost $3400.

I picked up the car and for 2 days everything seemed fine - then same problem - no first gear anymore - slow acceleration again. After finding "Car complaints" on Google I found that others having similar problems found that their ECM (Electronic Control Module) was also bad (prices vary on these $1000 easy). I haven't taken my car back to Mr. Transmission yet (it's labor day weekend and don't want car sitting over the extended weekend down there unsecured in their parking lot. I am debating whether to take it straight to the dealer on Tuesday after labor day.

I'm afraid that even after the tranny rebuild, that I've probably got a bad ECM that is going to not be covered under Mr. Transmission's warranty. I can't feel any worse that I feel right now. I just paid this vehicle off and bought my wife a new Toyota Yaris. Sure hope that Toyota turns out better than mine (have an extended warranty).

29th Sep 2009, 01:14

I have a FORD MUSTANG... Just kidding... LOL!! Yes I have a 2002 Rav4 that I currently have in the shop because of the same problems with the tranny slipping gears. Our mechanic has informed us of the cost (of which we don't have) $2800 - maybe over $3000. I have to borrow the money from family to help pay for this. It looks as though this isn't over if the engine light starts to come on, that has not happened yet. Cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The thing that disturbs me the most, is just how many complaints there are, and nothing has been done to Toyota since they should be responsible for faulty parts that cause major repairs that most people in this economy cannot afford, especially when I am still paying car payments owing a total of $9300 with about 95k miles on it. Can't we get our Congress or someone to address this obvious, reoccurring problem that the 2002 Toyota Rav4 has? I'm ANGRY!!! I want Toyota to pay.

Zoni in Concord, Ca.

29th Sep 2009, 11:26

I'm sorry you have all these problems, but how is it possible to still owe $9.300 on a 7 year old car? Especially since you can have a pick for less than $8.000, even that seems too much for such an old car. I gave $15.800 for mine new and after 7 years and 170.000 miles it still runs well. No major issues, but I have the manual transmission. Was offered $5.500 for a trade in on a new Corolla. The new Rav4 is too expensive now.

12th Oct 2009, 17:47

My 2002 Rav4 at 80,700 miles just recently began experiencing the same problems mentioned on this site. I have taken great care since purchasing it brand new and out of the blue it began slipping, hesitating and jerking between 1-2 gears. Also when shifting in reverse, it would jerk hard.

I took it to a transmission specialist and paid $327 for a transmission tune-up. They ran diagnostics and no codes came up; there were no metal shavings when they removed the pan. A few days later I experienced the same thing and returned to the transmission specialist who then indicated I needed a new transmission for $5,000! He did mention during the first visit that this year's model had computer issues that affected the transmission.

I went online and was surprised to see the number of complaints for the same issue. Before I spend any money at this shop or the dealer, I am going to remove the ECU and ship it off to ATE in Tennessee for a complete rebuild. It will cost $65 (not including shipping) and the turnaround is 1-2 business days. I've received their instructions on how to remove the ECU/ECM and they will include instructions on installation once I receive it back. They offer a lifetime warranty and technical support if you have questions.

I am no longer driving this vehicle because I've read the longer you drive it this way, the more likely you'll damage the transmission. I'm hoping the rebuilt ECU will resolve the issue. I will report back once it's been replaced.