9th Aug 2004, 07:13

I've got a 2004 SR5 and after a hard rain, the air conditioner doesn't work at all. When it is on auto, the fan actually blows more cold air when I increase the temperature.

27th Aug 2004, 22:38

I also own a 2002 Toyota Sequoia. A/C worked great. Compressor went out in June04. Dealer replaced, but from that point on, A/C does not cool if temp is over about 87 degrees and up. In Texas this happens quite a bit.

Dealer has had it about 11 times now and still not right. We are running out of patience. I can't figure out why it worked good before. Toyota says they have service bull. on the compressor, but they sure messed something up.

23rd Mar 2005, 21:08

I have a 2002 Sequoia with 56K on it. The air conditioner stopped working last week. The dealer said the compressor got metal in the system. Cost to me to fix $3600. Seems like Toyota should fix this!

12th Apr 2005, 11:18

I have a 2002 toyota sequoia with 44k miles on it. I recently went to the dealer and have my ac check. they diagnosed that the compressor is bad. I feel I don't have to pay this much money for the repair because the car is only 3 yrs old and it's a 40k plus suv. I have am more satisfied with my other car that only cost me 18k. I think toyota should fix this problem and there should be a recall on this problem.

8th Jun 2005, 11:41

Our Sequoia SR5 (2002, 80,000 miles) also has had the A/C compressor and clutch go out. The compressor froze after being used for three summers, which is hard to understand. Moreover, the compressor costs over $900, and the clutch is over $300, which an outrage. How on earth could a $900 compressor freeze up after three seasons?! Also, the auto parts stores don't have one -- I have to get it from Toyota. We purchased the Toyota to avoid repair charges like this -- I might be done with Toyotas now if this is the kind of thing that happens -- provide a lousy part on an astonishingly expensive vehicle and then charge a fortune to replace it when the part goes bad.

7th Jul 2005, 19:50

I own a 2002 Highlander. The air started blowing hot. Guess what? Yup bad compressor. I have had lots of toyotas and I have never had an air conditioner ever have an issue not even on very old models. I've done an Internet search and it looks like toyota has a definite problem with the air compressor on several of their models. I sure think a recall is in order.

13th Jul 2005, 09:17

2001 Sequoia SR5 - where do I start? Within the 1st year the rear main seal went, fortunately replaced under warranty.

In 2003 with approximately 43,000 miles the ABS/Anti Skid module failed, my dash is lit up like a Christmas Tree, cost to repair at minimum, $2000.00 Does not affect the brakes and Toyota won't compensate so it has not been repaired.

In 2004 with approximately 52,000 miles, the A/C compressor/clutch seized up. Purchased the "repair kit" from Toyota, cost for repair $2700. The compressor in the new repair kit seized immediately so the repair shop purchased another compressor. Prior to installation the shop was called by the Toyota dealership and was told not to install the compressor because the system was possibly contaminated with metal fragments. Guess what? It is! After 3 weeks of bickering with Toyota, repair shop was warranted for parts only and Toyota sent another kit... still awaiting repair.

If Toyota realizes the system is faulty (Technical Service Bulletin issued 2/2004) and they are manufacturing faulty replacement parts, why are they not assuming responsibility? We have been loyal Toyota owners for 20 years without complaint, but after the issues we've had with our Sequoia and Toyota we will not own another!

14th Jul 2005, 23:53

I have the 2002 Sequoia almost a year now. The AC works really well on nice days. When hot days, 80 degrees or higher, it wouldn't work at all or it takes about 30 minutes for it to start cooling down. This is the front only.

The AC on the back works perfectly all the time. My kids on the back were freezing cold. Weird huh?

19th Jul 2005, 14:19

Everyone has to call toyota corporate to enter there complaint. 1-800-331-4331 option 3 for operator.

3rd Sep 2005, 22:34

3 Sep 05 I have had my toyota sequoia for 3 years with 83,000 miles. It seems my a/c was timed to go out like the other comments posted on this site. Lets get together and pray Toyota owns up to their reputable reputation and places a recall on their a/c units and replace them at no costs to the consumer. Good day!

12th Sep 2005, 11:01

I have a 2003 Sequoia. In the past two years, I have experienced an ammonia smell from the a.c. while climbing a hill. Yesterday, on returning home, it happened four times. I took it to the dealer twice, last year, and they had never heard of this and couldn't explain it. I am very concerned, and was wondering if it has happened to any one else?

6th Jun 2006, 08:44

I bought a used 2001 Toyota Sequoia a year ago, it has 80,000 miles and is out of warranty. The AC compressor just went out throwing metal throughout the system. Our AC system now needs a total replacement at a cost of $3,900.00. I have talked with the national office and the dealer and there is no assistance available. Toyota said there is a problem with AC, but not the compressor. After reading the comments posted here it is obvious to me we have faulty equipment, the compressor. I will continue to be a Toyota owner, but I am very frustrated by Toyota's lack of recognition to this problem.

16th Aug 2006, 19:24

We just called Toyota corporate, the number was listed in this post, and they claim we are the only ones reporting this problem. Go figure? We now have an assigned case. Is anyone else having any luck getting their a/c to cool in Texas before 25 minutes have surpassed? By the way, we have a 2002 Toyota Sequia with 71,000 miles, and the A/C has not cooled down the car quickly in the past two years, with some Toyota repairs. thanks.

31st Aug 2006, 11:03

I have a 2005 Toyota sequoia I bought last year in May. I do have 90 thousand kilometres on it, but I am surprised that my air conditioner is not working anymore. This broke down about a month ago and therefore, I have only used the air conditioner for a summer and a half. I also have both of my front lower ball joints going so quickly as well. I have always been a Toyota owner and am surprised that this vehicle has been so "crappy."

19th Jun 2007, 19:31

I have 2001 Sequoia and my AC problem started at the rear unit. I have limited model and it has 2 separate AC control unit with single compressor and single loop. My rear unit was blowing hot air and my front unit took a while to blow cold air. The dealer told me that I need to replace my rear AC unit. ($2500) I took the car back and decided to just live with front AC only. Few days later, the front unit stop working and I had AC light blinking this time. I took the car back to dealer and they told me the front AC unit (compressor, evaporate, condenser, AC lines) has to be replaced. $3700 I asked about rear unit, but they told me the metal debrie in the front unit was clogging Freon line and this may be why rear unit was not working. My problem seems exactly like the compressor problem described on this forum. What can we do about this. I am looking at $3700 and I may need to replace rear unit also. This is wrong... I have 98 camry without any issues, but is I need to spend $3700 + $2500 to get my AC fixed. This will be my last Toyota.