12th May 2010, 17:20

I have experienced the same issue as previous posts on my 2002 Toyota Sequoia. Always felt that the AC did not work properly each year and progressively it got worse. In taking my Sequoia in I was given the same info: compressor issue, metal shavings in the lines, $3000 to repair. Add this to shifting light going out, rear latch replaced twice... I'm done with Toyota.

In calling Toyota corp, of course I received the "you're past your warranty" response, no there is no recall, and sorry you're out of luck. Obviously not enough people have called and complained about a design flaw - please call: 1.800.331.4331 to complain and just maybe one day a recall will occur. Definitely my last Toyota!

27th May 2010, 19:04

Yep, just bought my 2003 Sequoia not even two months ago from a Chevy dealership, and today driving to work, I noticed the the air was not cold, and sure enough, started to hear a groaning noise, and now no air.

I took it to my mechanic, and he said the compressor seized up. I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow to complain, but I bought it as is with 63K miles, and from what I'm hearing, they're not going to do anything.

I went from a Jeep that had a TON of problems to this. I bought this Sequoia thinking it would be low maintenance. Go figure.

29th May 2010, 10:34

To 19:04

Sorry ad hype got you. Toyota has never been a very reliable vehicle, and if I remember the recent news correctly, your Sequoia is also due for a recall for major safety defects (as are most Toyotas of the past 20 years). Next time try Ford or GM. Their cars are currently the best built cars on the planet. We own 2 Fords and 1 GM. Never a single problem with any of them.

13th Jul 2010, 11:28

Same story on 2002 Sequoia. We have fought with the air conditioning working properly and were given all the excuses from the dealer about it being undersized back when it was still under warranty.

This time we took it to a different Toyota dealer, and they are stating they can only warranty their work if it is a complete replacement for over $3000. We have over 180,000 miles on this car and other than the A/C, this has been a great car.

19th Jul 2010, 13:53

I have a 2003 Sequoia bought new. I had the same problems. Twice my compressor and whatever other parts were changed, now it's starting to not work again.

20th Jul 2010, 15:29

We have a 2003 Sequoia, but luckily it is still covered under the extended warranty I purchased! The warranty has already paid for itself 5 fold with $8,500 in warranty work done to it, getting the second compressor done now, and total A/C work. Love the car regardless, and will run it into the ground! Thank you warranty!

24th Jul 2010, 11:59

I've had my 2002 Sequoia for about 5 years with 98k miles. The compressor finally seized. I am an auto technician, so I replaced the compressor and receiver drier. A/C still blowing warm and AC gauges going into a vacuum on the low side. So I know the lines are plugged. Since this unit has rear AC, it's a major job to take the evaporator under the dash and the rear side panels off to access the rear AC. 3000 isn't much when you consider the labor at 125 hour and a 2 day job plus parts.

Other than my A/C problem, no other issues for my Toyota.