27th Jun 2007, 21:58

I know I won't be taking my 02 Sequoia to the dealer to replace my Compressor. I've gotten 3 qoutes for Car X and 2 local repair shops and they qouted me between 800 and 1200. Not sure if I should get a used one or a rebuilt one. Anyone have any opinions. You can get them on EBay or other sites for around 400. If you can find a mechanic that would put it it, at least you are not out 3K.

13th Jul 2007, 21:20

I got rebuilt AC compressor from Ebay for $150 and replaced my compressor last week. I had to buy a $150 vacuum pump also from ebay to pump out the AC line. I also replaced the filter in the Freon line to insure any metal debre trapped in filter is gone. So far the AC is working just like new. If you are not experience with pumping and charging AC lines, you may want to ask local shop to do this work. My total cost was ~$400 with buying the pump. Much better than $3700 quote I got from my dealer...

23rd Sep 2007, 22:10

I also own a 2002 Sequoia. We live in Denver; only use the AC for about 4 months out of the year. After using the AC a total of about 20 months, it imploded. I took it to my mechanic and got a quote of $3500 to fix. I took it to a Toyota dealer; cost $100 to diagnose, and again got (a quote of) $3,600 to fix. Outrageous! I called the District Manager (who wouldn't speak to me), then went to Corporate in CA (who will not overturn a district decision). For a $40,000 vehicle, is this quality and dependability? I have driven Toyota for 20 years; I loved the Tercel and 4Runner; now, I am driving my last Toyota.

22nd Jul 2008, 16:33

We have a 2006 Sequoia with only 29,000 miles and this is the 3rd time it's been to the dealer for A/C repairs. It's been at the dealer for almost 7 days now and it's still not ready!!! I'm getting ready to tell Toyota to buy their piece of crap back so I can go buy a Tahoe. I live in Texas where it's about 103 degrees outside and without an A/C, you're toast. I bought this vehicle thinking it was a Toyota so I shouldn't have any problems, right? Wrong!!! Not only has the A/C been bad, the wiper motor, side mirrors, armrests, glove box, interior lights, door locks, and radio have all been either replaced or repaired in the 2 years we've owned this vehicle that we bought brand new. I'm done with Toyota, their quality has taken a nose dive while GM and Ford have vastly improved their vehicles.

2nd Dec 2008, 16:46

I own a 2002 Sequoia which I bought because of Toyota's reputation for quality. I lost my compressor @ 77K miles but am having it repaired at a local shop for around $1000. Merry Christmas! I've also had problems with the cargo light not working, the turn signal not automatically cutting off after a turn (the dealer wanted $400 to fix), the light on the shift indicator not working (you use "feel experience to know what gear you're in) and the seam of the rear seat totally coming apart. This is my first and last Toyota. In my experience, they didn't live up to the dependability and quality they're always advertising. I expected a lot more for what their vehicles cost.

7th Mar 2009, 12:32

2002 Toyota Sequoia with 56,000 miles and the AC compressor is going bad. $2000 to fix at the dealer (plus $150 to tell me this) or $1000 to fix at a local shop. I am going to purchase the compressor myself and have a friend who is a mechanic install it and flush it out. The cost is $250 for a remanufactured one or $600 for a new one. I have had 3 Toyotas and this is the first major problem I have had.

11th Mar 2009, 17:35

I have a 2001 Highlander. Four years ago the AC starting blowing hot air. Toyota claimed they couldn't reproduce the problem and re-charged the freon. For the last 4 years it was tolerable, then it started blowing really hot air and the AC light blinks. Now they say it's the AC compressor, plus it problably threw metal into the system. $3750 and Toyota is denying that they know of a problem - yet my sister's dealership in PA finally acknowledged the problem and replaced it under an expired warranty.

Last Toyota - too bad for them.

22nd May 2009, 17:17

2002 Sequoia LTD 4WD 79k miles. Same problems with the AC. Turn it on earlier this week, the belt groans, then eases up after the AC light starts flashing on and off. Dealer reports the compressor disintegrated, spreading metal throughout the system, and the cost to repair, which involves basically replacing the entire system is $3650. I purchased this vehicle new and always had dealer service to the service manual specifications. Frustrating when you do a search and see that there were two TSB from Toyota in 11/02 and 2/04, when my vehicle was under warranty and at Toyota dealers for preventative maintenance, that they did not address the issue. Both TSB's are titled A/C Compressor Durability Improvement, and it appears the second recommends 50% more lubricant installed. This should have been a recall.

28th May 2009, 18:14

We have a 2002 Sequoia and the a/c light just started blinking. I can turn the vehicle off and the system restores itself. My guess is this won't be the case for long. I dread what my dealer will tell me when I take this normally reliable SUV in. We had a Previa before this Sequoia. It was a great running van, but the a/c went out on it as well. My wife swears by Toyota, but I'm starting to have my doubts (at least when it comes to their a/c units)!

19th Jul 2009, 12:29

I have a 2002 Sequoia purchased new. At 38,000 the compressor went out. I had an extended warranty, but the total cost to replace was $3,300. Now at 47,000 the compressor clutch is starting to howl and I have been back to the dealer. They say it is out of warranty and I will have to eat the cost of the new compressor and clutch. The blue book is only $11,000 and the cost of new compressor and clutch will be over $1,500. I'm like the rest of you who thought they bought quality in a Toyota. Back to American made, probably Ford for me.

19th Jul 2009, 21:48

I have a 2001 Sequoia. At 77,000 miles my A/C light started blinking. I never use my A/C due to mild weather by the beach. Thinking my freon was out, I brought it to my mechanic to fix. After him trying to turn the compressor to see if it spins, he stated that it was bad. After spending 500 for a refurbished compressor and labor, it is now blowing ice cold air once again. Moving on to a Volvo XC90.

1st Feb 2010, 10:55

I own a 2002 Sequoia Limited, and after 71,000 miles the AC compressor is bad. Noticed when using the defroster that the AC light started blinking and not defrosting. Autoshop wants $2000.

I also bought this truck for Toyota reliability. Shop called Toyota and they are "aware" of the problem, but not willing to do anything. I am a little concerned after reading these posts. Did not know there were separate units for rear and front AC. Need to look into that. I may get another estimate with a refurbished compressor. Very disappointed in Toyota quality after paying over $50,000 by the time I was done with interest and payments.