9th Feb 2008, 22:26

So happy to read these comments. I stopped at a local dealer yesterday and told him to immediately notify me upon finding a used 07 LTD AWD.

Wow. Now rethinking. I have an 07 LE that is great other than a defective battery at 20,000.

4th May 2008, 23:50

I was in the process of closing a deal on a 2004 AWD Sienna that had every option but a power passenger seat. I need the power seat since I am handicapped and must lower seat to enter with ease, while searching the internet for specs, I found this site that opened my eyes. Toyota never offered a power passenger seat in 2004, how lucky am I!!! I guess I'll buy a Chrysler minivan.

12th Jan 2009, 20:01

We have an '04 Sienna AWD with the run flats - 60K miles and needing the 4th set of tires! To Toyota's credit, they have replaced each set so far, but now they are baulking??? Time to buy a Honda? I have told them - stop replacing the tires, just give me a set of std tires with a spare and let's call it good. They don't want to do that for some reason.

23rd Feb 2009, 19:57

2006 Sienna AWD.

First set of Bridgestone Run Flats lasted to 27K miles.

The next set of Dunlop Run Flats have made it to 16K miles so far, but twice in the past 3 weeks have left my wife and kids stranded and caused us to tow our Sienna. The tires delaminated at the contact of the sidewall and tread both times when driven under 25 miles and below speeds of 55 MPH after signal of a flat...

Bad enough these tires don't last and are overpriced, but they don't even run flat as advertised... Total scam!

9th Apr 2009, 12:16

05 Toyota Sienna AWD - I'll never buy another car with run flats again. We finally replaced the run flats with standard tires (after going through 3 sets of run flats in 70K miles), but are now stuck with the problem of the spare. The van rides much nicer with standard tires. Toyota and Dunlop both told me that it was my driving that was causing the premature wear. Funny, after driving for 25 years... I never had the problem before.

27th May 2009, 09:49

After reading this entire thread, I am very sorry to say that the problems exhibited with Dunlop/Goodyear run flats and the Low Tire pressure sensors remain just as bad on the 2007 model Sienna XLE AWD.

We have now had 4 tires fail within the first 24,000 miles of owning our vehicle (purchased new and delivered in July of '07). We had 2 tires replaced due to serious bulges that appeared in the sidewalls at about 4,000 miles on 1 tire and roughly 8,000 miles on the second.

Then a dual flat situation on I-95 in CT. We immediately slowed the car to 40 mph as soon as the Low Tire indicator light came on. The right front tire completely shredded (literally disintegrated after 32 miles of travel), the right rear tire remained intact but still required replacing as we were informed that a puncture on a run-flat tire cannot be plugged or patched. Is anyone aware of a new class-action suit ongoing against Toyota for design defect or Goodyear for breaches of warranty, etc.? Please advise. Thanks so much, Dan S.

8th Jun 2009, 18:00

I wish I had read this review before buying a 2008 Sienna XLE AWD which comes with run flat tires. In fact I came to know about it at 5000 miles tire rotation. Now it has 14000 miles in last 10 months and I have to fill the tire pressure almost every 3 weeks. One tire appears to be looing pressure every week. May be I need to replace that. The inspection is coming now I will know more. But will never buy another with run flat and planning to get rid of these tires too soon.

22nd Sep 2009, 20:28

Here I am, five years into my 2004 Toyota Sienna AWD and purchasing my fourth set of tires.

The class-action suit against Toyota helped me pay for my first set of replacement run-flats. After those tanked, I opted for regular tires.

Surprise? Not! The regular tires FAIL just as fast as the run-flats on the AWD. My auto shop agrees... the vehicle is flawed.

Toyota... you owe me!

6th Dec 2009, 12:27

I have problem with my 2004 Sienna. I noticed the first crack about 3 month ago, and within a couple of weeks noticed a second crack. One is on the right side starting from the far front edge where the speaker grille is, running diagonally toward the left rear corner of the van. It originally was about 3" long, but now has grown to about 5". The other is on the left side starting at the side window defroster vent, running straight back. It originally was about 2" long and is now about 3" long.

It is surprising to me how quickly they started, and how fast they are growing. The dash is in good condition, not dry rotted or overly exposed to the sun. The van has always been kept in the garage. The dash material is still soft and pliable... I can't understand why it would be cracking already.

I am contacting the Customer Service at Toyota Motor. When I called Toyota, they told me that they did not have a record of anyone calling about that issue. That's false because I went to the Internet and I saw many case like mine. They and doing nothing to help me and I have to pay for.

7th Dec 2009, 11:30


I hope that you print out a page of from the forum where you found others with 2004 Siennas experiencing the same problem and bring it with you to your dealer. Better yet, ask to meet with a Toyota customer rep and show them the proof that you found online. I think it is reasonable that you would not expect your dashboard in a 2004 model year vehicle to be cracking.

Best of luck.

8th Nov 2010, 16:27

I have an '06 AWD Sienna, and am about to replace the fourth set of run flats at about 75,000 miles.

Initially we got the run around from the dealer. They replaced the rear axle at around 10,000 miles, saying there was a problem with it, probably from being cranked down too hard on the carrier.

Then at the next service, the dealer advised us that the tires were way under spec and needed replacing. Dealer replaced this set free, saying they were under warranty. The replacement set only lasted about 3,000 miles before they cupped and the ride started to suffer. We made it another 5,000 miles before it was unbearable, and took it in to a local service garage. Owner of the garage told us the tires were completely worn out on the inside. It appeared to him that the tires were toe-d in, and he could not adjust it. We took the vehicle to the dealer, and were informed that, yes, the tires were indeed angled inward for handling, and it was non-adjustable. We were also told that this was the cause of the tire wear, and that we should have the tires reversed on the rims to make the insides the outsides.

At this time we did change the tires and switched to the Dunlops. This set lasted a while longer than the previous sets, but then last winter we had a flat. Can't say that it was a failure of the tire or not, but the car had been parked overnight, we noticed the flat when we got up to about 40 mph, about 1 mile from the house. At that time we replaced just 2 of the tires, and had the other 2 reversed on the rims. This has gotten us to where we are now. The 2 older tires are totally shot. No tread left on what was the inside (now the outside), and the insides are at about 40% tread. This am, the roads had snow and the van was very loose in the back.

Am trying to figure out a way to put on non run flats this time. I don't expect longer life out of them because of what the dealer told me, but they will be cheaper. I am really disappointed in this vehicle. It was a stretch for us to afford, and now after 5 Vermont winters, 2 kids and a dog, the van isn't worth enough to sell. Guess we are stuck with it.

9th Jan 2012, 18:59

That is totally ridiculous! If Toyota knew of a safety concern with the tires, then they should have been replaced when the problem was discovered, and not when a chance of an accident happened.