1995 Toyota Tacoma SX 3.4 4 cylinder from North America




Honestly, nothing. It's very impressive that a 95 cannot have any problems.

I wash it every week, and since I bought it, I've put in all new suspension, and will change my brakes in the next week (I've kept up to date on oil changes and everything else). It's a kick ass truck.

General Comments:

I bought this car for my first truck; living in the Midwest, there is a lot of snow, and this thing just goes through it like nothing.

This thing is a monster, ha ha, and is amazing on gas.

Since I've owned it, I've put in a new suspension, front and back, and will soon get new brakes.

I love this thing. Like I said, it's my first truck, it has 140000 miles on it, and it's barely rusty for a 95.

It's a beastly little truck. I recommend Toyota to anyone for reliability.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2013

1995 Toyota Tacoma SX 4x4 2.7 from North America


Toyota warranty on original parts - SUCKS!


My head gasket needs to be replaced. Started over-heating, so I took it to a mechanic and had the thermostat and radiator replaced. Still overheating.

Had a second diagnosis, and the head gasket needs to be replaced after 150+ K miles?.. I expected a major problem like this maybe after 250k! Not at 150k or less.

I've always had Toyota service this truck, but they would not do the gasket problem as a recall on my vin#. It's gonna cost me $1600; included is to replace all gaskets and take it apart to get it re-surfaced at a machine shop.. I was told that after so many over-heating issues, and everything that blows out of the coolant and radiator, that the steam expands the gasket and damages it, leaving it with bubbles in the coolant.

Anyway, I always have trusted Toyota, but NOT ANY MORE! I own 2 Toyotas, and for them not to honor this as a major recall problem, they will definitely lose my trust and business! It's time for America to build smaller, dependable, longer life cars..

General Comments:

GASKETS should be part of the manufacturer's warranty up to 250k miles or more!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2011

8th Aug 2011, 22:20

What do you expect, the truck is over 15 years old?

I'm actually surprised it made it that long, considering the 3.0 engine is prone to head gasket failure.

Toyota is not as great as their advertising may lead you to believe, unfortunately.

9th Aug 2011, 10:10

These are the best trucks money can buy. My '96 now has almost 250,000 miles. One of my buddies had one that he kept until 450,000 miles. My Dad has one too, and it's got around 260,000 miles. None have had major issues.

10th Aug 2011, 16:15

I thought your dad has a Tundra?

8th Mar 2013, 17:19

Mate, your head gasket would have lasted quite a bit more if you didn't keep driving it when it was overheating due to the thermostat.

9th Mar 2013, 06:07

We have mostly Ford full size pickups with more miles than that at my company. We rigidly adhere to good maintenance and filter changes. If anything, our vehicles are more severe duty, making deliveries fully loaded. Not an empty expressway cruiser in overdrive, and then parked in a lot.

We also have domestic company cars, all highway mileage, that the odometer has effortlessly been around the horn a few times. Keep oil changes and filters replaced monthly.

We had a small Toyota truck in the mix long ago as well. It was fine, but overpriced and limited. We are keeping our vehicles longer today as they run fine with high mileage. We also keep logs on every vehicle.

Usually the employees in our company like to buy our older vehicles. If anything, it's interesting to see that they are still fine later. If you keep the oil changed and use good filters, it's a real dividend. We are also now using synthetic oil, and like the Napa Gold filters. I would recommend not buying the bargain oil and generic filters at the cheap oil change places. And change the air filters often.