2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4.0 V6 from North America


The Toyota I knew and loved has decided that volume is more important than quality


Since new, exhaust leak on right side manifold, dealer attempted but unable to correct.

Since new, squeaking noise from clutch. Sounds like a throwout bearing, which the dealer replaced at 36K miles. Noise did not go away and dealer now says that it is just a fork arm lubrication issue, but cannot fix. The truck has made this noise since new.

Subwoofer has a cheap plastic rattly sound. Dealer unable to correct.

There is a loud clanging sound when I go over bumps, most likely coming from the transmission cross-member. Toyota claims all manual transmission trucks make this sound.

General Comments:

Having owned a 1996 Toyota 4-Runner and a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, I never thought twice about going down to special order a new 2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 when my 1998 Tacoma was totaled in a wreck. Given my past experience with Toyota, I never considered another car company.

After 4 months, my new vehicle arrived from the assembly plant in California. It looked beautiful and felt like I had made the right purchase. I drove it during the warranty period and kept a punch list of things that needed to be fixed before the warranty expired, but nothing that made the truck inoperable occurred, so I waited until about 35K miles and took it to the dealership to fix the issues. The issues listed above were brought to the first dealers attention, and they kept the truck for approximately one week and returned it in the exact condition it was in when I dropped it off. They said the warranty repairs ran about $9000!!! And yet as far as I could tell, they did nothing to the vehicle.

I brought this to Toyota Corporate's attention, and they had me take it to another dealership to make the same repairs. This dealership corrected some of the problems, but at the end of the day they say they can't fix all the problems, because that's just the way all the vehicles are.

For 73K miles I have dealt with an exhaust leak until it warms up enough to expand the manifold, a clanging noise from the drivetrain when you go over bumps, and a squeaking from inside the clutch housing.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2010

14th May 2010, 17:45

Welcome to the "I fell for the ad hype" club. Toyota has been in total denial of MAJOR safety and quality defects for two decades now, and it is rapidly catching up with them (AND Honda AND Nissan). Yesterday I read that Toyotas going back to the 90's are now being recalled for serious defects. Before all is said and done, most Japanese cars will probably end up having ALL their lines sold over the past twenty years recalled. Unlike domestic manufacturers, Japanese makers will not recall a car until FORCED to by law. The law is finally catching up with them. Look for millions more recalls from Honda, Nissan, Toyota and other Japanese brands. Their sins are finally finding them out... VERY quickly.

16th May 2010, 11:47

"By the way, don't even start on "voluntary recalls". A recall is a recall OK?"

Well, NO, it ISN'T. A voluntary recall is one done as a customer service (such as Ford's recall at 100,000 miles of my Mustang for a defective ignition part). A "forced" recall is when a MAJOR defect has been IGNORED by a manufacturer (such as Toyota) until many people are KILLED. The "difference" can be life or death. I'll keep driving my Fords. At least they DO own up to their mistakes.

17th May 2010, 20:30

Vehicles that CATCH ON FIRE in my garage can kill me. They can also kill my family at the same time. Or if I'm not around, they can burn my house to the ground.

Vehicles that have a sub-frame that rust out from underneath them and fall apart driving down the road can kill me (Ford Windstar is known for that. That was the last Ford I owned).

I'm also perfectly aware of what a voluntary recall is. And voluntary recall or not, those are SERIOUS ISSUES.

18th May 2010, 16:39

"Vehicles that CATCH ON FIRE in my garage can kill me. They can also kill my family at the same time. Or if I'm not around, they can burn my house to the ground."

This actually happened to my neighbor. He wasn't hurt, but his house was totally destroyed by his car bursting into flames in his garage... it was a HONDA ACCORD.

18th May 2010, 20:55

The only thing I can't figure out is why you waited until your warranty was almost up to get those issues looked at???

19th May 2010, 11:07

You can see why. They had a huge list, and at the final moment wanted to cash in on as much free warranty work as possible.

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Access Cab 4.0 V6 from North America


Not worth the price


Nothing has broken or gone out, but it is full of issues.

General Comments:

Once I put 1000 miles on my truck I started to have issues. First is the engine. It makes an extremely annoying ticking sound at 1500RPMs and 21RPMs. I brought the truck in to the dealer and told them I thought it was a piston slap or a lifter tick. He got a tech to come out and listen to it and immediately stated he thought it was a lifter... but once he found it it was under warranty, the sound was normal and I shouldn't worry. I have since brought the truck in about the noise several times and each time they say it is normal. I finally wrote Toyota and told them of my issue and their response was take it back to the dealer. I paid 26,000 for this truck. That is a lot of money for an engine that makes so much noise you hate to drive it. The engine also doesn't get very good mileage. I get about 16.5 on the freeway and about 14 in the city.

I have the access cab model and at about 3000 miles, the rear suicide door on the drivers side started to make a knocking noise whenever I hit a bump or dip. I can't get it to go away and when I brought it to the dealer they said they could not duplicate the noise so nothing can be done.

The clutch on this truck is now making a creaking noise when I let it out which is also very annoying. Also if I don't drive the truck for a few days the truck has horrible chatter for the first few miles.

I am the type of guy that hates any ticking, creaking, knocking, or popping noises in a vehicle, and this truck has them all. It has been reliable and I have never broken down though. If you are looking for a reliable truck and are not bothered by noise it will serve you well, but if you hate noises, you will hate this truck.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

27th Aug 2007, 21:12

First your gas mileage issue may be due to the grade of gas you're running in the truck. The 4.0 V6 is designed to run on high octane, I think the owner's manual recommends 93. If you are running 87 in your tank your gas mileage will suffer, and it may also be contributing to your engine noise.

I've notice that my 2005 Tacoma also makes a clicking sound sometimes when running. However until something actually goes wrong with the motor it doesn't bother me. Some motors just sound like that. I'd have the clutch checked out though, might need some lube.

Concerning the knocking coming from your doors, have the dealership check out the seat belt retractors. I had mine replaced under warranty and was told by the service guy that it was a common problem.

Good luck with your truck. I hope a few odd sounds, most vehicles develope them sooner or later, doesn't turn you off to a good vehicle. Personally I'd much rather put up with the few odd noises my Tacoma makes than the high repair bills owner's of lesser quality vehicles have to deal with.