8th Jul 2003, 09:26

My 1981 Toyota 2WD truck had 472,000 miles on it when I sold it to a fellow, and he showed it to me a year later after a little body work and a repaint. It went through two batteries, tires, two water pumps, an oil pressure indicator, a muffler/tailpipe, clutch, the usual brake parts, and an alternator. This truck once carried 3,200 lbs of masonry block in two trips.

The 1988 2WD that replaced the 1982 was a nice truck, and I sold it to buy on a 1994 4WD at 225,000 miles. It had a new battery, an no other parts other than tires, a battery, and the usual tune up items.

The 1994 4WD 4 cyl has been very nice. It currently has 192,000 miles on it, and pulls a horse trailer a couple times each month. Thus far, it has had 2 thermostats (odd, but true), a battery, a parking brake cable (someone cut it), and I'm looking at tire set number three (Dunlop tires were original equipment, BF Goodrich were next, and will probably go with the Goodrich again) in a couple of weeks. The tailpipe rusted through at the rear hanger about a week ago. The drivers side seat is showing some cracking on the side. It has been used for many tasks from pulling out stumps to moving hay, and the 4WD comes in handy on muddy farm lanes, and in the snow.

The trucks have received an oil change every 5,000 miles like clockwork, a light winter tune up each year, and while I used to do all my own truck mechanical work, I don't do much any more. Instead, each July the 1994 truck gets a major 30K/60K service from the Toyota dealer to the tune of about $400. While some may laugh, I find the latter maintenance fee to have been a good investment over the years.


10th Jan 2004, 14:03

Bought my 94 pickup in 94 with 4000 miles on it. Changed the oil (MOBIL 1), and have been using Mobil 1 ever since. Truck now has 86000 miles on it; original battery. Slight rust in the tailgate. Problem free until last summer. I noticed a loud rattle coming from the engine when I'd take my foot off the accelerator. Took it to the dealer; his diagnosis was the timing chain was going. OK, I've had timing belts changed before, usually $200-300, right? Nope... the dealer said that changing the timing chain involves a trip to the dark recesses of the engine; about 10 hours of (professional, high priced) labor. Total cost? $1200!!! Yipes!! Well, it was a good truck so I said go for it. Three days later, they called me back. Said "do ya want the good news first or the bad news first?" Gimmie the good news, says I. Well, the timing belt has been changed. And the bad news? Well, after we got it back together, it seems there's some knocking coming from the lower part of the engine. Probably a cylinder is hitting. It may break tomorrow or it may never break! Oh yeah... and you need a new speed sensor and a couple other things; probably cost ya about another $550.

So...what to do? Spend another $550 on an engine that may become scrap metal the day after it's repaired? Or drive it with the hopes that it'll fool everyone and last forever? I'm putting my money on the latter...I'm driving it.

Now, four months after the timing chain was changed, the engine is making the now familiar death rattle every time I start it. (Sounds like a diesel!)

Here's the strange part...I'm getting better gas mileage now than ever before...30mpg around town! Power? Although I do not beat my vehicles, this truck has get up and go when it needs it.

Background: I'm 53 years old, have driven Toyota's constantly since 1977. My last one, a 1981 Corolla wagon, had 158000 miles when I gave it away. Original clutch, engine never touched, except for tune ups and oil changes (Mobil 1). The original battery had lasted 11 years!

But now I'm disappointed with Toyota quality; I feel it's not as good as it was years ago "in the olde days". Don't know if I'll ever buy another one.

9th May 2004, 17:12

I have a 94 DX Ex. cab pickup with the 22RE and its the best truck you can possibly buy. I just lost a 93 Toyota short bed pickup with the same engine drove it from 111,000-135,000 without changing a single thing besides normal tune up stuff.

1st Jul 2004, 22:34

I have had two Toyota's first one a 92 with the four banger engine had very little power, but got you were you were going. Then I got a 1994 with the 3.0 and some mods (can squeal the tires now) and am very pleased at 120,000 and still running strong. Everything is original (except the usual i. e tires battery) I recommend anyone who wants a 4x4 this is the was to go.

29th Dec 2004, 20:02

I have an '88 2WD 22R 4-speed manual pickup that just started having problems with water getting into the cylinders (head gasket). It's been a great truck, bought it in '90 with 8K miles on it, now has 187K on the odometer. The #2 spark plug threads are shot, too, and I should probably have that re-threaded.

The only real work that's been done to it are new brake pads and shoes at about 130-140K, and I replaced the clutch this summer. It's had the oil changed every 3000-3500 miles, and still doesn't burn any lubricant.

My problem is thus: should I pay to have the head-work done on it, or would that be more than the truck is worth? I need to have a working vehicle, and can't afford to replace it with a newer (i.e. financed) vehicle. I have neither the tools, space, experience, or time to do the work myself.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions. Please email me at: spklaus@myfreei.com

20th Mar 2007, 17:36

I have a 94 Toyota Exended Cab Truck, 4 cylinder, R22E engine. It was overheating. The heads were cracked and they were replaced, after being ground 2 years prior. The water pump was replaced, thermostat and radiator also. Now I have oil in the water. The mechanic doesn't know what the problem is. Can anyone help to solve the problem? The engine has 157,000 miles on it and hasn't had any other problems.

Please email me at: sldmseen@localnet.com if you can help.

7th Jul 2007, 21:44

I have Toyota truck 1994. this is my first vehicle I ever bought from dealer. now it gets 172000 miles. It is one of best money I every spend. I am artist need this vehicle to transfer my art work to gallery all over the Midwest. now the body is very rusted, but I can trust it delivery my art till 200,000 +++++ miles. I change oil every 3000 mile. NEVER MISS IT. I just get another 94 toyota truck, has only 40,000 miles, from an old friend. I am going to sale my old one and hope to keep this till 172000+ miles. I believe all toyota truck can go 250,000+. I have no idea about auto mechanic at all. as female I worry the garage will charge me more than male customers. since I get my toyota. it hardly need any repair only basic maintenance. never worry garage rip me off...