30th Jan 2008, 16:01

I have a red, '94 Toyota truck purchased new and have 103k miles on it. The heater no longer works (AC works fine) and I have enjoyed the reliability. My replacement truck will be a Toyota.

5th Aug 2008, 19:51

I have a 1994 Toyota 4x4 with the 3.0 V6 motor. I bought it new and have logged on more than 255000 miles.

Replaced the water pump @ 160000 miles

Replaced the head gasket under the Toyota recall

Replaced the exhaust 4 times and the tires 5 times so far.

Other than the normal replacement of expected wear items, this truck has been perhaps the most reliable longest lasting truck I have ever owned.

Oops the darn water pump just went. Oh well, this truck doesn't owe me anything. It may be old but it still runs strong.

Got to go, my jack is waiting.

10th Sep 2008, 01:33

I bought a 1994 22-re 4 cylinder Toyota pickup new from the dealer with four miles on it. 14 years later I am still driving it. It has 235,000 miles on it and I am about to put in my second clutch. It is by far the best car I have ever owned.

It needs a lot of TLC at this stage of its life. The annual cost of upkeep has been around 1500-1800 dollars a year for the last three years. I think that is reasonable given its age and the amount of wear it has seen. I blew the head gasket at 210,000 miles. That was an expensive repair. I did the timing chain at 220,000 with friends. Now with a new set of tires on it and looking down the barrel of a new clutch, I should be good to go for another 50,000 miles easy.

I have blown the thermostat twice, had 3 ignitions put in from wearing down the key. The locks on both doors are broken as is the lock on the gas cap. It is at the warhorse stage, definitely not going to impress the girls but it impresses the heck out of me and that is all that counts. I have had a job making deliveries for ten years. and this truck has seen some heavy stop and go driving.

27th May 2009, 16:03

I have a 1994 toyota and I love my baby. My father bought it new and since then it went from him, to my mother, to me. I love this truck, 300,000 miles and the only problem I had with it was a headlight finally went out. Thank goodness my dad was so anal about keeping it in good shape.

14th Jul 2009, 22:27

94 2x4 extra cab 5-speed 22RE. 106,000 miles. Completely stock, barring the spray-in liner. Bought new, driven daily in a mix of highway/city (~25-27 mpg) with some long highway trips (~29-31 mpg). Replaced: Water pump, battery (2), tires (time for third set), thermostat, starter, brakes. Oil, air filter, spark plugs, anti-freeze changed on a regular basis.

It has been rear-ended, by a Dodge Ram, but no damage to frame and replaced bed. Last year was bumped in the side by a merger who didn't look first, but only minor cosmetics. No rust.

I spent more for repairs on a domestic car I owned for 5 years than I have this truck. I swear the water pump in it needed replacing every year. Will be buying Toyota again, but in no hurry to replace my truck.

20th Jul 2010, 11:46

Well, sounds like the original poster had ether a fluke Toyota, or someone didn't take good care of it...

I have a 1994 2WD standard cad 22RE truck. I got it from the original owner with 343K on it. It needed shocks, timing set (chain, gears, guides), right side e-brake cable, column switch, and a tune up. I'm impressed with how well he took care of it for that long. I have fixed everything on it and have loved having this little rig. I have been getting 27+ MPG as well. This is my 4th Toyota truck and I will stand by the over any other truck! Oh, my dad has a 1990 X-cab, 22RE, 4x4 with 201K and it still runs great. It soon gets a timing set as well...

Sorry to you guys that have had problems.

20th Jul 2010, 17:13

"Well, sounds like the original poster had ether a fluke Toyota, or someone didn't take good care of it..."

No, it's a Toyota. Contrary to the urban myth, Japanese cars are nowhere near the quality they are claimed to have. All of our Japanese imports were meticulously maintained and repairs on each of them was ten times higher than on all of our domestics combined. If you've read a newspaper lately you'd know a bad Toyota is not a "fluke", it's the NORM. Out of 33 automakers Toyota ranks 21st, FAR below Ford and GM (and just about everything else).

15th Aug 2010, 01:11

I think the older Toyotas were better/more reliable than the newer ones. I had a 1986 Corolla for 7 years without any repairs, and only sold it to buy a 1994 4 cylinder extended cab truck so I could put a camper on it as well as drive it every day. After 220K miles, I'm still driving it, and other than the fuel pump that went while still under warranty, no major repairs.

My only complaint is that people keep pestering me to sell it - one guy ran over from his vehicle when we were at a stoplight to give me his card and plead to buy it. The fellow who came to install new kitchen cabinets, said he'd only finish the job if I sold it to him "only vehicle he regretted selling". He said he'd heard some of those 4 cyl engines have done over 600K miles.

16th Aug 2010, 04:55

I bought my 1994 Toyota extended cab truck new, a 3.1 V6.

Within one month, the rear bumper was replaced because it was rusted. I told the dealer the new one does not look good. It is rusted now, long ago. This truck was always kept inside in heated garage. The frame is rusted as are the exhaust and brakes.

Remember this truck has total of 27,886 miles on it. Before you buy one think about it.