2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Max SR5 5.7 from North America


Expecting 20+ years with this one and no reason to think it won't last that long


Replaced brakes at 110 000km and accessory belt broke at 60 000 km.

4 remote key fobs all died within 2 years.

General Comments:

This truck is a tank. I drive it like a truck - including hauling, off-roading and towing. Have towed a 7500 lb trailer almost 30 000km with it with no problems at all. The engine is fast and full of torque at any speed. My only complaint is the fuel mileage - averaging about 15 MPG city and 21 MPG highway. The trade is that I have virtually no repair costs compared to my wife's Ford or brother's Chevy.

Interior is well laid out, and has no problem fitting four 6-footers for long road trips. Interior is also quieter than any sedan I've ever owned - even if I dump 1500 lb of wood in it or am pulling my trailer on the highway.

Wish the box had the longer option, but wouldn't trade the interior space in the Crew Max for that extra foot in the bed.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2016

14th Jul 2016, 17:06

My Dad owns an '02 Tundra, the first generation back when Toyota was still kind of figuring out the full sized truck market. It goes through rear brake pads a lot faster, but other than that he's put well over 325,000 miles on it so far. Even the engine still runs tight and he is not what I'd call the best at remembering to change the oil when you're supposed to either.

Right now I own a 20 year old Tacoma, but I am seriously thinking of buying a used Tundra when this old truck bites the dust, if it ever does so.

14th Jul 2016, 18:31

If you do, you will likely never own a small truck ever again. Just with estate sales and Craig's List alone it proves invaluable. I had 2 small trucks; never again.

15th Jul 2016, 16:01

Good decision, I mean after all full size is the way to go, especially when paying insurance on a truck. I got tired of borrowing bigger trucks to get the job done.

16th Jul 2016, 12:43

Why not buy a new one? It's a great feeling having it from the very beginning. Life is short. I love my full size. You can bring anything home and tow a variety of other things.

19th Jul 2016, 16:27

Probably because new trucks are expensive. I'm sort of a cheap skate and every time I look up the price of a new Tundra, F-150, Silverado etc it's shocking at how much they are. It's not at all hard to suddenly be looking at a $35,000 truck once you add any kind of features. If I do buy one I'm going to buy used. A friend of mine bought a used Tundra that had been in use by some kind of fleet delivery service. It was bone stock, but he got it at a good price.

19th Jul 2016, 17:38

I own a couple. A 2004 Silverado fun toy with only 35000 miles. It's showroom new. My bigger one works hard and is a true driver. Nothing like new. You know it from day one and it wasn't trashed the day it's traded in from owner 1.

2008 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7 from North America


Would make a great garbage truck; once you get to the dump, you wouldn't even need to unload it


Radio 3 times within the first year. No functions worked and Japanese writing was displayed.

Front differential was replaced at 50,000 km.

Both front drive shafts replaced at 50,000 km.

Gas pedal about 70 or 80,000km. Recall was performed, and now the gas pedal is unbelievably sensitive.

Transmission started to slip around 60,000 km. This, combined with the sensitive gas pedal, is an amazing combination.

Wheel bearing about at 50 or 60,000 km.

Chrome started rusting at about 100,000 km (3 years).

General Comments:

Cheap construction. The fit and finish are not what I am used to in a Toyota. It is similar to an American vehicle.

It does however have a ton of power, is very comfortable, drives well, and looks good.

I have the 4x4, it has low ground clearance compared to comparable trucks (Ford, GM).

Weak tail gate. Bent it the second or third day I owned the truck while unloading a snowmobile. Something I did on my 2002 Tacoma hundreds of time, no problem.

After owning the vehicle for some time now, I have realize that I have bought an American vehicle with Toyota stamped on it. It is designed by North Americans for North Americans, and built by North Americans, just like a Ford. The parts are made in Mexico and the truck is only assembled in the US.

The dealer service was also terrible. I live 2.5 hours from the dealer. When I had the radio issue, I had to take the car to the dealer, leave it for the day so they could "experience the problem". Then they would send me home while they ordered a new radio. And then another 2.5 hours drive each way and leave my truck for the day to have the radio changed. This happened 2 more times. Each time they had to "experience the problem", and refused to order a new radio before I arrived. They also scratched and chipped the bezel around the radio.

As for the slipping transmission, the dealer test drove the vehicle and said there was no problem. I asked to speak to the tech. The tech was actually a guy that use to live in my area. He was a backyard mechanic who never went to school and was a self proclaimed VW expert. My only prior experience was when my girlfriend took her car to him to get the exhaust fixed. He said some wires were in the wrong spot so he switched them. The car never ran again. We asked him what wires he switched and he refused to tell us. He said that is how it should be, and that is not the problem.

I could go on for days about this vehicle and the service, but you get the gist of it.

Not happy.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2013

9th Sep 2013, 06:37

Should have bought a Tacoma, or an American truck. Heard a lot of bad reviews about the Tundra; seems like it still needs some quality control issues worked out.

9th Sep 2013, 08:11

Why not buy a strong 3/4 ton F Series or Silverado, not offered by Toyota? A large, strong 4x4. Look at the power and frame construction, and get back to us. We have a # in our company that perform great every day.