20th Sep 2009, 13:00

Well, personally I care that U.S. citizens are misled by ad hype and false information and are destroying our economy. Only 10% of auto-related jobs in the U.S. are provided by Japanese car companies. Buying ANY Japanese vehicle helps destroy 90% of U.S. auto-related jobs and puts our entire economy at risk. Even if Japanese vehicles WERE more reliable (and survey after survey proves otherwise) I'd support my own country and buy from U.S. industries. Recent lawsuits (HUNDREDS of them) against Toyota for roll overs and Toyota's latest fiasco with bad brakes (100,000+ cars recalled) DOES NOT indicate a quality car company. Over the past few years Toyota has had millions of vehicles with brake, steering, suspension, engine and transmission problems. The Tundra and Camry had their "recommended" status revoked by Consumer Reports in 2007 because of many serious issues affecting performance and safety.

The Ford Fusion ranks two full levels above Camry in reliability (Consumer Reports, 2007 through 2009) and a Ford and GM car top J.D. Powers list of most reliable cars in long-term reliability. If American citizens are determined to hurt their neighbors and destroy our economy they should at least have a good reason to do so. At this time buying a Japanese vehicle is not only an attack on our fellow American workers, but it is also a purchase of a lower quality, less reliable vehicle at a higher price. That makes absolutely no sense at all.

21st Sep 2009, 06:19

What's wrong with informing of repetitive issues... It's not a fan club to let others know why you switched and for what reason. I want to know issues more than if my Big Gulp fits in the center cupholder.

21st Sep 2009, 10:12


I don't mean to be rude, however I really don't care to hear your 90% vs 10% argument any longer. All automobiles are global now, your Mexican built Fusion is assembled with parts manufactured all over the world.

Yes buying a Fusion is helping Ford, but you've never been able to explain how Ford is helping American autoworkers by moving plants to Mexico, laying off American workers and employing Mexicans to assemble these cars.

Aren't they simply cutting costs by avoiding US taxes and avoiding paying US workers decent wages? How is that "Patriotic"?

Unless your meaning of "Patriotic" is that the wealthy get wealthier, and the American worker gets unemployed.

Your argument is flawed, as far as I'm concerned.

No offense intended, but it sounds to me your argument would be the one used by Domestic car dealers, salesman or stockholders.

It seems to me that what the US auto manufacturers do best is to move their factories out of the United States and lay off American workers. That does far more damage to our economy than does my next door neighbor's Honda.

I sincerely wish that you would get stop implying that Americans who do not drive domestic cars are somehow "unpatriotic".

As this is just not true.

21st Sep 2009, 18:14

And better ride, room, comfort, handling, towing capability, load carrying, people carrying and far superior warranty goes to the GM Silverado. I felt that this was specific enough to buy mine.

22nd Sep 2009, 06:13

10:12 My American made car was built in Bowling Green Kentucky instead of overseas. Would be nice to buy as many locally made American products to maybe avoid more downsizing, layoffs, furloughs etc.

With our strict environmental laws, OSHA, medical benefits it's a wonder any industry here remains. I have seen videos of workers overseas working in foundries in bare feet, no eye protection and I suspect if they were injured they would be on the streets.

I am willing to pay more personally for American made products (not just cars) instead of going cheap. I also think anyone using the Cash for Clunkers should be American cars.... my last opinion if the import mfrs want to pay 100% Cash for their Clunkers instead of expecting us to do so, that's a positive step for them instead of expecting us to be foolish to do so.

22nd Sep 2009, 09:33


I'm happy for you that you are in a position to pay more for American products. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to find American made watches, cameras, computers etc these days.

My issue here is with those who dare label Americans that happen to drive imports "unpatriotic". Nobody should judge another based on the vehicle that they drive.

That so called "unpatriotic" American may just be a veteran, the parent of a soldier overseas, or a military widow.

My issue is that no one has the right to judge and label anyone based on the type of vehicle that might be driving. And no one has the right to tell anyone else that they must buy a domestic vehicle.

I happen to drive a Jeep made in Toledo, Ohio, however if I wanted to drive a Lexus, a Honda, a Volkswagen or whatever - nobody has the right to call me "unpatriotic" for doing so.

You have no way of knowing what kind of sacrifices I have made, my family has made, or anybody elses has made for this country.

I wish those people who continue to use the patriotism argument who please tone it down. It is just not right to do so.

22nd Sep 2009, 17:21

Well since the top nine cars in the cash for clunkers list were Honda and Toyota, they were obviously doing something right. The only American made car to make the the top ten cars purchased during cash for clunkers was the Ford Focus.

22nd Sep 2009, 21:09

I totally agree. If U.S. citizens are so determined to destroy our economy and way of life, I really don't see why they don't just make cash contributions to Anti-American organizations rather than buying poor quality Japanese cars. It would accomplish the same purpose.

23rd Sep 2009, 10:43


You really need to stop labeling people, I personally think that your attacks on import owners, especially your implying that they are out to destroy America, should be stopped.

Personally, if I were running this web site, such comments would be banned.

Nobody, I mean nobody, should judge another based on the vehicle that they drive.

That so called "unpatriotic" American who happens to drive an import may just be a veteran, the parent of a soldier overseas, or a military widow.

I drive a domestic car, my next door neighbors drive an import. I assure you that they are every bit as patriotic as you believe that you are.

Can we have a dialogue about cars, and stop insulting the vehicle owners.

This was a great website until you turned it into your own political soapbox.

24th Sep 2009, 07:43

9:33 in my opinion when someone else does whatever they want, it can have zero effect or it can affect others. I do not want to pull up the extra slack so to speak with rising taxes, lower home values (as more people are unemployed or can buy less) and more loss of local services.

If you are having difficulty buying watches, cameras or a computer, there are literally thousands of other American products, food, local services that are available. Maybe it can help a small struggling business in your home town keep its lights on. I shop wherever possible at local stores. If you feel you are making a difference or helping others in your community with that viewpoint, it may seem like more of a nice gesture vs. feeling you are forced to be patriotic.

If even for a selfish motivation, the more businesses remaining paying taxes will likely keep your own personal property taxes lower. The local businesses buy the same utilities we do, and I have found they are trying to be competitive as best they can, and offer great service in the current economy if given the opportunity.

I enjoy shopping in my town, and consider many of the merchants my friends. I would like my relatively new library to be open more days again, more of my police force back in my town, and not have to pay for people going down to town hall for assistance. It's more than just cars. I feel I can shop downtown and help instead of shipping to my door over the net with imported goods.

In the end I maintain we all pay one way or another. I would rather do everything I possibly can to preserve jobs and the quality of life remaining here. I do not need a Lexus; if you want one, go get it. We have our freedoms, maybe less of the quality of life, but it's free.