7th Jun 2015, 16:34

If that is the only thing that failed in 55k miles, that seems pretty good. Did you have other problems?

8th Jun 2015, 10:00

The outdated design is a problem. Look at Ford and GM. They also ride better and have higher gas mileage. Again, I own a full size. I'm not into little trucks.

8th Jun 2015, 13:30

I change out my batteries at 3 1/2 years myself. Do the math. If you buy a battery at a Napa for example and pay 70 after exchange, it costs you under 25 year. I live in a Northern climate with cold and snow. You may get 6 years, but it's rare in the Northeast. So if it lasts 6 years, that's a whopping 12.00 a year. If I am out to dinner or at night, the headache isn't worth it. Plus it's likely the battery will need an install charge on top. At home it's nice out with all the tools. 15 minutes and a beer later it's not a issue.

You never know when batteries will go. I may be pulling up my boat on a boat ramp with a dead battery. Even carrying jumper cables, it's standing around for road service, which is time wasted. Saving 25 or 30 bucks on a question mark battery waiting for it to die may be great for you. Same with tail light bulbs. I do all 4 when 1 goes on a given side.

My cars are all loaded, as is my truck. There's a lot of demand on the battery. I also have cars that won't start even with a new battery. There's a reprogramming procedure. And I also change my key fob batteries early as well.

I hope you don't keep dry rotted old tires on your vehicles. I change mine out at 6 years, even with low miles. I look at safety before dollars.