25th Dec 2011, 20:00

...or in GM's case, the saying goes if it's broke the government will fix it!

26th Dec 2011, 10:27

Sure, I'll stay on topic... as soon as anyone else does on these threads.

26th Dec 2011, 14:03

I have been buying the high performance GMs and they are great cars. I also prefer their full size SUVs.

26th Dec 2011, 14:17

That was then, and this is now, which is my point, we are not talking about cars that are dead. How can they be repeating history when there are new models coming to the line up?

The Cobalt failed because it was a rebadged Cavalier, and everybody knows that. Also your bail-out jokes are getting older than Toyotas recall jokes that are sooo blown out of proportion.

Where was I in 2008? Filling up the gas tank in my Lincoln, not pulling my hair out of my head about the price of gas. I'm not going to let a foolish economy effect the vehicles that I like. Do you have a problem with that? If not, drive what works for you, and stop wasting time arguing about a car company that you obviously hate.

26th Dec 2011, 15:10

GM is hardly "poised to crash again". It currently builds the world's best mpg small car, the Cruze Eco, which has beaten the hybrid Prius in mileage tests. Many of its cars are now exclusively 4-cylinder models that get 40 mpg and produce V-8 horsepower and performance.

Yes, safety-conscious drivers with families to protect will continue to opt for gas-hungry large SUV's because they are safer, pure and simple. Even at that, gas mileage with larger GM SUV's continues to rise. Our large GM SUV got 24mpg fully loaded at 80mph on the interstate on our last vacation. A few years ago many compacts didn't do that well.

As for the government loan, I hope we DO have many more such experiences. Not only has GM repaid the loan, but it has generated TEN TIMES the amount of the loan in new tax revenues and has added tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and opened a number of new plants in the U.S. I'll be ecstatically happy to have my tax dollars generate a 1000%+ return any day.

Currently GM is building the highest mileage non-hybrid, the world's fastest production sedan and station wagon, the world's second-best truck (next to the Ford F-150), and is currently leading in both U.S. sales and world sales. The only area in which Toyota leads is recalls.

26th Dec 2011, 22:24

Tundra sales were less than 1/5 of GM and also Fords last year. Kinda not worth wasting your time bickering over such a pale comparison. If you want to drive something less common, buy a new Tundra. You won't be seen as often in a full size truck. I personally do not buy new trucks on fuel costs; it's purpose is to be functional, have great features, ride, carrying capacity and towing. I see small car comparisons popping up again. That has zero relevance on a full size truck review.

26th Dec 2011, 23:46

And where were you this past summer when gas climbed to over $4 per gallon again? It's funny how a year ago before it happened, there were comments on this site stating that GM would take another bath, looks like that did not happen.

I do agree with the above comment that we are talking about the present and not the past, why bring up the Cobalt from 7 years ago when the cars on topic are current Regal, and Cruze models that are off to a good start. Also you really shouldn't jump the gun and say GM will crash and burn with these new cars, when you really don't know that, just because you dislike them. Many will beg to differ with your opinion about that. Even when the Cobalt was off to a bad start in sales, GM had an answer to that,remember the HHR? Basically a Cobalt with a different and cool looking body. Please don't even begin to criticize those, because everywhere you look you see them, and a dear friend of mine has one with 120k and not a single problem, that's right, nothing!

Anyways, this argument and the point that is you are trying to make is useless when this review is about a Tundra, but somehow, someway GM and Ford always wind up in the comments section on a bad Toyota review by the same people trying to make Toyota look so good compared to GM and Ford, when in reality Toyota is no better than either one.

27th Dec 2011, 07:29

I think you missed the mark. This is a full size truck review, not a commuter vehicle review with MPG as the objective.

I have a full size truck that I mainly use weekends and after work. I buy a lot of used items, buy furniture, building supplies, hit many garage sales, flea markets for deals etc that my truck proves invaluable. Plus it's fun.

In many cases a large SUV can do this as well. But having an 8 ft open bed pick up with a nice carrying capacity pays for itself. I look for good buys and bring them home. My truck has enabled me to do a # of home renovations and hardscaping as well.

Trucks are extremely versatile; that's why they are purchased. I can drive an empty truck to my office job as well, but I have a second car as most have. I do not know anyone that has a full size truck as their only vehicle, but I am sure there are some out there.

If I can go out and buy and bring home nice used items that cost a 1/3 of the new price, why not? That certainly offsets gas prices. I still get up to 20 MPG, so it's not any hardship having a truck for the weekends.

Personally the tiny smart cars may be nice for the inner city, but there's little room, and if I want to take a trip with my family, it would be parked.

I also feel that plug in stations will end up costing a lot for electricity, the hassle of hooking up at work and home, the high cost of battery replacement and complexity.

But again, this is a full size truck review. I doubt few commenters on here have a full size truck; mainly cars, and likely a small truck only. It is very hard after owning a full size truck to do without one for very long. I will always have one as a second vehicle.

27th Dec 2011, 15:16

Why is anyone surprised that the same comments show up on a Toyota review? Every single Toyota review has the EXACT SAME anti-Toyota comments.

27th Dec 2011, 23:52

Up until a few years ago, Toyota was very good at making a small, fuel efficient car for light duty urban commuting.

Quality has slipped, as made obvious by the multiple recalls, but the Japanese makes have made the best 4 cyl economy cars for years before, as is evident by sales.

However, when it comes to full size trucks, commercial vehicles, and heavy duty trucks, Ford and GM rule that category, as is evident by sales.

Why would anyone want to take a chance on an overpriced Tundra, when you can get a better equipped F-150 or Silverado at a lower price with a better warranty?

Ford and GM have been making full size trucks for years. If they do one thing right, it's trucks.

Common knowledge, as shown by sales figures.

I see tons of work trucks and commercial trucks on the roads everyday, all domestic brands, not one Toyota.

No one wants to take an expensive chance on an unproven product.

I'm the same, I only drive GM trucks for my work, as they have never ever left me stranded, and only need oil changes and bulbs. Why would I take a chance with anything else?