17th Jan 2009, 20:46

I've pulled a 31' Airstream travel trailer with mine, and my dad carries about a ton in the back of his routinely. He also pulls a trailer that is sometimes 10,000 lbs on the farm... carefully. HOWEVER I don't want anyone to think that the Tundra is more than a half-ton truck. It isn't designed to tow 12,000 lbs, and neither were the contemporary 1/2 ton domestics. It wasn't designed to haul 4000lbs nor were the contemporary 1/2 ton domestics. If you want a heavier duty truck than the Toyota was designed to be, buy one. But commentary should only involve 1/2 ton trucks of the same manufacturing timeframe. There were domestic half tons at this time that were rated to haul and tow more than the Tundra --- THEY are TRUE competitors. But if someone wanted a truck for its reliability and off-road prowess more than heavy load pulling or hauling, the Toyota has a reputation for both. I sold my Tundra 5 months ago but for the miles I owned it, it was extremely reliable. So no complaints. But once again ---- This is no Top Kick or Mack.

25th May 2017, 23:54

McDonald's sold a billion hamburgers; does that make them better than 5 guys?

26th May 2017, 08:08

When you are buying the second largest purchase next to your home it does. People do their homework and are more discerning with very large expenditures. I would not compare a 2017 55k new full size loaded truck to buying burgers or the USDA 8 grades of beef. You are spending some very big money here. By the way, no burgers or fries are allowed to ever be eaten in ours.

27th May 2017, 11:49

For anyone that tows, they realize there is more than just simply pulling something. As an example, I routinely push a 17 foot boat around my driveway, just by hand alone, to access one of my garage doors. It rolls very easily and has a front dolly with a large diameter wheel. As a guess with the big outboard and fuel etc weight, I am pushing well over a half ton by hand alone. My other larger boat is not going anywhere til it's hooked up. So yes you can pull something on wheels with your small truck on the farm. However out on the open road there are many other factors. Braking and stopping distance. Heavy duty cooling for starters. Proper suspension and even mass to stop effectively. You can even jack knife a trailer not suited to a tow vehicle. Then there's terrain. I do not have any of these issues to concern myself over. But there's more than buying a hitch. I have also seen bumper hitches twisted. I use a receiver.

2nd Mar 2018, 18:58

I'll shed light on Toyota haters posting false negs online; the biggest group are posted by UAW members, mainly from GM big ego minded Americans who just cannot stand the thought of our American car corps not being #1 anymore.

They are who orchestrated the runaway Toyota campaign, although it started over a optional floor mat Toy sold, but see link or google TOYOTA FIRESTONE TAKEDOWN to learn the truth.

Also you hear Japan attacked us in WWII so I'll never buy one. Be sure to read link on this issue too below... Many say in truth they had reason!!

It doesn't matter here that Toyota owners that keep them maintained correctly are getting well over 400-500k miles without any major driveline repairs and there are some that have went a million miles with no major "engine" repairs.

The way Toyota builds everything is called "The Toyota Way" and "Toyota Production System"; it completely changed the auto industry and most manufacturing around the world. Even though Toy shared how its done to the world at the NUMMI plant in Cali & even put it in book form as a gift to the world, other companies can't or won't duplicate it simply because of cost. Others sacrifice quality for a few bucks prophet.

Toy has perfected manufacturing plain and simple, with quality control standards that are off the map.

Okay, so how do I know Toy changed everything for our world of manufacturing?

I'm a retired US auto worker from "the world leader" of OEM automotive trim parts. Made grilles, head/tail lights, interior trim, glass etc... Guardian Automotive Trim/SRG and we manufacture OEM parts for Toy, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Cadi, BMW, Lincoln, Honda, Nissan, Harley etc... You get the picture?

I worked in samples, so I'm one of those who had to line out new parts prior to going into production so I had to know all the car makers quality control standards. Nobody and I mean nobody comes close to Toyota standards being the most picky QC and they use best materials on everything they make.

No such thing as close enough like other car makers; if it's not a perfect part today, it will be the closest thing to it tomorrow because Toyota fixes everything on every part that's possible.

Before/after things are fixed... Have a Toy truck with frame rust because Dana Corp was supposed to dip Toyota frames but decided to spray paint many? Toy will replace that whole frame... Yep, all new frame!!

Have a GM/FORD/DODGE up north with frame rust from the 3 inches of annual road salt? If so you are SOL...

My 2005 Tundra 4.7 V8 has 335k miles and still runs/drives as new, no major repairs to date, not one non wear part replaced until the airbag recall!! No fluid leaks / no burning of oil, I just maintain and drive it right. CD player went south; I guess that's major to some? Updated to CD/DVD now.

Below are short terms to search for the real truth and also understand what I mean their quality control means less problems. If it wasn't for the UAW smear campaign making up fake reviews like shown here, Toyota would have doubled its USA car sales by now.

Google: Toyota tops Fiat flops

Google: Toyota Firestone Takedown Target

Youtube Search: Toyota Miles

Youtube search: Tundra Million

Google: Toyota Million

Google: Toyota dana corp rust

Youtube Search: Tundra Deconstructed

4th Mar 2018, 02:47

Funny, I thought Tundra sales production has been sluggish and dropped off since 2015. I also don’t buy the WWII comments anymore. I certainly wouldn’t have 2 new vehicles made in Germany residing with our domestics with that antiquated logic.

4th Mar 2018, 21:20

The Tundra may have, but Toyota still sells more vehicles than any other maker period. When you hear VW passed Toy, it was not in sales, it was for being a larger corp. There is a difference...

People accepted German cars long before Japanese cars; even though the Germans started WWII, they did not attack USA, Japan did and most Americans don't know why or won't forget it and won't buy Japanese. It's their money and loss no doubt.

Many think GM paid us back, but till this day GM owes taxpayers several billion so they can hand out great deals on our tab.

Link gets removed again google -- BUCHANAN WHY DID JAPAN ATTACK US?


7th Mar 2018, 17:28

Keep in mind whatever you buy, that none of these new vehicle manufacturers buy our personal cars for us. None. You are the one that pays cash, takes out a new loan or vehicle lease.

Secondly we have different vehicle preferences. It’s not one flavor one vehicle fits all. Somewhere in there also is your actual personal budget and certainly application to suit your driving need. If we want philosophy, history lessons, political discussion, I am all for it if the vehicle comes out free. But it doesn’t.

The last thing I would ever think of pulling out my checkbook on a new vehicle is most of the recent comments. The mixture of vehicles currently at our home clearly reflects there is absolutely no brand loyalty domestic/import for this very reason. For whatever reason, if a certain make or model changes in areas that do not suit us, it’s goodbye, label or not. A label is not a guarantee. To me that’s shortsighted when there are so many to choose from today.