3rd May 2003, 00:18

I own a 1985 Toyota van and I have nothing but praises for this handy, well made vehicle. The odometer reads way past 260,000 K. It is the family's workhorse, because it is used as a car, van and truck. It hauls people as well as animals and their feed. This is really an All Purpose Vehicle. It is very cheap to maintain and it runs ALL THE TIME. I am so happy with it that I don't want to think of the day when it'll have to be yunked, even then, I'll go buy me another one. It is a real shame that even though it is still being made and sold in other countries, It was retired from the American market and replaced by the not-so-good, odd looking and short lived Previa.

21st Nov 2011, 12:16

I beg to pardon regarding your comments about the Previa. I bought a 1991 Previa LE in December 1991. 20 years and 96,000 miles later, I still like it. With the seats all in place, seven can ride comfortably. With the back seats folded up and the second row seats removed (four bolts per seat), I have moved a very large amount of things over the years. The excellent interior materials today look as good as when I bought it.

I own four vehicles. If I could only have one, the Previa would be it. I have kept it up cosmetically and mechanically, and I have had a number of messages left on the vehicle, and people come up to me, wanting to buy it. I have spoken to several local Previa owners who have 300,000+ miles on theirs, and are still very happy with them.

7th Mar 2013, 17:00

I have a 1985 Toyota Van LE EFi, with 60,600 original miles. I purchased it at 57,000 miles.

My problem with it is, when I turn the ignition key to start it, it clicks. I do this a few times until it starts.

My major problem now is that I've lost all brakes. The emergency brake works, but the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor. Can anyone tell me what to look at? I checked and filled the brake fluid reservoir; still no brakes.

Other than that, this van is an amazing runner. Please someone help.