13th Apr 2004, 09:10

Hello, I live in Miami, Florida and I have owned a 1987 Toyota van wagon for 3 yrs now. This truck is a marvel of japanese engineering. I have used it mainly for work purposes, like deliveries, car wash and trips to Georgia, South Carolina and New York. It has over 200,000 miles on it, but starts like a baby everyday I use it to work. I took all the seats out and the rug because they were in very poor conditions, but it is better this way to work inside the van. I will have this van for hopefully a very long time. It is very useful and I take care of it very well.

14th Feb 2015, 17:52


I am struggling with my silver Toyota 89 LE Van. The starter sometimes does not start and I have to wait hours. I've been under and tapped the sensor; that worked for a while, then I replaced the starter for the 2nd time, and now find out that a lot of the starters are refurbished and not new... aaaargh... I intend to travel the US with it and sleep in it once I have curtains up. I love this van and the turning radius is fantabulous, and I could dance with it too.


19th Mar 2015, 02:34

I have had exactly the same problem and was also told my 2nd starter was refurbished. I too plan a trip this year.

26th Nov 2017, 01:32

Had 3 starters replaced, a couple refurbished and 1 from the dealer. However, the problem was with the circuit located in the gear shift. Contacts weren't closing all the time, so it was a hit and a miss if enough current got through to the starter. Assume you've fixed the problem by now, so this is just another van fact for you to stick away for the future. Love this van!! Just had a new alternator installed and it runs with the best on the road!