1995 Vauxhall Astra Merit 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap to run and reliable, but a basic model


Starter motor failed at 80,000 miles.

Offside front brake caliper seized at 78,000 miles.

Developing a creaking and grating in the rear when cornering right sharply (90,000 miles).

Lights behind heater controls not working.

Thermostat failed, resulting in very high running temperature - it was the original thermostat, so not particularly surprising!

General Comments:

This model is what I'd call a basic car.

It's got power steering, but nothing else in the way of mod cons.

The acceleration's good up to about 60 mph and it handles well, except at very high speeds.

The car isn't too thirsty - averaging 40 miles to the gallon with lots of short trips, town traffic and longer journeys.

The car's done very well for us over the 18 months we've had it - it's taken a lot of hammering and always come back for more. The few faults we've had have been normal wear and tear for a car this age, in my opinion.

We've now replaced the Astra with a newer Vectra, for greater comfort and space.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004

1995 Vauxhall Astra Chevrolet, Opel. GLS Hatch 5-d 2.0 MPFI 8v petrol from Brazil


Please Read and Comment my review! I'm not sure who made my Astra, is it was Opel or Vauxhall?!


I Bought this car back in December of 2002.

Air-Bag light went on without any reason (at least I was what the dealer told me...) since I bought the car.

In May of 2003, the Exhaust blew.

September of 2003, Alternator replaced.

December of 2003, Passenger's electric window stopped work.

Dealer service could be more reliable. Specially for imported cars.

I had to wait one week, for they replace the Alternator, that was made in UK.

Also they seems to be unable to sort some annoying little issues like the Air-Bag light, that went on all the time.

The price, of the repairs were very expensive, even the fact, that this Astra, shares the same parts with the Chevrolet Vectra (Old Model. A.K.A: Opel Vectra A or Vauxhall CavalierMK3).

The built quality seems to be very solid. The re isn't rattle, knockings or creaks noises on the car.

General Comments:

Hi my name is Carlos and I'm posting this review, because I'm with a doubt, since I bought this car and now I'm intending to sell it for to buy a Chevrolet.

I Looked at the Internet and I saw that my Astra could probably made in UK. However, Steering wheel, when the car is equipped with the Air-Bag (which is my case) carry the Opel badge.

I talked with a friend of mine and he said, that these car were made, in Britain, but even being made it by Vauxhall it carries the Opel badge in some parts.

However the dealer told me that the car, was built by Opel in Belgium.

I don't know who else, I should believe!

P.S: This MK3 Astra was sold, here in Brazil, named as Chevrolet Astra for a short period: January of 1995 until December of 1995 and it was available at hatchback 5-door and Station Wagon (Estate) 5-door.

They were available only, at the GLS version with manual gearbox and with 2.0 8V Petrol engine.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004

24th Apr 2005, 12:28

Hi my name is Mike, If the logo on the front and back of the car is like a lightning bolt it is an Opel/made in Germany, and another way to check is look on the rocker cover, as Opels have their sign or name on it, the exhaust if it blows its either rusty, been vibrating and caused it to come loose. I have an Astra MK 3 Atlas and its the best car I've driven, a bit slow on pick-up which to sort it I'm saving up for a 2.0i Calibra tubo engine tuned to 300+ BHP conversion as mines a 1.6 , other than that it's comfortable and reliable, the only thing was I bought the car with a dodgy wishbone, which was my fault for not looking. I would never get another car only Vauxhall