1995 Vauxhall Astra Sport 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


A semi-mature hot hatch


Nothing really major has gone wrong with the car in the time I've had it. I have had to replace both Front lower suspension arms for its last MOT, but at only £13 each I wasn't complaining! The only other thing which I could comment on is an occasional ECU glitch, where the orange light illuminates on the Dash board (To warn of an engine management problem), and engine revs are restricted to below 4000rpm. This clears when the ignition is switched off and back on again. I have spoken to two other people one with the same car and one with a Cavalier SRi and both their cars do the same thing. I have never bothered to investigate why!

General Comments:

I am impressed with these cars overall. To use a famous analogy its not superb at anything, but its good at everything. They're affordable, reliable, economical, quick, cheap to insure, reasonably roomy, and not bad looking either. All that in one car has got to be worth a second look!

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

1995 Vauxhall Astra GLS Estate 1.7 turbo diesel (Isuzu) from UK and Ireland


An all round good car


In the 1st week of ownership the windows kept misting. My wife said I was being fussy, estates had more glass, however soaking wet front foot well carpets showed the pollen filters had been incorrectly fitted, every rain storm emptied into the car!

Dealer, (Tile Hill Car Sales, Coventry) fixed it immediately.

2 new tyres fitted when I bought the car wore out in under 15000, turned out suspension was worn, wishbones replaced at 63000m.

Lights for heater controls, blowers, heated rear window have all gone out one by one, can't see a thing in the dark. Quoted 8p pre bulb, but £47+ vat to change them! Yes, I could do it myself, but I have seen how much dash has to be stripped, can't guarantte I could put it all back again.

Very good on fuel, average 47mpg, lowest was 41 mpg, highest an astonishing 63mpg, fully loaded on holiday to Cornwall.

Huge load space, move all sorts of furniture, garden rubbish, etc.

Rear seat space getting a bit tight for growing children, 1 adult and 2 teenagers a bit too cosy.

Slightly annoying judder coming from front wheels when braking, suspect 1 or more warped discs. Would change them myself, but heard that Astra master cylinder seals prone to reversing if fluid pumped back too fast, anyone know more?

Only rattles are a vibrating gear lever, cured by driving with my knee against it, and a squeak from the empty passenger seat, cured by whacking the seat back with my elbow each time!

Came with a full service history, (1 company owner) all repairs /service done at main dealer, so I am trying to maintain that record.

To sum up, a very good car, and all being well I will hang on to it some time.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003

1995 Vauxhall Astra GLS 1.7 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Best car ever owned. would definately have another, well done Vauxhall


The battery died the other week, probably cos it stood still for about a week. my fault.

Alloy wheels that were fitted by vauxhall as an option when new, have now corroded so badly that they are causing the car to have flats.

Got the re-alloyed at my uncles garage for £150.

Also the alarm (another dealer option) has only been turning the alarm on and off, thus having to use the key to open the doors.

Problem resolved when my uncle took the car to vauxhall they said common fault.

Mysterious leek near the drivers rear passenger door. drain hose not been connected properly.

General Comments:

The car is lovely in a deep metallic blue/purple.

Only had one owner apart from me, owned by Nestle chocolate. full service history. all options available fitted. still got the original brochure and sales specification and receipt.

The velour seats are of better quality than the CDX.

I have only had the car for about seven months and have found it to be extremely comfortable and economical. the insurance is only £800 third party fire and theft, seeing as I'm 19.

This is the third car I have had and has been my best. got electric windows and mirrors alarm, PAS and alloys.

Only paid £900 as it had done high miles. but does not have a scratch on it. extremely well looked after.

Also it is very very nippy can over take most cars, including 1.8 mondeo's.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2003

22nd Jan 2003, 11:15

I had one of these, a 1994 model with the Isuzu engine. It was pretty quick and gave good mpg. The only problem with these is fan belt squeak/slackening is a common problem. You know its happening when the rev counter suddenly falls to about 1000 rpm, even if you're going much faster!