1995 Vauxhall Astra Sport 1.6i 16v from UK and Ireland


A good value hatch


Indicator stalk unit failed leading to random problems with full beam engaging and startling other drivers (including the odd police car). This eventually lead to no lights working at all, problem was fixed by replacing the unit, which was easily done.

Bearings in auxiliary drive belt pulley wore out and made a noticeable whining noise. Problem resolved cheaply by fitting new bearings to existing pulley unit and not replacing the whole unit, as Vauxhall said was needed.

Minor problem with front offside suspension so bush, sleeve and link rod replaced by dealer.

Had problems for some time with orange engine management light appearing and the car cutting out soon after, all fluid levels were correct and tried several batteries, this was slightly alarming when it cut out several times while at high speed on motorways. Contacted dealer who couldn't find the fault or fix it-ended up buying a fault code reader and fitting a heavy-duty battery that seems to have solved the problem so far. Although it does sometimes have problems in this area if the car is driven hard-at first I had suspicions that this was to do with the worn cam belt, but the problem carried on after replacement until a new battery was fitted.

Recently fifth gear could not be engaged so I cleaned the linkage below the leather shroud surrounding the gear stick and changed the gearbox oil (which apparently is not needed on modern cars). This seems to have solved the problem.

General Comments:

Although I have had problems with this car they are what I would expect for a car now approaching seven years old. In every other aspect the car is in very good shape for its age with no damage whatsoever to the upholstery or paintwork.

The performance is good albeit a bit sluggish and sometimes lacking below third gear however for a 1.6 I am quite impressed by its abilities and good road handling.

I did have to replace the cam belt and associated pulley, tensioner etc as this had not been changed since the car was made and had covered twice the recommended distance and was on the verge of tearing-I put this down to lack of maintenance by the previous owner.

Car produces very minor blue smoke sometimes, but this is to be expected of a car this age, but overall a good, quick hatch with nice interior with very minimal rust around rear arches.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2003

1995 Vauxhall Astra Sport 1.8 from UK and Ireland


All round good car with a decent amount of poke


The water pump literally fell apart taking with it the cam-belt and tensioners - £300 fix at dealer.

The in-car computer kept insisting the brake pads were faulty when they were fine.

Pineapple yellow paintwork was virtually impossible to 'touch-up'

General Comments:

Apart from the small problems I had the car was very reliable.

Comfort is not great on longer journeys courtesy of the sports seats.

Great little sprinter - very pacy in low gears.

The dash is a little grey, but can be easily pepped up by the owner.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2002

1995 Vauxhall Astra Sport 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


A cheap sporty car which seams to a little problems to spoil it


My heat shield fell off.

Electrics are a problem; engine can cut out for no reason at all.

Timing seems to be a problem; spends most of its time going below 800rpm.

Drivers seat is showing signs of wear.

Driving hard in 4th gear seems to make it go into limp mode (orange management light comes on).

General Comments:

This car is very quick, of the start, no so much below 3000rpm, but once above it the powers is brilliant.

Handles great on the open country roads.

The styling is sporting looking, but plain, which is better so it not so noticeable as a 'Hot Hatch'.

The paint work is very hard, and takes hard knocks well.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2002