2009 Vauxhall Insignia Exclusiv X-Pack 2.0 CDTI 160 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great looks, comfort and mpg


Nothing as yet.

General Comments:

Although I get an average of 48mpg if I drive conservatively (which is very good for a large car), I cannot achieve 60+ mpg as a previous review stated. Maybe after a few thousand miles, when the engine has settled down, it will increase.

The car comes into its own on motorway type roads, excellent drive quality & seating.

However, the ride can become very uncomfortable at low speeds on uneven road surfaces. Cruise control is easy to use and still returns decent mileage.

When the gearbox is cold, I have to force 2nd gear. After visiting local dealer and driving a similar car, I found the same problem. This car also had the same slight pull to the left as my own. It is very camber sensitive, as are most Vauxhalls.

The electronic handbrake has taken a lot of getting used to. I have driven other cars that have this facility, but it can be set to operate automatically when the wheels are stopped with the footbrake, so you don't have to check if your handbrake is on. I have to peer over the steering wheel to check if the handbrake logo is lit up on the dashboard. I think it should also apply automatically when the engine is switched off.

This is the 10th Vauxhall I have owned, and is the nearest I have got to the ride of the Carlton CDX.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2009

5th Dec 2009, 15:14

Took me a while to figure out the cruise control after coming from other Vauxhalls, but eventually sussed it! I'm the one who wrote the previous review and averaging 58 mpg per tank, although I do 90% motorway driving and try to keep it 60-65 mph... and I have a very light foot... I'm challenging myself now to see if I can do better!

2009 Vauxhall Insignia VXR 4x4 2.8i V6 turbo from UK and Ireland




At this time, nothing at all has gone wrong with the car.

I had a few attempts to get used to the bluetooth system (but this is an optional extra), and the electric folding mirrors decided not to work on the first day, but this was because I hadn't told the system to do this!

So it's all user error so far!

General Comments:

An absolutely amazing car!! I thought the car it it's replacing was fabulous, but this is better (2007 Astra VXR).

The 4wd provides seamless amounts of grip for an engine that just wants to keep going faster!

The 2.8i V6 Turbo is extremely powerful and amazingly playful. It is brilliant on the roads in North Yorkshire where I work and live, and I already can't wait to take it to a track.

The interior is spacious and extremely well thought out, like the majority of Vauxhall cars.

I would be more than happy to recommend this car, and would even show how amazing it is.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2009

18th Nov 2009, 04:42

I note that you don't mention the real life mpg.

I'd be interested to know from a real owner before making a decision.

18th Nov 2009, 16:28

The MPG of mine so far has been around 19 to 24 mpg; depends on which trip computer I look at (reset at different points). It will do approximately 400 miles tank, which in fairness is poor for its tank size.

However I mainly use it on A roads around the North Yorkshire moors. So as you can expect its not exactly a cruise. =)

I have been told by the dealer that on motorways and general use it will do about 35 mpg (so between 55-70 mph).

But who's going to drive a VXR at those sorts of speeds. =D.

If your looking for a sporty Insignia, you might be interested in the classic SRi or SXi, which have similar styling, these give you the choice of not having the 4x4 system (the VXR has to have it) and this adds a lot of weight to the car

It mightn't have the best MPG ever, but it's more than worth it for the VXR Insignia.