1998 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Decent all rounder, but go for the 1999 facelift model


Gearbox failed at 81000. Dealer (non franchised) replaced it with a second hand gearbox out of a Gls. Vauxhall could not help me identify the box so I couldn't prove it to the courts!

Heated rear window relay faulty. It kept draining the battery, but it took the dealer 3 attempts to find the fault. Hence the car kept letting me down!

General Comments:

The Vectra Sri is slow compared to the Cavalier Sri I previously owned.

The handling and ride is more refined than the Cavalier though so I guess I can't have it all ways.

Fuel consumption is a little on the high side around town, but good on long distances.

Pre '99 facelift model a little bland. Go for the '99 onward face lift model if funds permit.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

1998 Vauxhall Vectra CD 2.0 TDI from UK and Ireland


Over priced and unreliable


Turbo hose pipes split at low mileage.

Alarm unit and digital display needed renewing after two years.

Takes one hours labour to change dashboard lightbulb.

Mass air flow sensor gone at 60000 miles. Cost £400 to replace.

Fuel pump needs replacing at 69000 miles. Cost £2200.

General Comments:

Past cars have registered at least 100,000 miles (all turbo diesels) before major faults occurred.

Vauxhalls poor reliability and cost of repair will mean I will never buy a Vauxhal again.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002

6th Nov 2002, 15:52

£400 for a new mass airflow sensor?! I bought a OEM Bosch replacement for my Vectra from Vauxhall and it cost £140, but I fitted it myself.

1998 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 140 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A bargain, but you only get what you pay for


My car has had two new exhausts.

The camshaft sensor has failed.

The crankshaft sensor has failed.

The idle control valve has failed.

The car also goes through bulbs like nothing on earth.

General Comments:

The performance of the car is actually not too bad.

It does handle quite well.

But the car just lacks any excitement.

I bought the car after owning a Cavalier Gsi, I was vrey impressed with the Cavalier and thought the Vectra would be a worthy upgrade, but I should've waited, and saved for a Vectra Gsi instead.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002

1998 Vauxhall Vectra CDX 2.5 from UK and Ireland


I will never buy Vauxhall again


Exhaust Gas Recirculator valve replaced.

Light on air conditioning control panel blew, whole unit has to be replaced.

Fan belt snapped.

Warning that headlights not working, even when lights are switched off.

Rear windscreen wiper motor worked loose from it's mounting.

Lid to storage pot between front seats clips driver's seat, leather wearing away.

Stitching on seats pulling through the leather like a cheeswire.

Map pockets in back of front seats not very strong, pulling away from the seat.

One speaker replaced in drivers door.

CD player does not like CDs at random and refuses to play them.

Steering wheel squeaks turning corners.

General Comments:

This car has all the gadgets and none of the reliability.

The depreciation is horrendous, even after buying it secondhand.

It is difficult to find a comfortable driving position.

Wing mirrors need to be adjusted every so often as they drop out of position, or is that the seat going out of position?

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

25th Sep 2002, 13:27

It strikes me as a little odd that you purchase a car in which you can't find a suitable driving position in the first place.

15th Oct 2004, 18:21

My experiences with a 98 Vectra 2.0 CDX Estate are very different. I have run my CDX for 3 years in which I have covered 45k. The car had done 26k when I bought it at 3.5yrs old.

Only problems have been a crankshaft sensor packing up in the first 9months- repaired under Network Q warranty - and a problem with the central locking which scrambled itself and was sorted by main dealer in five minutes. Otherwise, total reliability. My car is very well screwed together and nothing has come loose or fallen off in 70 plus k. Bodywork is perfect, except for the sort of trivial dings inevitably sustained if you have to use public car parks - why are some folk so ruddy careless?

I like the firm seating which enables me to drive long distances without getting cramp, as used to happen in my previous car, an Alfa 164. The Vectra is a superb motorway cruiser, giving 40 plus to the gallon and although the tall gearing that makes this possible means that you have to employ 2nd and 3rd a lot round the lanes, and also in order to comply with urban speed limits, this isn't really a chore.

I really love this car, almost as much as I loved my old Volvo 240 Estate, my favourite motor of all time.

I am currently looking out for an Elite model of the current Vectra Estate, in my opinion a big, awesome looking motor rivalling the current V70 for sheer presence on the road, but at a much lesser cost, so should suit me down to the ground.

27th May 2007, 12:11

I own a 1998 CDX Vectra Diesel. I would take it abroad to Southern Spain at least twice a year, without any hassle or trouble. I have owned it from new, currently it has 149,000 on the clock and in all those miles, never put a mark on anybody.

I change major components every 3 years, the last major being a new Turbo and Fuel pump. Show me a car that runs as good for it's age and I would buy it - I very much doubt that you could so I will be keeping my old faithful for a good long time yet.

I recently added facelift parts to it -New bumpers, bootlid etc, it now looks fabulous!!.