2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0L from North America


Excellent value for the price


Door handles started peeling off. I ended up just peeling off the whole thing.

Automatic down/up windows don't always work on driver's side, so I have to hold down the switch.

Driver's side door makes noise when sunroof is open.

General Comments:

Great car to buy! My Beetle is fun to drive and very comfortable. Fit and finish is excellent. Even since this car was first released 8 years ago, it is much more refined than cars built today.

It took a little while to get used to driving. The dash is so large, but now I can't stand to be in any other car; I feel cramped if I'm not in my Beetle.

Handles superb, but engine could use more power (especially since it's been at 8500 feet elevation all summer). I wish I had the Turbo and five-speed.

The car still looks new, even though it's four years old. The leather is great and heated seats are a must.

The radio is nice, but could use more bass. CD changer works well, but it is the trunk, so I have to pull over on long drives since I can never listen to a whole CD.

I wash it at least once a week and keep it clean. All it needs is some attention and it will last forever!

I've read some of the other Beetle reviews and I have no idea what they are talking about. Also, it seems that some owners don't even know their car (ex: "Temperature is only in Celsius"). These people just need to read their owners manual or watch the video that came with their car!

Volkswagen is one of the best car makers in the world. Their styling and attention to detail is rare. I own a 1972 Super Beetle and that one is still running!

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004

2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLX 1.7 turbo gas from North America


Great concept, poor execution


Interlock switch failed 4 times.

Rear brakes went prematurely.

Side air bag harnesses failed twice.

EPC system activated causing "limp home" mode.

Horn replaced twice, needs a third replacement.

Front valance (driving lamp) has been torn loose multiple times (low clearance)

General Comments:

Great to drive, very comfortable and handles well.


Low quality interior finishes.

I just returned our second GLX Turbo automatic to the delivering dealership on June 22, 2004. My wife refuses to take our of the garage. AAA just canceled us for too many tow truck events (4 in the past 12 months, maybe 10 in the last 3.5 years). It started with the 1999 GLX and 5 tow trucks within the first 90 days. It had 2 or 3 failures of the interlock switch which causes it to be stuck in park. It had numerous ECP light events which placed it in "limp home mode", stranding the driver every time. It was never sorted out, but nearly every electronic module on the car was replaced. VW bought it back without the lemon law thanks to our dealership. They ordered and delivered a 2000 replacement.. Supplying a loaner for the 100 day delivery time (GLX automatics were hard to come by back then).

At 12,000 miles the problems started with the 2000 which now has 38,000 miles. It has had 4 interlock switches replaced, a multitude of electronic modules, rear brakes, two side air bag harnesses (the seat must be removed and sent to an upholstery shop), horn replaced twice and is out again. The interior finishes are showing their age, and the front lower driving lamp valance has been ripped loose numerous times on driveways and such. Last Monday, it started the ECP "limp home" syndrome that plagued the 1999. That was the last straw...

The VW / Audi dealership has been spectacular... the only saving grace. They are currently preparing a straight up trade for a 2000 Cabrio (Golf) with a 2 year VW warranty. Its all the dealership... and that is why we will take another VW, but one that is mostly German in origin and assembly.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

17th Nov 2004, 16:19

It is true that the manner in which a dealership handles customer problems makes all the difference in the world. Unfortunately it seems that most dealerships don't handle them very well. You think they would learn. You are lucky to have found such a responsive dealership. I wish you luck with your Cabrio!

15th Feb 2008, 10:14

My beloved '94 Miata was starting to go, and my husband surprised me for Christmas 2006 with a used 2000 VW Beetle Turbo. As a former VW and BMW owner, I was thrilled to get back into a German car. But the color (lime green) is disgusting and the interior design just doesn't work. It functions mostly, but the window buttons are stiff and I have to twist my left hand to work them. My chief complaint is that the car is big and heavy. It maneuvers like a truck. The fat front and rear fenders (I guess they're fenders) are invisible from the driver's seat. I can't judge where they are.