2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 1.8 turbo from North America


Still smiling after 40000 miles


Fuel filler door no longer locks.

Power mirror knob broke off.

"Check Engine" light often on.

General Comments:

Incredibly fun to drive; it still makes me smile, even after 40000 miles.

Still feels very quick, nimble and tight.

Very easy to park, and takes up very little room in the garage.

Seats are very comfortable; I know, I'm in the car close to 2 hours a day.

Front seat area is very roomy, with a lot of extra headroom.

I've had only a couple of minor problems with the car, nothing major or affecting its ability to drive.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003

2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0 from North America


A good car, just don't flip it on its back


I could not shift out of park. Upon calling roadside assistance and being instructed of a rather complex set of "turn this, move that, press" instructions, I learned that it was due to my brake lights being out. The local dealer gladly fixed it free of charge. I have an extended warranty (Volkswagen's warranty on this model year was 2 year/24,000 mile), but it was never even mentioned.

Just recently, my driver side window came "off the track" while completely rolled down. Not a good thing to happen during a holiday weekend in a state where afternoon thunderstorms are daily occurances. Again, the local dealer (albeit 800 miles from the last local dealer) fixed the problem free of charge and without mention of a warranty.

The radio is extremely temperamental. It tends to "turn itself down."

Hatch doesn't always unlatch properly.

Fuel door is feeling really flimsy lately.

General Comments:

Overall, I love my Beetle. It's very fun it drive, if a bit rough, and certainly stands out, especially in its "Vapor" color. However, to its lack of power and cargo space, I certainly may opt for a turbo or just a larger cal in general next time.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2003

25th Feb 2004, 20:33

Hi There I was wondering if you know how much it cost to get your window fixed... Mine is like that and I have not Ideal how much it will be..

19th Mar 2004, 09:22

I bought a used 2000 model last year and I was told there was a recall on the windows (after mine went off track too). The dealership fixed it free of charge (but it took a week) The problem that I am having now is the driver's side door lock. I have to try several times to get it to lock with the automatic key, and I noticed today that my headlight warning beep didn't sound when I opened the door. Has anyone else had this problem?

2000 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


Your worst nightmare


The power windows would not role up.

The passenger door would not open.

The gas tank cable was broken.

The brake pedal connection was broken.

The CD player displayed error messages.

The taillight fell out.

The Air Conditioning Compressor went out.

General Comments:

The car is beautiful, but a nightmare.

The warranty is very bad and does not cover the items that should be covered in a new car.

The customer service representatives will not allow you to speak to a manager.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2003

2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS from North America


Poor Quality


-Interior paint chipping on doors.

-Window buttons broke completely off.

-Windshield cracked/bubbled.

-Burns oil.

-O2 sensor replaced, later found out it was recalled and I never received the notice.

-Mass air flow sensor replaced.

-Fuel sensor replaced.

-Spark plugs corroded, had to be replaced.

-Floor mat pegs broke.

-Fuel door doesn't open properly.

-Hatch doesn't open properly.

-Paint chipping on hood.

-Grill breaks easily and is expensive to repair.

-Rear brakes went out after warranty, bought the pads to repair them took it to a friend who always fixes my cars, he couldn't do it because everything has special bolts on it so only VW can repair it, called VW cost:$400.00 and that's only the back.

-Drivers' door rattles, leaks dust.

-Ceiling fabric fell down and bubbled.

-Lights dim when accelerating.

-Service Center unfriendly, and inconvenient hours.

General Comments:

To top it all off, I just discovered the odometer was replaced by Volkswagen.

I love this car, I have always loved them, but I am so frustrated and tired of the problems. This was my first and last Volkswagen, unless they can prove they have improved these cars in the next couple of years, I will never own another.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2003