1989 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8 from North America


So much fun to drive


Transmission leaked oil at 250 000.

Water pump bearing fried at 250 000.

Clutch cable snapped at 270 000.

Water temp. gauge didn't work.

Power steering pump died at 260 000.

Muffler needed to be replaced at 260 000.

Passenger door handle came out.

Couldn't unlock back doors in cold weather.

Park break sticky, and then cable snapped.

Engine would idle really high when car was half warmed up.

Then finally front left break was stuck on, then I got rid of it.

General Comments:

This car still had impressive performance for such a small engine. I could pick up speed and pass people with ease! It was a very fun car to drive. Could make corners quickly.

Body was still in excellent shape with minimal rust. interior of the wolfsburg was very nice.

All in All, even though this car had many repairs in the one year I owned it, I still think it was a great car. It had amazing mileage, I could go up to 800km/tank. This car was also a lot of fun to drive, and could easily park any were. I would definitely buy another Volkswagen. I understand that this was an old car, and I have no idea what the previous owner did with it.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2007

1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL Wolfsburg Edition from North America


A reliable, Fun, Unique, and rewarding car to have for people who commute from point A to point B


Transmission recently needed to be replaced because of a flaw in the original design. They used rivets instead of bolts which came lose.

It wouldn't start one day, but ever since then turns on fine.

Oil filter blew once and needed to be changed.

Handles needed to be replaced at 120000 miles.

CV shaft needed replacing at about 140000 miles.

General Comments:

Sometimes the computer can't control the idle on cold mornings (extremely high for a few seconds more than normal then goes to idle)

General wear and tear on the interior.

Glue that is used in the interior is of overall poor quality.

Very good pick up and handling is great.

Can fit into the smallest of compact parking spots.

Great turning radius.

Very Unique European interior. Awesome space and good windows.

Can go with you anywhere and has a great gas mileage.

Find a mechanic who specializes in Volkswagon or European Cars they now this car inside and out.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2006

1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8L from Mexico


Reliable German transportation


Regular wear and tear, air conditioner hose went out when temperatures hit 100 degrees, hose got cracked, not a big problem, replaced it.

Brake pads are a little weak, but I'm blaming this issue on the previous owner.

I had to replace the struts when I first bought it, in fact the whole front suspension had to be replaced, including ball joints and strut bases. Again blaming it on the last owner.

The plastics inside the car are not that good, but can you expect, it's an economic car.

I had a lot of trouble finding the right mechanic for tuning up the engine, if you need to do maintenance job on this car, you need a good Volkswagen specialist.

General Comments:

I love the acceleration on this baby. At first I doubted the performance and such a small SOCH 1.8L engine, but those Germans engineers made it work.

Clutch works fine, it started to slip a couple of weeks ago, but it went away, now working fine.

Handles very well on corners, (with proper tire size 185 60r13) wide for better handling.

I really like the fact that the car is very stable in idle, the tachometer doesn't even move or stutter!!! Feels as if the engine was off, very quiet.

It has very good gas mileage. I would estimate at least 25mpg or more.

Made a recent trip about 160 miles away. Excellent acceleration when I needed to pass other cars.

Comfy seats. But seat belts aren't that great.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2006