1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.6 from North America


An outstanding investment value for your MONEY!


Temperature Gauge runs hot when idle too long... which is expected.

Door handles wear out after 200K...again, so would I.

General Comments:

The car has 238K and has ORIGINAL ENGINE, MANUAL TRANSMISSION, and can you believe ORIGINAL CLUTCH.

General repairs included timing belts, brakes, exhaust, belts, hoses and cv joints thru the years. You know, the normal wear and tear items.

I really enjoy the gas mileage at 33 mpg avg. every fill up. Unbelievable!

I would love to buy a new car, but just can't part with this one until it dies or has a major repair come up.

Some general maintaining practices included adding Marvel Mystery Oil every 2 or 3 tanks and Pro-Long or DuraLube Oil additive in the oil every 60K. I think the Marvel Mystery oil is really a MYSTERY. Dad used it so I figured, why not use it too.

All and all, I am looking forward to 300K and will contact the Smithsonian Institute at that point!

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Review Date: 1st September, 2004

27th Jul 2005, 07:34

My 89 Jetta has over 362,000 km and it is still going strong. I brought it to the mechanic last week for a few minor repairs (timing belt, front brake pads... normal wear and tear) and he said it should be good for a long time yet. I love that car!

1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL Wolfsburg 1.8L from North America


Reliable, but has a few annoying problems


Starter intermittently would not start. Replaced it and all was OK for a few years then same problem. Installed starter relay, which helped, but still doesn't start sometimes when hot.

Headliner - sagged due to glue drying out.

Door inner plastic water liners - glue failed and water leaked into interior carpet.

Side mirror - glue failed and fell off.

Seal between transmission and Final Drive failed - dealer replaced and failed again. Dealer replaced again and failed again. Caused gears to prematurely wear.

Speaker amplifiers in doors are heavy and bang around when shutting doors. This causes bad electrical connections.

General Comments:

It has been a very dependable car, in general.

Like the tightness of the handling.

Starter problem is annoying since replacing it is a hassle.

Seal failure should have been dealt with better by the Volkswagen Dealer.

The inner door liners failing, and the resulting water leaks were a pain.

Seems that Volkswagen had some problems with using bad adhesives during this period.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2004

1989 Volkswagen Jetta GT Coupe 1.8L 8v from North America


A economical fun and peppy car


Oil pump was plugged do to lack of oil changes by previous owner. Had to replace the oil pump and clean out the oil pan.

Aftermarket sunroof which the previous owner installed leaks. Aftermarket sunroofs are not recommended whatsoever.

CV joint gave out on the drivers side.

General Comments:

This car has been great, very reliable after the initial problems inherited from the previous owner were dealt with.

It hauls everything needed with it's very roomy trunk.

Fun to drive, and incredibly cheap and easy to work on as long as you have the Bentley manual for this car.

As long as it is given the little amount of routine attention it needs, it will feel as if it will keep going on and on forever.

161,000 miles and still has the original clutch.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2003

1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 gasoline from North America


Only buy one if you LOVE VW


Water pump failed.

Front right shocks is gone (my fault)

Radio not working (my fault)

Notice car is taking way to long to start.

Feel like I'm, not getting my fuels worth.

Power steering leaking (Not bothering to fill it)

Both back handles broke, my drivers side handle feels like it's about to go.

Replaced my whole exhaust system (rod, converter muffler)

Windshield fluid won't spray.

Slow, sluggiest speed for a GL (took it to speedys and they fixed my timing which made my car fast as ever, but my timing belt went and that's when the power went also)

Timing belt.

Bumper (my fault)

Rad leak.

General Comments:


Speed is a set back and big minus, but I know it's just mine. I've raced a 86 Jetta and it whooped me.

This car never let me down or talking about a stranded story, expect once on that COLD Canadian day.

You get respect from other people who own a Jetta.

I crashed into a pole on a snowy day doing about 40km. The car was still running as if nothing happen (HONESTLY) they service guys said it was just inch's away from my rad... I think that's why my water pump is gone.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003

17th Jun 2004, 14:53

Regarding lack of power after having timing belt replaced - are you sure the pulleys were aligned properly? I replaced mine and I know it was a bit tricky. If they were not aligned right, your performance would go down.