2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS from North America


Great car


Great car; it has 144,000 and keeps running, same trans, same engine. The only thing I replaced were the timing belt and cables.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2009

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


Repairs are more than the car is worth!!!


When I first bought this car I was 16. I HAD to have a Jetta, they were just so cute and so me.

BAD IDEA. My dad wanted me to get a brand new Nissan Maxima, sunroof, leather interior. Totally should have done that. Ever since I have had this car, I honestly can't even remember every little thing that I have had an issue with. I had to take the car in for some recalls within like a month after getting it, which was a pain in the butt. Then, I had my dip stick break off in the oil thing.

After that the glove compartment broke (the right arm part), that was $150.00 to fix, I know that price by heart because it has broken now about oh say, 4 times.

The window falls into the door routinely. The back passenger side window will roll up, then down, and you have to roll it up again. The passenger side window has gotten "off track" several times.

The back cup holder never worked, the front cup holder broke off and is way too much to fix - I'll hold my drinks, I have legs.

The latch to the center console snapped in half, again too much to fix - I will grin and bear it.

The tail light has gone out of me twice, but doesn't go out completely... if you wiggle it - then it will come back on.

The passenger side blinker has gone out.

The water gasket has broken on me 2 times.

The oil doesn't last to save anyone's life, and has caused me to break down and have smoke so thick I couldn't see anyways at least 2 times.

The tires never last because the alignment is a major issue.

I am currently having to pay $600 for a new tie rod (inner and outer), the timing belt is $1,000 to fix (civics are at most $600).

No one likes to work on them because everything is in the MIDDLE OF THE ENGINE.

The front bumper rips off from pulling up on the parking things too far and is $1,500 to fix. I have to park far from them and then risk someone hitting my rear.

I'm currently having to pay for a new MAF sensor, had to get a tune up last week that ran me $200 (again, lucky me Jettas have everything in the middle of the engine).

The interior lights for the air/heating controls shorted out as well as the speedometer lights and the actual speedometer.

General Comments:

I love my car to death. I will admit some of the issues are driver faulted from being young and not knowing how to take care of my car, but I am now 20 and living on my own with my boyfriend, and having to drop at least $700.00 on the car anytime I take it to the shop. It is ridiculous. If the economy wasn't so bad that it was impossible for me to get a new car, I would have a reliable Honda Civic in the drive way and never again will I EVER buy a VW. EVER.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009

17th Dec 2009, 20:18

I think you are exaggerating in the timing belt price. I live in New Brunswick Canada and just had the timing belt & water pump changed, including thermostat, all new antifreeze, and a litre of oil added, and my VW dealer even washed my 2000 Jetta GL; total price $628.99 including 13% tax.

The service this dealer has is great, and they were even willing to pick me up & drop me off if I needed it.

The repairs on on this car average $700-$900/yr. That is a small price to pay for maintenance/yr on a 9-10 yr old car.

Most of the of the comments I see on here are about minor little things, and are very inexpensive to fix with used parts. You don't take a 9-10 year old car to the dealer for such things as a flickering tail light or a headrest button or cupholders; these things wear out and break, get over it. Mechanically the 2000 Jetta GL 2.0 is a good car.