2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 1.9L turbo diesel from North America


Would have bought a different make/model had I known the problems that would arise


145 000 KM: Right hand side engine mount broke and caused the engine to drop.

145 500 KM: Coolant gasket started leaking coolant near the coolant outlet side of the engine.

160 000 KM: Front right hand strut mount gave out, causing noise during turns and bumps.

170 000 KM: Rear shocks start to make noise when going over bumps.

185 000 KM: Engine starts to burn oil, and it seems like there's a oil leak through the vacuum pump, which I first noticed around 150 000 KM mark.

195 000 KM: Left tie rod gave out.

196 000 KM: Driver side window fell into the door panel due to a common VW quality control problem where VW decided to use plastic instead of the metal holders. Dealer wouldn't cover it.

230 000 KM: Exhaust mount near the turbo outlet cracked. The only way to fix the problem was to replace the entire catalytic converter which cost approx. $1000 (dealer price) for the part alone. Fixed it myself for $400 by buying cheap aftermarket converter.

255 000 KM: Number of annoying sounds can be heard, sounds like CV joint is giving out and other suspension problems along with it.

General Comments:

The engine and interior is pretty much the only thing that makes me fall in love with the car. The engine lacks power because it's diesel obviously, but has proven to be reliable so far.

The interior is composed of good quality materials, although they squeak and make noises due to the vibration of the diesel engine.

Costs way too much for me to maintain; the only reason why I've been able to maintain it this far is because I fix the problems myself. If I didn't know squat about working on cars, I would have either been broke or taking the bus by now.

The only good thing is that the diesel engine sips diesel and keeps my fuel spending low compared to the 900+ KM I travel per week. Costs a lot for oil changes; then again you only have to change it every 15 000 KM.

Timing belt costs approx. $1000+ to replace and it needs to be done. If you don't, you lose your engine when the belt breaks.

I like this car a lot; the way it looks and because it sips fuel, but it's way too big a headache to maintain. :(

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Review Date: 26th July, 2009

2000 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 from North America


Loathe it, and never again


Many many many engine check lights, for which they want 100-160 just to reset the light and do nothing.

Drink carrier broke immediately, windows drop down into door, always when it rains, clutch disintegrated at 600 miles (I have been driving a clutch for 35 years, it isn't me), rear light out all the time, fuses intermittent, brake pads scored when no misuse -- (I drive the car to the grocery store on weekends. Else use public transport).

Glove compartment, which I never open, broke.

Mirror control on driver door broke. Mirror smashed (that one was my fault) and they want $50 for a piece of glass.

Mudguards rip off all the time.

Battery had to be replaced time and time again, but service mechanic cannot or will not find alternator problem.

Car drives rough, consumes far too much gas.

Headlights replaced several times.

They refuse to fix the temperature light for me though that is a silent recall. Airbag light went off with no deployment.

A New Yorker in front of me braked without warning one day, I touched his bumper, his Buick had not a scratch, not even dust removed from it, my VW front crumpled big time. Tinny feel to everything (and this is a VR6!).

A piece of junk, and my first VW 33 years ago was a Passat and never needed any maintenance whatsoever, did not even consume oil. I hate this car. Am going back to Fords, if they can survive. At least you can buy one without gadgets which break every five minutes.

If they can't engineer a car that works, the universal check engine to make you spend money without repairing anything - and the 50 K they want for a franchise on the $10 microprocessor plus codes it is easy to reverse engineer-is a disgrace. Parts much, much, much too expensive, and cheap as anything-plastic wheel covers, $45? Forget it.

General Comments:

Cheap tinny drive.

Uncomfortable to drive any long distance.

And this is the VR6.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2009