2000 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L AEG from North America


I love it! Simple maintance, but expensive to fix major problems (at a dealer)


* Catalytic converter broke apart at 62000 miles, dealer replaced it for $1800 for parts, $600 labor, and $400 storage... last time I went to the dealer for service.

* Driver-side rear caliper seized at 89000 miles. Since it was winter and I was low on cash, I forced it open and replaced the rotor and pads on both rear sides. $300.

* Did not have problems with caliper until 124000 miles. Now I am replacing both rear calipers, pads, and rotors. $450.

* Since the front rotors are starting to grove from pad wear (about 20% front pads left), I am going to replace the fronts at the same time as the rears, 125000 miles. $400.

* When I bought the car, the glove box door had a broken hinge. Replaced at 80000 miles. $125.

* Noticed the oil cap leaking, will replace soon. $8.

* Now I have a broken passenger coil spring and two blown shocks... I had 100lbs of subwoofer and a few large tools in back for a long period of time... My fault. $450 entire suspension.

* 96000 miles timing belt changed. $900.

* VW says to replace the oil every 5000 miles. I replaced it at 3000 with full synthetic and a new filter. $45.

* Replaced intake and cabin filter every 10000 miles. $75.

* I can tell I have a defective hazard lamp switch, but haven't brought it to the dealer -> $$$.

* Bushings on front sway bar are worn. $15.

* Last winter I slid into the ditch, lost control while doing something stupid.

* Bent passenger drive shaft (CV Joint), tie rods, and control arm bushings/bolts. $1200.

General Comments:

I love driving my car. I have had no mechanical problems besides the brakes and cat-converter. I feel the backseat is too small for 6'0" 200lb male, I hate riding in it, just like driving. I will buy another VW at any time. 32mpg - reliable.

I have not suffered other problems I see other VW's having: blown headlamp/tailamp, minor electrical, exhaust leaks, cold starting (or not starting), and other little problems I cannot remember.


* Cold air intake

* Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust

* 30%front, 50% rear tint

* Audi TT short throw shifter

* Kenwood Deck

* Infinity speakers

* MTX Subs

* Blue LED under dash (matching gauges)

* iPOD adaptor

* Custom GPS pod installed

* Light weight rims

* Super sticky tires.

Upgrades coming:

* Neuspeed 1.5"Drop suspension

* Bilstein struts and shocks

* Neuspeed front and rear sway bars

* Leather seats.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2008

2000 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 2.8L from North America


I like the car, but not the cost to own it.


Oil Changes - cost over $60 USD

Overheated - Blown hose and Coolant System - $1000+ USD

Suspension Wear - Replaced Suspension parts - $2000+ USD

Leaking P.S. Fluid - Replaced Rack & Pinion - $1000+ USD

Glove Box Hinge Cracked in cold weather - 80$ USD.

General Comments:

Exterior - A few paint chips, clear coat fading a little but it still looks clean. Right headlight housing faded, but not the left?

Interior - Great Shape leather seats still look new. Small scratches where clear coat is peeling on arm rests and other high contact surfaces. The Trunk is bigger than you think for a vw.

Electric - Great Monsoon sound system. Replaced 2 turn signals since ownership. Car alarm goes off randomly when not driving. Check engine light comes on and off, but the dealer is the only place that can read the sensor. Broke electronic flip key (casing cracked when I dropped it) $500 USD to replace. Ended up super-gluing it.

Performance - Transmission sticks very slow switching to reverse. Always starts right up. Handles well decent mpg, but you have to use premium gas.

Typical German car expensive to maintain, performs nice when it is maintained, but has electrical problems.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2008