10th Oct 2007, 15:55

I own a 2003 Jetta GL and have been experiencing the same radio problem, display works, can't change stations and no sound from any function. Also, my key remote is not locking all the doors all the time. The drivers side door lock doesn't always go down, but if you open the door the alarm goes off. I replaced the lock fuse (because I could actually tell which one it was) and it hasn't happened since. I will try the fuse #42 fix. I am also worried because sometimes when I go to start the car the electrical "hiccups" before starting. If anyone finds a solution to this please let me know!

30th Oct 2007, 20:43

Finding this site was a real plus for me - I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T. I bought it used in July 2005, and the driver's side window fell in 150 miles from home about a week later in 95 degree weather - not a fun ride home, but at least it wasn't raining. It was repaired under warranty. Then the temperature light kept coming on if it was below 20 degrees the very first winter - if I let it run and warm up a bit and then shut it off and restarted it the light stayed off. By Spring the check engine light came on and it was blamed on a sensor replaced under warranty. Winter came again and the same old temperature light routine. This time it was the radiator reservoir sensor - they replaced the reservoir - no more warranty - $150 for me - even though they should have done it right the first time. Then Spring again and check engine light - PCV tube split open - $250 for me.

This week the radio quit - just tried fuse #42 after finding all the info about it here - and it seems like it is working again. We'll see for how long! Today the airbag light came on and is staying on.

As far as the fuse diagram, forget it - what on earth are all the little pictures that look like books? (As on fuse #42!).

In spite of all the weird behavior, I really do love this car! It is so much fun to drive and so responsive - the turbo kicks in and away you go! Decent mileage, except they didn't tell me I was going to have to burn premium in the darn thing when I bought it!

Good luck to all and may fuse 42 work for you!

3rd Nov 2007, 21:14

I have a Jetta TDI '02, bought used in April '06. The 1st month the dealership replaced the transmission 3 times. I believe if the mechanics new what they were doing the 1st time, they wouldn't had to do it the additional 2 times. About 6 months later, my radio wouldn't turn on. Luckily, I found this site and tried #42 fuse. That fixed the problem. Now I'm having issues with the battery. The other morning all the lights turned on, but the engine wouldn't turn over. What was weird was the door locks were locking & unlocking while I was trying to start the car. I jump started the battery and everything was fine. I'll probably have to replace the battery, because it is beginning to get cold outside. I know if the battery is going bad, the cold weather will definitely kill it. All in all, I do love my VW. I just have to find a good mechanic (outside a VW dealership). If anyone knows of one in the Northern VA area, please post it.

6th Nov 2007, 20:43

My daughter complained about the radio not working on her 2002 Jetta. I'm an Electrical Engineer and experienced the same confusion with the fuse panel drawing. Thanks to this website, after removing and reinstalling fuse #42, the radio now works fine.

7th Nov 2007, 17:06

Same exact problem with the radio in my 02 Jetta. At first I pulled the one above 42. I did this at night and didn't count the one in the bottom right corner, which is for the heated seats and I don't have. So I went back out and did it again... low and behold pulling out fuse 42 and putting it back in works.

For those of you who don't have a fuse 'map'... Fuse 42 is the 3rd fuse up from the bottom right corner.

11th Nov 2007, 17:34

Own a 2002 VW Golf. Had radio replaced 3 times, car is an electrical NIGHTMARE. VW rapes me every time I take it to them. Had MANY electrical problems, including the other day. Car is 5 years old. 60k miles on it. Has broken down 5 times with "electrical" issues being the culprit every time. I too will never own, nor ever let anyone I remotely know buy a VW.

My windows broke in a monsoon in Maui! Fell right down into the door. Had to pull over, get a shirt, hang it where the window belonged, and wait 2 days to get my car back (that's after VW dented it on the roof while fixing the sunroof and claiming (brace yourself... this is word for word from the service manager at Maui VW) "Ho, Brah, you can't prove we did it, you can't prove anything!"

Sounds like we all own the same set of problems, different models.

NEVER AGAIN... Long live Toyota!

13th Nov 2007, 10:49

I'm with all of you - driver's side window fell into door a couple of months ago on my 2002 Jetta Wagon. Radio quit yesterday - thanks to you all for the #42 fuse miracle which worked. Now, my only remaining issue is that the climate control backlight is out. Does anyone know how to fix that?

14th Nov 2007, 21:25

In addition to the radio problem, the charger does not work so I cannot use it to recharge my phone. Also, the check engine light comes on a lot and overall it has been nothing, but a lemon. I also had a 92 Jetta which lasted FOREVER. They used to be reliable cars. I am hesitant to spend any more $$ on a VW ever again.

17th Nov 2007, 17:28

I have the 2002 Jetta Wagon TDI with Monsoon bought it new. I just read these very helpful comments today and throwing my experience back at ya. First week owning my car the radio went, they replaced it. A year after, the radio went again and once again they replaced it. The radio stopped working yesterday, but this time I noticed the red LED below the volume knob blinked every 2-3 minutes. I have no warranty, my fuse card was of no help, after reading this forum, I looked at jumper 42 but it wasn't blown, I put it back and as I put it back I saw small sparks upon fuse contact, then I realized that the fuse was not making a good contact with the fuse box receptacle. In hindsight, the temperature has suddenly dropped by 20-30 degrees in my area, so it is probably that the fuse metal was shrinking and loosing contact. On a side note, my driver's window motor snapped one day producing a loud thud, and was replaced by warranty, then the copilot's when as well, same story. The brake light and brake switch, the coolant reservoir as well, all covered by warranty, but I did have to call the national VW number and had a lengthy converstion with a VW representative and got it all repaired. Thank god!. But the car it's great, I LOVE IT.