2nd Feb 2011, 15:35

2/2/11 ---

Hey everyone. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 2002 Jetta. Few days ago, for no apparent reason (no violent temp swings or serious potholes) the radio wasn't receiving any power. Nothing on the display, and obviously no sound coming out the speakers. couldn't eject the CD, and couldn't eject my iPod adapter in the cassette player. No power.

Thanks to this blog, I just went to the fuse panel on the side of the dash, used a pencil to pop the cover open, and the fuse clips to pop out fuse #42 (power to the car was off). The fuse was still intact, and popped it back in 10 seconds later. Turned the car on... and boom -- power back on, everything functioning fine!

Can definitely tell the previous owner had the same problem --- on the inside of the fuse cover, on the fuse diagram, there was an arrow sketched next to fuse 42, haha. Very very very quick fix though, so if it happens again, no problem, really.

That's really the only issue I've had with the car! But looking forward to the others mentioned here, especially the windows falling into the door (!!)

25th Feb 2011, 09:18

Hi everybody, I have a Volkswagen Jetta 2003 equipped with a Monsoon system from Clarion.

I changed a low car battery 4 months ago, and since then, my radio has no sound and stopped responding to any buttons except the on/off, eject. It displays 88.3 FM station on the LCD. When you put a CD in, it spins up, shows the CD playing, but no sound. When you take the CD out, it goes back to the FM station, but still no sound. If you run the volume down to min, you get the "beep" through the speakers. As none of the buttons work, you can't swap to AM, change channel, play music, nothing.

Radio illumination works when the headlights are turned on.

What should I do to fix the problem???

18th Mar 2011, 13:16

The Jetta's sound system manual says to remove CDs when not listening to them, because they mess up the radio computer.

25th Mar 2011, 13:06

I also have a 2002 Jetta, and my door is doing the same thing. It thinks my door is open, and it is really annoying.

My radio went out about a year ago, my driver's side window falls down occasionally, and my speed, O2, and cooling sensors all went out.

The catalytic converter went bad, and my heated seats stopped working 4 years ago.

I love the car, but this is nuts.

24th Apr 2011, 19:39

Thank you very much. Your post about taking out fuse #42 to fix the radio worked perfectly.

3rd May 2011, 17:47

Thank you to all that have posted regarding a quick fix for a dead radio by pulling out Fuse 42 and then putting it back in. I did it and like magic I'm rockin' again.

Thank you!

17th May 2011, 11:05

OK, I do not have that manual... Any comments about fixing the radio if possible? Thanks.

4th Jun 2011, 21:19

I have put so much money into my 2002 bug; within the last month over 1,000! It has been in the shop for almost a month because windows or door locks won't work! So much for my dream of a bug! How does a BUG SPLAT sound? I'm frustrated!

20th Jun 2011, 16:27

This had me laughing when I read random spring coming from nowhere under the seat... I had the same issue, I was like... "where did that come from?" when both front seats are fine.

6th Jun 2012, 16:28

Worked! Thanks so much for posting. I love my car, but all these bugs are so frustrating. I will NOT be buying another...

19th Jun 2012, 17:18

Thank you for the information about Fuse 42! My radio suddenly stopped working today. I know nothing about cars, and had never before opened the fuse panel. But I tried this simple fix, and to my delight, my radio started working again.

20th Jul 2012, 18:40

Could be a stuck thermostat.

3rd Oct 2012, 18:54

I Just bought my 01 Jetta and replaced the radio with a JVC radio. I wired everything up right. It comes on for a split second, then powers off (but holds time; if you hit the display button, the time will pop up shortly). So I put the factory radio back in, enter the unlock code and it works. What's the deal? I know the JVC works, but it's like it don't have power to the radio. Can anyone please help me? Please email me if you can at Wh0isitnow@yahoo.com.

28th Jul 2014, 05:19

I just bought a 2002 Jetta that sat for a year, and the battery was so dead for so long they had to pay the dealer to flash the key again, and that worked!! Good luck.

7th Apr 2016, 17:59

Thank you. Great American!