1st Mar 2007, 12:40

Thanks for all the posts. Happy to hear I am not alone with the radio problems, dropping windows, random spring I found under the seat, peeling interiors, etc...

Here's one I didn't see elsewhere in the comments:

Is anyone else out there having problems with their moonroof?

I have an '02 Jetta, the moonroof started opening and closing on its own, randomly, and just barely opening. Like an inch or two or doing the upward opening. I had the moonroof motor replaced while it was still under warranty. Now, it is no longer under warranty, and it has started again! Any suggestions?

6th Mar 2007, 13:06

I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLS, and I have also experienced a radio issue after I had to jumpstart my car because my battery died after leaving my hazards on. I tried the fuse #42 thing - of pulling it out and putting it back in - yet that didn't work - its still dead. Any other people have the similar problem? Also, my paint is beginning to peel.

23rd Mar 2007, 13:27

I have had my 02 Jetta since April 02. Had the window issue on back passenger, but lucky for me it fell right after I received recall notice.

The last 3 years, every winter the radio has stopped working. I checked the book, and it claimed the fuse is behind the radio, so I paid a dealer to fix it. Last year, the radio stopped again. This time another dealer told me the wires were lose, and it was $15 to fix. Then they tried to sell me a new radio, but a friend warned me that they would do that, and not to buy it. This winter it was off again. I am going to try that fuse # 42 fix. I'll be angry if they could have just told me to do that.

Thanks to whoever started this site!!

24th Mar 2007, 23:22

I have a 2002 VW Jetta Turbo--my issue is my doors will not lock with the keyless remote. The sensor light states that my driver door is open. Has anyone had this problem--If so, how did you resolve it.

30th Mar 2007, 20:34

Definitely sounds like a documentary on my '02 TDI Jetta Wagon. My first experience was the spring under the seat coming loose, and so hard that I literally thought my car had been shot. I stopped, got out and look everywhere for a bullet hole, but finally discovered that the spring had come off under the seat. VW said the only fix was to replace the whole seat. NO THANKS.

My window fell down into the door and had to be replaced as well.

I've had the radio issue once, and now it has happened again. Haven't tried the fuse thing yet, but will shortly. My MAF malfunctioned so many times that VW put two technicians on it for over 80 hours each and couldn't figure it out. Switched mechanics and he fixed the problem in an hour. It was a clogged tube connected to the EGR. They tried to sell me everything from a new Turbo to a new Car!! Thankfully, I didn't have to pay for any of the repairs. They kept the car for 2 MONTHS, but gave me a new loaner for the whole time, almost 10,000 miles worth.

I am having the moonroof issue also with it opening and closing. They have no idea about that one either. I had the severe leaking issue also, but thankfully one of the service managers knew what the problem was and showed me how to fix the problem by clearing the tubes.

I have to take it back now because the right front axle they replaced isn't functioning properly when I back up and turn.

Overall, my 138,000 miles worth of experience with the car has been great, with these nuisance issues being a significant aggravation at times.

3rd Apr 2007, 06:30

I own a 2002 Jetta TDI. I have 132000 miles with the automatic transmission. I average 42 miles per gallon and religiously only use Mobil 1 oil. I have had absolutely no problems with this great car. I put Goodyear Tripletread tires on it which now have 80,000 miles and still are not to the wear bars yet. Also, still at least 50% on original brake pads. GREAT CAR VOLKSWAGEN!

5th Apr 2007, 17:24

I have a 2002 Volkswagon Jetta 1.8 L with 84,000 km and I have this clicking noise near the four way light button on my dash that is driving me crazy!!!

If I slightly push and hold the four way flash button down, the clicking will stop or if my left/right signal is on, it will work normally. The clicking noise sometimes stops, sometimes clicks slowly but has lately been clicking constantly. I checked the manual and it said that a light could be out, so I checked and all lights are functioning properly. Then one day, my car was beeping saying that a door was open as I was driving, but all doors were properly shut and locked. The interior lights went on and my electrical was going crazy. That has since stopped but how do I get rid of the non stop clicking noise?? Please help!!

8th Apr 2007, 16:54

I drive a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta. The spring below my driver side seat has dropped. I asked the dealership what to do about it and they said I would need to buy a new frame for the seat, but I would be better off just chucking the spring and not giving it another thought. I said o.k. and asked them to just get rid of it for me. They did so after charging me 5 dollars. I wish I would have just pulled off and found a dumpster myself. I was having them check out the problem to the lock on my doors when I asked them about the spring. They told me it would be $565.00 for a new door lock actuator. I told them I just didn't have the money for that and left. For some reason my door locks just started working on their own again today. What a nice easter present. While I was at the dealership they also told me I needed a new cooling sensor and a new thermostat. They said the sensor would cost about $150 and the thermostat would be about $330. I got a print off of the estimate and took it to my Dad. I will let him shop around for a better deal. Also my radio has completely gone blank and will not turn on nor show me an error message. I am going to look further into this fuse #42 thing. My fuse card only had symbols though I am pretty sure. Anyway I found this sight very helpful.


10th Apr 2007, 20:07


So far I have only found one person who had this problem in this comment section. My radio doesn't work, but my problem seems to differ from everyone else. I Can turn the radio on and off, but that's about it. If a CD is in the radio I can see it playing, but no music comes out of the speakers. I can't change from AM to FM or even radio stations. I don't the the incredible #42 will help... because I tried it...lots... SO anyone out there have any ideas other than cough up 400 bucks for a new radio. If it helps I have the Monsoon system that came with the 02 jetta.