30th Jan 2007, 14:10

I have a 2002 Jetta TDI. The radio suddenly stopped working. Thank you, thank you to the genius who said the way to fix this is to pull out fuse 42 and then stick it back in again.

I tried to do this at night and it didn't work. Then I realized when I tried to do it in the daylight that I had miscounted the rows to find fuse 42. Because I don't have seat heaters or some other option the bottom row of fuses is almost empty. Therefore, I didn't count that row because I couldn't see it. When I counted again, I ended up on a yellow 25 bus fuse. Pulled it out, put it back in. Amazingly, the radio works now! It must have needed a reboot or something... I cannot drive without the radio, so many thanks for sharing this solution.

2nd Feb 2007, 07:50

Had a 1986 Jetta 4 door sedan. Sold at 130,000 miles. Was happy with it. Bought a 2005 Wagon 5 speed TDI, biggest problem so far was the CD player not working, it was under warranty so they replaced it. It was sporadic. Now this morning the coolant light came on, not sure if the fact that it's been below zero for days has anything to do with it. Overall, been very happy with the Jettas.

4th Feb 2007, 07:57

Regarding jetta radio/power not working.. I have a 2002 Jetta GLS and about 3 weeks ago (mid-January 2007), the radio simply stopped working. I tried the fuse 42 fix, but no luck. Yesterday, my battery died (it was the original car battery) and I had to get a new one installed. Presto! The radio now works. Seems the power loss to the radio was a harbinger of the dead battery. I did have complete power loss to the radio a couple of years ago and the fuse 42 trick did work that time. Just thought I'd share this with others who may experience what I did.

5th Feb 2007, 05:07

I just had a heck of a time with the CD player not working. It would play some, but not others, then the ones that wouldn't play one day would be fine the next day. I was SO glad it wasn't working when I brought it in. They just replaced it. Been very happy with my 05 TDI, my coolant light went on so I just added more coolant. Ended up going to the VW place to buy it, not sure if I had to, but nothing I had in the garage was even the same color. I am hoping it fires up this morning, we've got 20 below zero temps here, it's in the garage, so far so good. People say the diesels are a pain in the cold weather, but haven't had problems...yet. LOL.

5th Feb 2007, 22:34

My 2002 Jetta has been an absolute gem and now has over 90,000 miles on it. The only two problems have been with the passenger side window that mysteriously disappeared into the 'window well' (same thing occurred on my '99 Jetta). Today's mysterious and sudden disappearance of the radio/CD function brought me to this wonderful website.

My personal thanks to all of those who recommended the removal of the now-infamous Fuse #42. THE SYSTEM WORKED!!

Alas, my condolences now go to the local dealership who wanted to charge me $49 just to look at it.

Thank you fellow Jetta owners ~ and thank you Fuse #42!

11th Feb 2007, 21:07

Finally fixed radio in my jetta. Our 02 jetta has had check on th screen for the past month. we have tried everything to get it going. We pushed buttons 1..2..3..4 and it actually flashed our radio code.. Then it turned on and is working fine now... Really strange. Also been through a transmission. and now it idles really rough when cold. I will never purchase another volkswagen again unless it's a old bug.

21st Feb 2007, 22:36

Good Evening Everyone.

I also own a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8L Turbo and am having a problem with the Monsoon audio system. The stereo system was on and working perfectly last Friday morning. I accidentally left my lights on from about eight in the morning till I left work at five in the evening. Between the lights and the stock alarm system the battery was totally dead by the time I caught my mistake. I jumped the car, but it took about twenty minutes just to get up enough charge to turn the engine over. The indicator lights were flashing on the right side of the car and the lights in the cabin flickered without me touching anything while it was charging. I drove the car approximately twenty miles before I headed home to make sure that the battery would hold a charge overnight. The cars electrical system now seems to be functioning normally, however the radio unit has yet to respond. I checked the #42 fuse as suggested, but to no avail. I then checked the #41 fuse and found it blown. I replaced it several times and the fuse keeps blowing. I have checked all the other fuses and wires I can see under the hood and in the cabin of the vehicle, but can’t see any obvious problems. The #41 fuse is labeled as the cigarette lighter fuse. I do not have anything plugged into the AC/cigarette lighter socket in either the cabin or the trunk. I don’t know what to do to fix this problem.

When I first purchased the car used, in August 2006, I had to have several problems repaired by the dealership. They were awesome and managed to minimize my out of pocket costs with the help of my extended warranty and their sympathy. They gave the car a thorough work up and I haven’t had a single problem since then, except of course for this current one. I love this car and even with her quirky personality and these occasional mysteries I would still buy this car again. The secret is in the ride and the power under your foot. This car jams! And it is so much fun to drive as well as being nice to look at. It’s really too bad that these models tend to have electrical issues.

If I do not find the answer I’m looking for here I will be contacting my dealership. Even though it’s two hours away from where I live, they really know what they are doing and I wouldn’t let anyone else work on my V-Dub.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this subject :o)

23rd Feb 2007, 19:42

I own a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T and today, my radio stopped working. The fuse panel diagram was no help to try to figure out which one controlled the radio. After a Google search I stumbled upon this site... and learned about Fuse #42. Problem solved. The radio works. My car has 86,000 KM on it (purchased new) and knock on wood, I haven't experienced the windows falling.

While still under warranty I had a few inside panels replaced because of peeling. And a spring under the drivers seat fell to the ground, but I haven't worried about fixing it.

This site is very helpful. It's now saved as one of my favourites.