9th Jul 2007, 19:07

My daughter's 2005 Jetta was not used for a period of approximately four months and was not started during that period. In attempting to start the vehicle yesterday, it was obvious the battery was dead. However, I have been unable to jump start the car and there is a strange clicking sound coming from the dash in the area of the radio, heater controls, etc. I understand removal of the battery requires resetting the radio, but I have been unable to remove the battery from the car. I did remove the battery terminal clamps, but cannot gain access to the bolt holding the battery to the batery tray. Does anyone know exactly how to remove the battery? Any suggestons? Thanks!

11th Jul 2007, 14:59

2002 Jetta - Engine sluggish until engine warms up. The engine service light will come on, Motor then has horse power returned. I anticipate a sensor has failed? Anybody had this problem with their Diesel? Or remember what the repairs were? 118000 Km on the car. All warranty maintenance was done as per VW new car maintenance requests for this mileage.

Mike - Canada.

21st Jul 2007, 18:01

My girlfriend is the second owner of a 2002 Jetta TDI. She had replaced the battery ten months ago. When we returned from a little vacation last weekend it was completely dead. We jump started it, but the battery wouldn't hold a charge. We were about to go buy another one when a neighbor recommended putting the battery on a trickle charger overnight. The Jetta started right up the next morning. I ejected the CD from the radio then pulled and replaced #42 just to be sure. We would have spent another $80 on a new battery had we not run onto our friendly neighbor.

25th Jul 2007, 09:24

Michael - Sounds like the same issue I experienced with the loss of power in my diesel. The dealer replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor (located next to the air filter container). Dealer soaked me $250 + shop fee + $100 for the diagnostics = $500. The mass air flow has 2 1/4 inch bolts and a hose clamp + a harness plug (10 min job). Save yourself some $$ and replace it yourself. I would guess the sensor can be purchased from any auto parts supply, separately, for less than $100 bucks. The dealer also wanted to a De-carbon my car - I need to check on that! - what is this job - they wanted another $300 for that -I did not do it as I felt violated on the first repair! I might look into it and try this myself - if it is needed! Its unfortunate that such a nice car has to be spoilt by greed on parts and diagnostics at the dealership!

27th Jul 2007, 18:12

Hey sounds like a lot of radio problems. we have an 03 Jetta and our radio has just decided to quit. the CD can't be ejected and we can't turn it to radio instead. it stays on we can't turn it off. My daughter just called me about it as they are on the freeway in traffic so can't try the fuse #42 thing yet. They are on their way to climb Mt Adams.

We also had the window fall into door and we were charged to have it fixed. We were told there was no recall on it.

The spring also fell off the driver seat.

29th Jul 2007, 10:14

I have a 02 Jetta TDI that has some issues.

The radio quit working one day. Realized that my car battery needed to be replaced, and it did the trick. Then one day the radio did this loud pop, and still worked, but the radio was locked into one volume setting for the CD player, and the volume for the radio was locked into one volume setting. All the fuses are OK, and did the fuse number 42, but nothing. Then after about a month, it returned to normal.

My temperature sending unit jumps from zero to 190, and back to zero. Dealer says it's an electrical issue.

I have a check engine light on, so I got it looked at, and the number one and three glow plug warmer wasn't working; replaced the bus bar from the dealer. Still the check engine light is on.

I have 120000 miles on the car, and otherwise it runs great, but the electrical issues are starting to worry me.

7th Aug 2007, 21:08

I recently bought a 2002 1.8T Jetta and did not notice that the red backlight for the climate control cluster doesn't come on. Could it be just a fuse? I would appreciate input from other Jetta owners. Maybe I can replace the fuse myself without having to take it to a mechanic. Look forward to your comments.

9th Aug 2007, 10:23

I have an '02 Jetta 1.8T since new and have had similar problems to those listed here. Replaced window regulators and coils twice. It also has the mystery check engine light that comes on. I use VAG COM free software and purchased an after market dongle that connects to my laptop to turn it off. I too paid an excessive amount of money to change the sensor and thermostat but nothing worked.

I have a new problem not listed here. I have a loud popping noise from the front end when backing up and turning. Mainly when backing out of the garage or a parking space. Anyone have any idea of what this may be?


10th Aug 2007, 17:42

Does anyone have a 2002 Jetta fuse box diagram? I would really appreciate a copy of this. Thanks so much.

21st Aug 2007, 12:23

I have experienced the same problems with my 2002 Jetta:

2004: Radio stopped working. Dealer replaced radio because my car was still under warranty.

2006: Radio stopped working again. Dealer wanted to charge me $600 to replace radio. Luckily I found this website and pulled out fuse #42 and fixed the problem myself.

2007: Radio stopped working again! This time the fuse trick didn't work. I called VW America Customer Service to inform them of the issue and demand a recall. The rep checked her records, but did not have enough complaints to issue a recall, therefore she couldn't help me. If you have experienced this problem, please call and report it: 1-800-822-8987.

Any other advice on how to reset the radio?

23rd Aug 2007, 09:00

Hi - I'm actually a Passat owner, but was looking for help and stumbled here. I have the radio/fuse thing and it has happened 3-4 times - replaced the fuse, and works fine.

However, when I've now mentioned to the dealer, he advises a new radio is needed. Any idea if the fuse thing works indefinitely? Do I really need to pay for a new radio?


28th Aug 2007, 00:42

My radio has done the same, turns on, but no sound and cannot change the stations. Went to s VW dealer the stated I need a new radio and wanted 350 for it. I told them to go screw them self. The radio has not work in three weeks. My battery still works. Can anyone help me?

23rd Sep 2007, 21:51

Just wanted to add my successful experience with fuse #42. I use a cassette adaptor for my iPod, but tonight the sound stopped working, and when I tried to eject, the adaptor wouldn't come out. From that point on, the tape a/b button and eject button did nothing, as if there was no cassette in the player at all. The radio and CD worked perfectly fine.

Bad enough... but even worse, there was a faint clicking noise that continued even after the stereo and car were turned off, as if the tape was still running or continuously trying to eject. I was worried my battery would be completely drained by the time I tried to head to work in the morning.

So even though I couldn't find a mention of the exact same problem, it seemed like a reboot might do the trick. I found fuse 42, took it out for a few minutes, put it back in, and it worked... the radio and cd still worked, and the cassette adaptor ejected perfectly.

Even if it hadn't worked permanently, removing the fuse seems to be a good temporary solution to keep the battery from draining until I had the chance to get the car looked at.