27th May 2007, 18:47

I was driving along the highway, when my temperature light came on and started blinking. I pulled over and let the car cool down. I also opened up the hood and saw the anti-freeze boiling. When my dad looked at it, the cra has cooled down, the antifreeze was no-longer boiling and it was actually very empty. Right now, there is enough anti-freeze in the car, and we have worked to spread it through the car after running it, turning up the heat and letting the air bubbles out- BUT now it seems the heater is not getting hot enough. Does this sound like a problem with the water pump?

4th Jun 2007, 01:02

I have a 2003 Jetta GLI with 68,000 miles. My radio stopped working about two months ago also. The unit powers up, but the only buttons that seem to work are the eject features. Putting a CD in will result in no sound... same with radio, tape, etc. I'll try the #42 thing and repost the results.

My initial search was for known Jetta battery issues. My car failed to start today without any prior issues. From my research it looks like a bad battery.

12th Jun 2007, 13:10

I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T and have a couple of issues... any help would be appreciated.

My airbag light is illuminated constantly. I recall this happening on another car I owned and I simply disconnected the batter for 30 min and let the airbag reset. I am going to try this, but there seems to be issues with the radio when you disconnect the battery (I need to make sure I have the radio reset code).

The second is a radio problem... basically the entire system works except for the tuner (no AM/FM radio). The CD and Tape deck work fine. I tried the #42 reset just for grins, and had no luck. ANY IDEAS???

12th Jun 2007, 22:23

Thought I was the only guy with these problems. I had a 96' jetta, the dome light worked when it wanted to, I changed out the stereo before it became a problem. Now I have a 2000 Passat, had it for a year trouble free, had the timing belt done $2000, check engine light, Oxygen sensors another $1000! A week later check engine light, bad plug wire and something else another $900. A week later check engine light, stopped going to dealer found a mechanic in town, said the plugs were shot the wires were shot the coil was shot, he showed me the old parts, I agreed another $1000. The stereo wouldn't play until after 8am, then a week later it wouldn't play until after 10am, now it plays for a while and quits for no apparent reason. Can't find the fuse box to try the fuse trick. Wife suggests I set the car on fire, collect the insurance and buy a Ford. I love my VW's, but am getting frustrated. Paid 8K for the car, last month put 5K into it. Sell it now?? I don't think so, everything is new!!

Can someone tell me where the fuse box is? I found a bunch of wires behind the panel where my left knee rests, but no fuses. Help me some one before my wife wins the battle!!

19th Jun 2007, 16:28

The posts about Fuse 42 were extremely helpful and resolved my problem... THANK YOU!

Prior to this issue, I had the engine light on - at first my mechanic replaced some oxygen sensors, but in the end it required replacement of the catalytic converter.

I also had the brake switch replaced a couple of years ago - could not get the car out of park without great force... I think this is now a recall.

I have peeling on the interior of the driver's side door, as well.

Right now I have creaking sound coming from my passenger side front tire area, it seems worse after driving a while, i.e. heat sensitive. My mechanic advises that it is not cost-effective to fix right now, but to keep an eye on it.

There is much about this car that appeals, and I hope that VW will work to resolve these common annoyances. So far everything has been under warranty, but I fear future costs. As of now I would buy another VW, though.

2nd Jul 2007, 00:30

Well guys, I own a 2002 jetta GL and I just had the driver side window drop into the door. Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one out there that has had to deal with this problem. Will I be cover with the recall notice? It's the long weekend and the dealership is not open.

5th Jul 2007, 09:03


I have a 1999 VW Jetta in which the battery dies after leaving the car sit for a day without running. I have replaced the battery multiple times, had the alternator checked, etc. Had it to the shop and analyzed and it seems that something is draining the battery. The shop disconnected every wire going into the battery except one which traced to multiple sources inside the car. Yes, made sure all the lights, radios, heaters, car doors in closed position. They think that this is something in the door sensor which malfunction saying the door is not closed. Has anyone had door sensor/power problems. Like everyone else I have had sensor, moonroof, lock problems, etc...

Thanks IN Advance for any solutions.


5th Jul 2007, 14:17

I purchased my '02 jetta 6 months after it came out and I am very disappointed. Two months after the nightmares began. My windows broke twice, the coil went out, head lamp burned out, seats do not heat, engine light always on, had brake switch fixed with recall and it just broke again. I have complained about the hot start problem since the begining and and dealers act like I am crazy. I just met someone who is a VW tech and he informed me of the fact that the hot start can be fixed with and update disk. Only problem is that my jetta will not accept it even though it needs it. Funny how dealership never mentioned the update. That is why I will NEVER buy another VW!

5th Jul 2007, 16:25

I have a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8T and the radio is not working at all... no power. I have tried the Fuse #42 trick, but that does not seem to resolve the problem. I am in the process of ordering the removal keys so I can check the fuse behind the radio to see if that is the culprit.

The vehicle had been idle for a period of months and needed a battery charge to start. I do not know when the radio broke as this car belonged to a recently deceased relative and I never drove it in the past. I thought the radio issue might be related to the battery losing its charge, but it may just a VW radio issue.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

8th Jul 2007, 20:06

2002 JETTA WAGON 1.8T.

Just had my front passenger window regulator break today and my window fell down into the door. After googling this issue, I was pleasantly surprised to see it is covered under a recall order; although I do not see an expiration date. I'll be calling VW in the morning and hopefully the recall is still in effect.

I've had VW's for over 30 years. I will not be purchasing another one as they have really deteriorated in quality. Its too bad, they were a great vehicle manufacturer.