12th Jun 2010, 23:15

I just purchased a 2002 1.8T, with the tiptronic transmission. It has 121xxx on it.

When I was test driving it with the previous owner, I asked him if it has always shifted so hard between 1st and 2nd. He said it has always been like that since he bought it new. So I figured that's just how it was, but after checking this forum, it looks like trouble may be just around the corner.

What brought me to this forum is that it has an overheating problem all of a sudden. After a few miles of driving it, the temperature goes from 190 to 260 real quick. Then I will pull over and it seems to cool back to 190 in just a few minutes.

Also, sometimes when I start it and attempt to drive off, it shakes and vibrates for a minute until I let it warm up. I sure wish I would have checked this forum page before I ran out and bought one. I paid 5000 for it.

Hope the tranny doesn't go out; from what I've read here, they are around 6000. More than I paid for the car. What a joke. I wish I would have just kept my VW squareback. Old school is where it's at!

2nd Jul 2010, 21:56

I had an overheating problem and had the water pump replaced. Have not had any trouble since and it was a couple hundred bucks or so. If you have it done, I was told by several sources that is the best time to have the timing belt replaced. Apparently, timing belt malfunction can be very devastating to these engines... as in "blows apart and buy yourself a new motor" kind of devastating. It is kind of funny to see some of the little problems I thought were quirks be repeated by so many people. Like the foot-long spring that is all of a sudden laying on the front passenger floor when you get in one day. Odd...

15th Jul 2010, 15:34

I too own a 2002 Jetta, and have had the radio replaced due to a malfunction.

Now I am having problems with my driver's side door thinking it is in the closed mode when door is open. Dome light will not come on, nor the door ajar dash warning.

The oil pan required replacement due to perpetual leaks around the drain plug.

Certainly hope the automatic transmission does not go out soon, since I also experiencing some less than seamless shifting between gears.

I was contemplating buying my wife a new Jetta for her birthday this month, but will seriously look at other than VW and Toyota models.

15th Aug 2010, 14:52

2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI; 285K miles and going...

All. I just wanted to make this post to underscore my satisfaction with the car. Original owner, paid 22k in 2002.

To date I have had to repair/replace the following:

135k miles - New transmission (My fault; ran off road reaching for something on the floor panel) It cost me $4K because VW does not repair... just swap.

Timing belt - religiously change every 90K. Blauparts.com is the best for the timing kits. Cost 400.00. Little advanced mechanically.

Headlights - burn out frequently; like every 30k.

150k - New intake manifold - bought new one from idparts.com and installed myself. Easily installed. Cleaned and sold old one for 175.00 on Ebay. Total expense was 125.00. VW wanted to charge me 450.00 just to clean. Made EGR change with VAG-COM and will not clog anymore.

200K miles - Turbo charger. Was getting bound up and was slow to waste, so would send car into "limp" mode (engine light, poor performance). Bought new one from idparts.com and sold the old one on eBay for 350.00. Total cost was 400.00. BE SURE TO CHANGE OIL HOSE WITH NEW TURBO. I did not and the old one leaked like crazy. I was dumb.

285k miles - Rear shocks. Just took an hour and costs 80.00. Blauparts.com.

150K miles - Installed larger injector nozzles. Better power, super easy and cost 300.00. Sold old ones on eBay for 200.00. Lots of fun! More power at low RPM. Instructions on tdiclub.com.

100k - Rear window fell. Clip had broken. VW fixed no charge.

Door handles peeling. If you wear a watch on your left arm, it probably has a lot to do with it. Peeling in other areas too though, so noted, but no big deal.

Bushings creaking - MIND NUMBINGLY ANNOYING... but I suppose if I was rode for 285k miles, I'd be complaining a bit too. Silicone spray or WD-40 is a temporary fix. IDPARTS has a bushing replacement kit. Doing this soon for the second time.

Oil changes - I use AMSOIL 5w - 40 premium diesel oil. Expensive, but I attribute the engine life to this alone. Religiously changed every 6k miles.

Brakes - changed about every 70k. Nothing fancy. Blauparts.com.

Interior cabin filter - Blauparts.com under 20.00 and it makes a difference. See tdiclub.com for instructions on how to change.

Snow screen cleaning - IMPORTANT. See tdiclub.com for instructions. Takes 10 minutes.

Seat springs - All of the helper springs have popped off, but does not affect the performance of the seat. Can still adjust easily. Just not cool for such a large part to come off.

Fuel filter - Every other oil change. Blauparts.com Instructions on tdiclub.com.


Monsoon radio knobs - idparts.com

Panzer plate - Skid plate on under carriage. After the first tranny, this was a must. Very easy, inexpensive and attractive. Google it.

Good luck with your particular model. I am very pleased with mine and the minimal work I've had to do. Some of the things are annoyances, but compared to other manufacturers you get a lot for your money and it is fun to drive. Annually maintenance is approx 1000.00, but over 12 months with the car paid off, it's nothing compared to a new car payment and the associated insurance.



14th Sep 2010, 21:49

Do you have a rusty fender on your 2002 Jetta TDI?

I found a rust spot on one of my fenders so complained to VW and they looked at the car and put a request to have both front fenders replaced. They booked me in at 8 am and I picked up the car at 4 pm with 2 brand new newly painted fenders.

I guess VW put styrofoam in the front fenders to quell the diesel noise and of course it collects moisture and other evil things to make the fenders rust.

If you have the same issue then bring it to VW to fix!

15th Oct 2010, 00:56

Hi, I have a 02 Jetta.

I let the car sit for 2 years while I was in the peace corps and when I came back of course it was dead, that's expected. I bought a new battery and it's been running fine, except the stereo is completely dead. No lights, no beeping... nothing. I tried the #42 fuse fix and that didn't work. I'm going to try to take the stereo out and check out the fuse behind that. Anybody know how to take the stereo out? And are there any other suggestions on what might be wrong with it and how to fix it?